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We all know the mystery of space. The beauty of the earth is led over by the endless space. Many people explored space, searched for resources in space, recognized the planets and availabilities. The exploration of space must be a wish of everyone. At the same time, some fear must also be there.  Some people made their dream true. 

Space Journey:

Richard Branson, president of V Australia airlines had recently launched Virgin Galactic, a space tourism company. He also had a ‘trip to space’. And thereby shared his experience. Similarly, Jeff Bezos, the Founder of Amazon had a successful space trip. It is said that, to take up this trip, he spent about $5 billion. He had this successful journey on July 2021.

Now recently, there is another billionaire involving himself in the quote, “A trip to space”. It is none other than Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX. It is an American space transportation provider and aerospace manufacturer. He is also the chief executive officer at Tesla, which is an automotive company.

Jeff Bezos’ Trip:

Jeff Bezos had three crew mates with him. One of the peculiar persons is his own brother. Also, he was accompanied by a Octogenerian, and an 18 years old student. His rocket was named New Shepard. He had a very short trip about 10 – 11 minutes. Within few minutes he landed in West Texas.

Branson’s trip:

Immediately after the trip of Bezos, Richard too had a trip to space in his own space ship. He stated that the trip was just magical. Though he is 71 years old, he was bold enough to take the trip with 5 crew mates. He had cheerful experience and just satisfied to trip up in his own ship.

A step taken by SpaceX:

After taking up proper research for years and experiment planning, Elon Musk declared that he will be making up a space journey for four people who don’t have any prior experience in space journey. Very common public people will be taking up the journey as though we do for some tourist places. On September 16, 2021, all the four unexperienced American people were sent to space by SpaceX Organization.

People Travelled to Space:

  • Chris Sembroski 
  • Jared Isaacman 
  • Sian Proctor 
  • Hayley Arseneaux

Out of these, one is an engineer, artist, professor, all were billionaires. But Arseneaux is a childhood survivor of cancer. Jared Isaacman is the head of Shift 4 Payments, US.


The travel crew is named Inspiration4. Under the leadership of Jared, the crew travelled to the space. The crew departed from Cape Canaveral, Florida. On September 16, at 5.32 AM, the flew in Falcon N9 rocket. After that, within 12 minutes the second part joined the sky. For the upcoming 3 days, this would fly around the earth at a height of 575 Km from the earth. The rocket would fly at a speed of 27300 km/hr. It would revolve every 90 minutes around the earth. After the excursion of three days the rocket would land in Atlantic Ocean successfully. 

Private Trip:

Nowadays the people willing to visit space are being directed through private organizations too. Usually, they must get approved by the respective government and trained by the same. These four would get recognized that they were the first public people to take a trip to space. All these four were selected based on Draw method. This is the highlight.



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