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Photo :Gulf News
Photo :Gulf News

The God has designed us all human beings with a body temperature of 370C. At this temperature various biochemical processes function properly in our body. Increase of temperature of our surroundings by 100C than the normal body temperature can adversely affect the functioning of biochemical processes which are very vital for our survival.

The body temperature increases and the flow of blood in blood vessels speeds up when we do any physical work or vigorous exercise. A high increase in blood flow can create problems related to blood pressure.  The pumping of blood by heart is fastened and blood flows at a faster rate. That is why the patients of heart related diseases are advised by the doctors not to do heavy physical work. They can prefer to go for cardiac exercises only in the supervision of a trainer.

Such increases in the body temperature can be controlled voluntarily. But what about the increase in the temperature of body because of very high and uncontrollable rise in temperature of surroundings in summer season.

Latest temperature reported in June  2019 this summer by the Weather Forecasting Centre, Pune, Maharashtra is 50.8 0C in Churu, Rajasthan. This is a record elevation in the temperature from our normal body temperature. One may get  strained his nerves just to think about this rise in temperature. This is actually too much.

It becomes intolerable even for the normal people to survive at such high degree temperature. Then what about the newly born babies, pregnant women, serious patients who are kept under observation in intensive care units of hospitals having power cuts for unlimited hours.

Reasons for increase in temperature

Due to disturbances in nature by human activity like deforestation and more industrialisation, there is a drastic change in the climate and weather conditions mainly from last three decades. There used to be six months of summers and six months of winters in past years, it is said. People who were born after nintees read such things in books only. Now the number of winter months have squeezed to two or three as compared to those of summers. What is taught to the students just after they start going to the schools? Save Nature! Save Water! Save Energy ! Save Electricity! Be Eco-friendly! and so on. These Slogans  were not the highlights of early seventees and eightees.

Global warming is increasing because of the green house gases like carbon-di-oxide, methane and water vapours. These gases absorb the infrared rays coming from the sun. These infrared rays are responsible for the heat of the sun. When these infrared rays are trapped by green house gases in the atmosphere, these increase the temperature of earth. Steel mills, bakeries, glass factories, furnaces, road repair and agriculture all contribute a major part in producing heat in the surroundings. More is the pollution, more will be the production of green house gases and more will be the absorption of infrared rays by these gases and more will be the rise in temperature of earth. So the pollution is the main factor responsible for rise in temperature.  Now it has become the matter of global concern for the scientists and stake holders all over the world. From the year 1961 to 2018 there is an average increase in temperature of earth by 10C which has resulted in serious consequences like melting of ice in glaciers, floods and epidemics.

Because of industrial pollution there is release of chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere. These chemical compounds are responsible for depletion of Ozone gas layer in upper part of atmosphere. The Ozone layer does not allow harmful ultraviolet radiations of sun to reach to earth. These radiations are very hazardous and can cause skin cancer. The exhaust gases coming from vehicles can not be ignored as a pollution causing factor. Due to increase in number of vehicles day by day, harmful gases are released in the atmosphere thereby the absorption of heat radiations is also increased which again results in the rise of temperature of atmosphere. These gases also play a big role in changing the weather conditions of local areas.

Destroying natural resources by deforestation i.e. cutting down of trees to increase habitat areas and to become more developed is now proving not a wise step of human.

Because of pollution and high heat, summer seasons of present times are known for the days which bring a sort of punishment to the people. Temperature in these days is too high to bear even.

Cases of explosions in running vehicles, air conditioners and short circuits due to high heat of summers have also been noticed. In last 27 years, more than 22000 people have died in hot summer days.

Adverse effects of Increased temperature on human

Why does the milk get spoilt? Answer is clear to us. Because of high temperature in summer season, the bacterial activities increase which spoil the milk. Similarly other biological structures like our cells and tissues also start getting the adverse effects of high temperature in summers and because of increased activities of microorganisms chances to become ill and to get diseases also increase. That is why vector borne seasonal diseases and epidemics are more common in summers. Many unknown diseases have been noticed in summer days like Chamki Fever in state of Bihar which has killed approximately 200 children in this month June 2019. The symptoms of Chamki Fever are common like high fever, head ache, body pain, vomiting, loose motions which are uncontrollable by the medicines available. It is said that this Chamki Fever targets the children of rural areas in summer season every year. Those who survive recover automatically after summer season is over.

The high heat radiations of sun along with pollutants cause sun burns, sun allergies, skin infections if a person is exposed for 4 to 5 hours. In intense heat of summer flu-like symptoms such as fever, nausea, head ache are very common. Due to high temperature, problems of dehydration, dizziness, heat stress, heat stroke occur. Skin cells die and may develop cancer. Direct contact to sun rays causes skin rashes and red spots on skin. People who go out in sun even for less durations also suffer from exhaustion, tiredness, cramps, thirst and dehydration after a lot of sweating.

High heat radiations with pollutants cause problems in nose, throat, sinuses, eye infections, poor visibility,  food poisoning, problems in digestive system because of infections in stomach and intestine. High temperature of summers is very dangerous for heart by increasing blood pressure, for kidneys by urinary infections, for lungs by causing asthma and other  respiratory diseases.

Death of embryo in womb, problems in conceiving, infertility in women and men have also been noticed.

The high temperature increases the mental stress, irritability, loss of concentration and decrease in the working abilities.

Kind favour to ourselves

People must avoid direct exposure to sun in summer days. Wear light and loose cotton clothes. Take your lunch with you in morning instead of going home for the lunch in day time. In day time, go out of your houses or offices for urgent work only. If it is necessary to go out then cover your skin with clothes and gloves. Wear dark glasses and carry umbrella when going out in sun. Use skin moisturizers to protect skin from sun burn. Try to keep your body cool. For this use a wet cloth to cover head, face and neck. Carry and drink cold water to prevent dehydration of body. People can move to cool places, can take cool bath and drink cold drinks like fruits juices, lemon water etc.

Personal and public hygiene is also very important.

In case of heat stroke, don’t give anything to the person to drink. Take the person to the cool place under fan, remove shoes and loose clothes. After first aid take the person to the doctor for further medical treatment. Proper arrangements in government and private hospitals must be done when serious cases of heat stroke reach to them.

Use the vehicles in urgent need only and prefer to travel by public transport.

Planting of more and more trees in nearby areas to keep surroundings cool. Trees help in bringing rain which further help in lowering and balancing the temperature of earth. Increasing grassy lands and reforestation. Placing Tin-roof sheds nearby roads and in open areas for the people.

Social workers and some non government organisations are working for  the establishment of parks in waste land for the out door workers and arrangement of cold water tanks on the ways for the people. The government must also take initiatives for such arrangements and also support the people or groups doing such noble work in the society.

It is the responsibility of government to take proper steps and make laws to prevent pollution and contribute in campaign against global warming.


Author BioDr. Vikas Kumar Sharma,from Hisar Haryana, the Winner (above 18 years category) of Monthly Essay Competition, June, 2019 organized by Monomousumi Services.


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