Vikraman and THE VEDALAM (Vampire)

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“Huh!!! Yes! Yes! In… even more!’ ordered Vikraman, oops… more precisely he groaned. It was not he- not the Vikraman for the past 25 years. But somehow these experimental 2.5 months had succeeded in peeling out the inner him. It was a shabby bed, unpleasant not to the level of his current mind and that’s all about the bed and the bedroom. What made to limit depicting the bed was Vikraman himself, especially the way he squeezed that pillow for his lascivious comfort, but mentally she, the way he pressed the mattress hard with the whole of his body, but mentally she, and the way he harshly compressing-out his words, ‘you chubby crank! I want!!! Take you in faster,’ to the edges of the pillow, but mentally to Neha sleeping the cozy bed very wishfully, calm and composed not with any making-its-puppet nasty dreams, and not with any puckish habit of speaking in sleep- in the adjoining cabin of the newly formed Aziz Apartments. It all started when he was very early to his office and he used to be very early so he could catch her in the lift also could get her warm and welcoming smile- and so he was able to spend time hanging out in the transient peaceful morning of crowded city Chennai, which abled him stumble upon a binocular and remember a forgotten wish to buy it since during childhood he could only find it in those supernatural commercial movies he used to be addicted to, not in his stereotypic village. By commercial movies, in India, it automatically refers to those brave movies which show proof telling that what all theories those great scientists; Newton, Einstein invented were wrong as the hero with no such spectacular god-sent power can identify who all occupied the window seats of a flying plane from his bed through the window with his BINOCULAR. Unlike his village, where through the binocular he could get a clear image of that cloudy cliff or similar greeneries, here in his steepest apartment he could only glance at balconies of oppositely built apartments, but that would be more exciting than those mouthless mumbling cliffs as the increasing population in the countries like India helped raise the number of people in the marriageable age and the collaborative effect of them increased the couples occupying apartments and spilling the balconies with romances. Then onwards his pure wish for a city girl- which was one of the two reasons for leaving his village and rich family- diseased as he got more and more romances on balconies through binocular which he wants to accomplish forthwith and he could only develop an unhealthy desire for Neha, but those traditionally safeguarded respects of his family and ancestors fueled him to very much haste but at times it would let out. What he wanted was to play the basic romantic hero character so that he could have all those fantasies he had seen in the balconies in a thunder-speed. But unknowingly he performs the villain and he wants herself to feast for his lust hunger that is she should somehow get fainted on him and then he will carry to his bed and be released from all his mental pressures. One of those sequences of she felling over him and he pitching his lips immediately over hers and the consequent lustful sequence running in his dream. And for a guy like him, this was a once-a-while golden opportunity as it became a lucid dream. ‘Fed up with golds! When will be the diamond opportunity- having her in the reality?’ metaphorically, this was his yelling throughout his dream, could be recognized of that slightest disappointment applying his browned scarce-beard face. From the day one he entered the apartment, it was also his debut in standing on his own, independent of his richest family in the village and also in staying alone, he was very much excited about her and one can take one or two among any of these bunch of reasons; her amber-toned egg-eyes, florescent tube’s bright white skin, the welcoming sun’s spreading smile, and as already foreshadowed the chubby cheeks- even a baker would wonder at its softness- decorated by pond-deep dimples. Additionally, he was facilitated by the absence of any other neighbors around. ‘You are alone with her! You could do anything! No one could notice!’ sometimes his mind had pondered upon these but gained growth and the ‘sometimes’ became ‘always’ as the wait got prolonged of his misunderstanding on girls. ‘Yes, these muscles building over hands would work, and this Sunday she will definitely slip all the way into my net,’ initially thought Vikraman, and he keep on exiting his house on Sundays, where he could find she too free in her house and as though he couldn’t find a place in his house, he soundly uses the corridor for exercising physically but emotionally expecting her out the house and wonder, ‘how muscular he is! I want to sense its hug,’ Or he uses the corridor for an unreasonable loud talk with his friends, to whom he only discusses his brave and valor adventures- want her to hear them and again wonder, ‘OH GOD!!! You had put such an incredibly handsome as my neighbor! Very thank you. How adventurous he would be in the bed?!’ All he wanted was to grab her attention which forces her out, have a conversation which able him impress her, gradually develop it into adult contents to confirm she was in similar motive and swiftly seize her to his bed and having her altogether with each of their sweats bleaching each other’s body. ‘He was able to- what about and why can’t me!??’ soon he fed up and finally understood that those scenes of the supernatural commercial movies where the heroine herself make her proposal to the hero of his extraordinary attempts to achieve her were in reality quite impossible and unrealistic. This was the backstory of Vikraman and a kind-of prologue for this story. As this story is much concerned about the emotional and philosophical journey of our teen-minded hero Vikraman one need not know about the backstory of Neha, Sunitha, Alexandra; so on expanding list of the alluring girls of the Aziz apartment or much about those completing-the-balconies loves of lonely-crows-of-apartment-peaks couples, concerning the length of this story- must not fill the reader’s mouth, yawns! One extraordinarily fine day, where our hero took the wrong route to his office as he was very much buried in scolding himself for his failure and misfortune in impressing or most probably convincing her for having her a bit as a morning booster that too in an ENCLOSED lift, even after a heavy mono-act preparation last night in front of that pathetic mirror it became late for him realize that he was in one of those influential rare-in-cities green-bounded lonely roads which though quite late spread his flies-herding garbage-mind with those forgotten boon memories of his village when his adamant bike got stuck halfway- don’t want to assist him further. And so he could able to release from his prolonged mental dilemmas as the road was cherished with WOW factored greenish sceneries. Vikraman regained the lost nerve to differentiate between a male mosquito and a bee with their buzzing. Also, he could play the childhood game of hunting the direction of the whistle of the wind, licking his finger, and exposing it to the blowing wind. Additionally pushing the bike with his sides had eventually blown him into those nostalgias of tapping and running the punctured tire along with the nook and corners of his village. To highlight the sudden needful changes in Vikraman the sun became softer in her glowing. Everything for our hero very patiently had now become patient enough. Even the sprinting cloud dropped down the speed as they are waiting for something inciting going to take place under their supervising. ‘How did I miss this?!!’ whispered Vikraman from his heart considering his early wanderings over urban roads. It just echoed within him in return for no answer. It seems that the road has no ends with greens surrounding it. Vikraman with his waiting-for-more eyes couldn’t able to properly put the stand to his bike when he was dazed at that enormous tree amidst the green valley which additionally boosted another reminiscence of his village- climbing to its leafy roof. It was branchy banyan with a challenging path to its top, not for a rural fella. But the reader may think how a guy who had been in a perfect urban life for a couple of months can still have a serene touch with his climbing skill and to alter with some logic OR poetically, as though our hero somehow managed to hear the reader’s inner voices, he slipped slightly but it became vigorous as he in the meantime was about to reach its peak and, yes as expected he fainted! If at all this story was made into a movie, here, the camera moves to the sky and there will be fade-in the title. “When I’m going to get her? When I’m going to have her? AH…’ his eyes and his mouth simultaneously opened to wake and yawn. Vikraman felt ultimately uncomfortable with his unknown position. The consequent swinging feeling can’t resist from providing him vomiting sensation and this made him find he was upside down facing the ground and in pendulum motion and that weight over his back finally made him confirm that he was over the shoulder of SOMEONE! “Hey! Leave me!” the grip got tightened and the dusty man carrying him hastened his walk. “Hey stop man! STOP!” he shouted but as though it was fuel for man’s legs, he rushed, squeaking in his loud clear like a speaker’s voice, ‘Won’t! Won’t! This Vedalam Won’t! You cry, cry and keeeeeep on cryin’! ha… haha!” “oh god! Why did you put me on a mad? Shit…’ “Please, please, the whole herd here were pleasing, unknown that HE was deaf, dumbed many, many, many years ago…… I won’t leave you down.’ This was another specimen of nostalgia for Vikraman. There was some handful of wandering beard and dusty men blabbering all over those cliffs and forests of his village and he and his gang when lads used to tease and have fun from them and also entertained on hearing their audience-free narratives. “its okay, its okay, what’s your name? Where are you from? Didn’t your shoulder pain?” “Ah… look at this. Always a Vedalam used to ask questions. Not the vik…’ “Vedalam?! When did you become so?” “Are you mad? How many times I should tell you?” “Okay, then you ask me. But let me down first because-because I wanna… I would be delighted to see your face.” “ha-ha-ha” the Vedalam laughed and let down our Vikraman. “ah…” Vikraman felt some freedom, “hey! Where did you take me? Where am I now and… my bike!’ The Vedalam was as expected to our Vikraman. As he hurried in his words, let see his description and backstory in simple words. He was one of those day-night talking-to-themselves guys either left from the family or left their family to abroad to fulfill their ambitions, usually from VILLAGES! “First answer mine and then I’ll clarify yours.” He was very adamant in his words. He very well knows how to handle these kinds of peoples and so have no other option other than doing what he says. Also, he found himself somewhere far from that banyan where he stopped. This man had ultimately made Vikraman under his control. Vikraman soon wants to be independent again. ‘What you’d have done? There?” “Where!?” but the Vedalam didn’t care about his words. “What you’d have done? Would you run away from there? OR would you take her to the hospital OR would you clear all the proofs and go to your house as though you did nothing to her? Hah?” “What you are trying to say? What ‘ran away’? What ‘hospital’? What proof?” ‘Yeah, yeah. I should tell you that first… hah… hey wait, wait, wait, didn’t I narrate you already? Actually, you can’t find a teller like me.” “Of course, I know that. What do you want to say then? Tell then?” “Oh… where to start? Where to start?” the Vedalam looked through his eyes as though he is spreading his emotional vibrations through that. Vikraman can’t be patient, “This guy’s taking revenge for what all I did to them. But, ah… be patient, man.” He whispered to himself. “What that whispering when I’m about to start? Hah?” he shouted as though to tell him he was a blady thriller. “Nothing, nothing you start.” “Hah… then well. She was that much, that much beauty. The beauty, you know. I could say WOW for years and years at her beauty, you know?” Vikraman was again going to get an ordinary love story, about a girl who make him mad, “Ha… then? Who’s she, man?” “Yes, I supposed to tell you. I was sent to here, ah… that T-Nagar to a hostel, for pursuing the doctoring.” “Doctor! But mad! Ha-ha. I should be very careful about love.” It was an instant thought. “You bull shit! What that thinking? Listen! Listen here!” he too instantly shouted. Vikraman again was thrilled and forced himself to him. He determines not to think anything anymore until he finishes. “That… that I want. Then… it was a shell-hostel, tiny and congested because of that we meet again, again and again. For a while, I thought that who’s that man in that opposite room but it has not become late for me to find it was my girl, till a fortnight I know her only beautiful but that night… it was very fateful you know, I just peeped from my sofa through my door and it was almost closed. I first saw her head out her door, seems to be checking if there was someone out and then she leaked out, WOW! It was an absolute boon from god for a lonely lad like me, she was in her bath-suit but it was the early 2000s, that time it was… I was over-feasted at her, with that partial nakedness, she actually came for her panties that were hanging on the rope out. From then… I find her extremely sexy very, very, sexy. But that transformation of my opinions on her… hah,” he sighed for change of tone from excitement to seriousness, “then… I couldn’t have control over myself. My mind was maddened, diseased and I can’t stop my mind imagining how shiny and chubby not only her cheek but also her breasts would be. How chill her hug would be? And how pleasurable having her altogether would be?” his eyes turned greedy whereas our hero’s eyes were pouring acute interest in his narrative. “My initial attempts of impressing her were, which I thought, built up to nothing. So I thought I need not rely on traditional steps to sleep with her and I had other ideas.” He stopped, letting all stunned. The sky went almost cloudy, as though all of them had crowded above for him to finish. The wind which was so long been still was hastening to them as though they too can’t tolerate his pause like our Vikraman. It has not become very late for Vikraman to realize that his narrative mimics his current situation and so he wants to know what he did to have her, which he too wants to apply. “What happened next?” the Vedalam just smiled, cunningly. “That cost a favor. It’s necessary for me might be for you.” “What now?” “Nothing big. I want a drink.” His eyes had peaked in greed. “where can I find here? For that, I need my bike. You continue I’ll buy you- of course- later.” “ah… Nah that won’t be. I have a deep understanding of people. You won’t. you’ll fly away.” “Okay, then where can I find a liquor shop.” “no need of shops for booze.” There was a secret in his tone. “then?” “hah… so long I used to rely on nature for all my needs.” “Okay.” Vikraman seems to be getting him in a while. “here we have bunches and bunches of coconuts.” He waved his hands to those distant wavers for winds. “oh… I’m about to guess it. Okay, it had been a while also for me. but I want a… container… a rope…” “I had already ready with them by the wastes you guys throw.” “then… let’s proceed.” For those who can’t get them correctly, here is the explanation. What they’re going to do