World Famous Mysteries: Volume-2

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The world is home to a plethora of unanswerable questions. While some of these initiate a multitude of theories, some of these are too bewildering to even conjecture. With this book, we try to explain some of these mysterious phenomena using scientific and coherent rationale. We also delve into the clandestine mazes of long-lost legends and adopt an object-centric approach to resolve them.

We have tried our best to present the facts in an unbiased manner keeping in mind the sentiments of people who are associated closely with the puzzles mentioned in the book. While most of us are familiar with the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, Amelia Earhart, Disappearance of Flight MH370; not many of us are aware of the specifics pertaining to them and to the numerous possibilities revolving around their answers.

The present edition of ‘Word Famous Mysteries’ is a collection of writings authored by the participants of our monthly international essay-writing competitions. These interesting articles are hand-picked to satiate the curiosity of the readers. The styles assumed by the writers are creative and entertaining, and don’t allow for monotony to set in. The efforts and time invested by the authors are truly commendable. The USP of this book is to give readers an interesting blend of information and experiences about different mysteries of the world. However, we deeply regret any incomplete, uncredited or incorrect information that would have accidentally crept in. We also sincerely regret any typing errors or prejudiced notions that would have escaped our notice. Any extra information that couldn’t be accommodated in the book due to lack of space are uploaded on our website With ‘Word Famous Mysteries, Volume II, we expect our readers to retrieve maximum probable answers to the enigmas elaborated in this book in an exciting way.

Author: Multiple Authors

Price: 70 INR (1$)

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