4 Tips to Create a Timeless Living Space

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You spend a lot of time in your house and whether you’re renting while at university or you’re living in your forever home, you will want to make it as timeless as possible. This reduces the need for redecorating and will allow you to sit back and enjoy the home you have created. We’re going to take a look at some ways you can make your living space stand the test of time with our top tips.

Pick paint

We know wallpaper makes a bold statement, but it can go out of style quicker than it can be hung onto a wall. With interiors ever-changing thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, it’s much easier and cheaper to opt for paint in a neutral colour. Colour trends change, so having walls painted in shades of cream, white and grey give you the opportunity to add splashes of colour throughout your home using accessories. So if you want a yellow colour scheme during spring, for example, you can add a couple of yellow throw cushions to the sofa and add candles and flowers around the house.

Choose a comfy bed

If you choose a bed based on a current trend, you may lose a few hundred pounds if you don’t like the style in a few years. Bed frames can easily go out of style, whether you choose a wooden bed frame or a luxury fabric one, so the best option is to choose a comfortable bed where you can change the headboard to suit your style. Divan beds are a great solution – and they come complete with additional storage which is always appreciated. Divan Beds Centre has a great selection of divan beds in a range of sizes – with detachable headboards to match too.

Avoid trends

One of the biggest ways you can create a timeless living space is by simply avoiding trends. It’s a rare sight if trends last longer than a few years and a trend that has passed can age a room. This doesn’t mean all trends need to be avoided, you can still add a little into your home in small ways, such as adding accessories. One trend which started in the ‘80s and made a reappearance in 2020 is pampas grass. A trend like this, simply adding a plant to a room, is affordable and can be easily changed if it goes out of style.

Quality of quantity

Choose quality items in your home. This could mean visiting a charity shop to find some solid-wood furniture and upcycling it if it needs a new life. Car boots are also a great place to find timeless, quality pieces of furniture to add to your home – and you can usually get them at a great price too.

Even if you love following trends and switching your home each season, there are ways you can make your living space timeless while including something that is on-trend.


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