was collect toddy from the coconut tree. “can you? I doubt your ability.” “ha… dear doctor I have an MBBS in it.” this was a resemblance of his village pride. “Okay, then I was your professor. You act I say.” The thought of having toddy had made the Vedalam very cooperative and he didn’t make Vikraman think him of mad. The thought of alcohol had almost made him alive and live in present. Been fallen already from a banyan, he can’t hesitate to climb a coconut with a jar and a rope since he felt it would affect his village prestige. As he said he seems to be a pro in collecting toddy, and so the Vedalam. After tying the jar with the flower, he left it and climbed down as it takes time for the jar to fill. “I want you to continue. I swear I’ll get you that, since… I too want them.” “You too want, okay I then believe you.” “You stopped at…” “Hey! I know, you shit. You shut and listen!!” again Vikraman thrilled and kept quite in at most eager. “Immediately I dialed my doctor-friend. He’s an anesthetic specialist. I enquired the suitable pill for making her faint for a night. I’m very careful in my words since I don’t want him to know the reason for me to ask him so. With my sloppy handwriting, I can easily get them. But the difficulty is how to make her have it? For which I decided to dissolve in the milk can the milkman always keeps the cans near the door. I woke a little early and filled hers with three- I still know that- three of them. Then I waited in my room, and I went out she didn’t go out, actually, she used to vanish from her room very soon and that I know from her slipper, out. I knocked on the door, she didn’t come but it’s OPEN!” There was a huge smile of lust on his face, also in Vikraman. “I gently went in as a winter’s breeze and closed with no sound. Though there were no other tenets around, one should be careful while in these kinds of tasks.” Vikraman thought this was one of the efficient advice. “hah…” this sigh is for his change of tone from lustful seriousness to saddened guilt. “I entered very excitedly, you know. As though I’m stepping on the stage to receive the gold medal. But…you know, but… my heartbeat rushed, I never knew my body can secrete that much adrenalin. I found her fainted on the dining table. My whole body started to shrivel. I can still feel that chillness I had there. Initially, I hastened. But I’m already made precaution- I had my contraception, and what I thought is completing with her and leaving her in the position before he fainted so that there won’t be any doubts.” Again he paused the same consequence which had happened earlier when he paused was now with increased power. It almost seems to be raining. “Then! Then!?” “Then… then… I had her, you know, she was far… very far from my imaginations. Waah… WOW! She gave me enormous pleasure. A pleasure to the core, not even the core to infinity, infinity! INFINITY!!!” Both of their eyes were trying to bulge in wonder to infinity. “What an ending?!!” thought Vikraman. He was about to ask the name of that pill. “Then…” still it’s not over! Vikraman thought, “What else he could say then?” “oh… oh… then I looked at her naked body. My interest in her got low, which made me concentrate on things in the room. There… inside that handle-less drawer- it was difficult to open you know, I found my pencil sketch. Yes! It is me! And it had written in bold letters ‘I LOVE THIS HANDSOM’ it is then I felt my mistake. The pleasure I had with her all vent in seconds. I can’t tolerate the guilt anymore. I want to say sorry. Beg her. Salve under her legs. But… when I tried to wake her she didn’t. Yes, I know it’d take time for the effect of the pills to decrease. But even after an hour and a two she didn’t. And I checked her pulse, it was… it was…” “It was!” “It was abnormal. It’s decelerating.” Tiny bubbles of tears began to drop out from the Vedalam. He shortly wiped them and stared into his eyes eagerly. “Now, answer me. What you would have done then? You are just a budding doctor. Even a qualified fail handling anesthetic drugs. Her body mightn’t accept the dose or there may be some other reasons. You know she was about to leave, what you would do?! What you’d have done? Would you run away from there? OR would you take her to the hospital OR would you clear all the proofs and go to your house as though you did nothing to her? Hah?” This was an absolute thunderstruck. This was an unexpected and almost impactful climax for him that could be known by the way our hero, who would have transformed now, presses his lips for an emotionless face. Now onwards his mind will be speeding up with thoughts. “hah? Enough thinking tell me! you don’t have time, now answer this Vedalam!” “Ah… yes. Um… the third option was a stupid man’s decision and the first one… was, was quite… additional amount of sin. I would have immediately taken her to the hospital regardless of whatever, whatever happened to me. I found myself very guilty now.” This was the product of the spontaneous reactions booming all over his mind. “CORRECT! CORRECT! But, you know, you know what I did,” his eyes started to hasten their function of producing tears, “I ran! I ran from there, I don’t know why I did. Not I’m such a terrible person. My father is a gentleman, my mother- a good-hearted god. I too have a sister, you know. But why did I do so? Still, I’m asking myself. Still, I’m asking myself. From then, I’m running, running and keep on running till here, to this road.” Vikraman had become serious as turned his face from him, unable to witness his craziness further. The Vedalam keeps on saying that as though he can’t be satisfied until he repeats it to infinity. With his blabbering playing the background score, our hero went on realizing the mistake he was about to commit, and as though the cloud even can’t handle the emotion the Vedalam had poured to them, it cried in tiny drops and so our hero looked up but it made him remember about that filled jar on the tree. As he already had seen the Vedalam become normal when it came to toddy, he immediately climbed, took it, and gave the wet jar to him. “hah…” this time he sighed to bring himself normal also to change his tone from sadness to urge and greed. “Yes! Yes! How did I forget it? How did I forget it? Definitely, I’m blady mad.” He hit his head and plucked the jar from him, not even letting him present it to him as a matter for thanking him. He rushed in drinking it, literally he bathed in it. “How’s my story? Hah? How’s my story?” Vikraman doesn’t know what to say. He, first of all, was stunned that how his reality or story could mimic his current situation and everything seems to be magic for him. he didn’t answer him. “Not want to answer. Okay then leave. But you did what you said. Finally, I found a good man out of the herds.” Said the Vedalam and after a huge and reasonless laugh, and as it started to rain he ran through the chilled breeze and cleansing rain and vanished among the fog. At the same time, there was, at last, there was a man in a car on that road. He gave a lift to Vikraman. Even this seems to be magic, considering the prolonged absence of vehicles on that road. After a few minutes of traveling, he found his bike and that banyan. The man in the car automatically stopped at it. Vikraman exited, and he has not even stayed there for Vikraman’s confused state thanking. He then went to the banyan, found his phone it showed the time, ’10:00’ went to his bike but this time his bike with nil issues started with the first strike on the bike-starter, “again a magic and mystery,” thought Vikraman. The rain was again, another beautiful reminiscence of his villages. Along his way to his apartment, with the crowded music of rain as a soothing tune in the background he kept on pondering on the idea of vigilance, “I have great things to carry along with me to here, to these urban fields. Why I keenly carry that old baggage and misunderstandings?” inside him. When he returned to his house, he found the corridor joining to the common balcony of the floor vacant and ghost-silent from where he could witness an amazing dance of pin-rain as per the breeze. He immediately went to his house, refreshed and eagerly came out but paused at the sight of Neha there on the balcony with a book and tea and at the speed, he exited he couldn’t go back as she had seen and waved him a warm “Hi…” that soft voice won’t allow Vikraman to go back and so some unknown energy had actually seized him to the balcony. While he was patiently placing his hands on the raised concrete to sense the magical chillness of the rain he can’t resist his nasty brain reminding him that this was the starting of one of those lustful scenarios which he had already planned with her, but this time he wants to be completely out from that and be normal and speak to her as if she was her sister. “Hey, um… thought you’d have gone to your office.” “That’s what I thought about you.” “Ha-ha,” he don’t what to ask or say then, and remained quiet giving himself to the visual treat of rain from that height. “What you are pursuing?” she need not want to be silent anymore. “Um… pursuing? I’m actually working.” He didn’t turn to her as he feared his eyes would not look only at her face while speaking, rather acted as if he liked the rain very much. “Working?! What’s your age?” “25. What’s in it?” this time he turned to her, as in the oppositely built apartment in the balcony he found couples making love. “Then I need not think you as my brother.” Yes, anyone can’t believe he was 25! There seems to be something hidden in her tone. “Hah?!” as he was already fed up with enormous riddle experiences he can’t resist anymore and he paid no interest in contemplating on it. He turned to the rain. “I’m 23. If you don’t mind, I would like to say.” “Oh…” this was phenomenal amazement as in villages he doesn’t know any girls telling her age to anyone. His mind had actually started to imagine those romances with her, but now he could resist them. “I don’t know why you thrill, but I like it.” “Yes… well, I’m just confused which seems to you I’m thrilled.” Vikraman doesn’t know how he spoke those words casually without struggle. “Don’t lie boy, oh… you are a man no?” she seems to be very straightforward and brainy for Vikraman, feeling the essence of a city girl. The couples there in the distance were very peak in their romances and Vikraman can’t watch it anymore and he turned to her immediately and was even more thrilled at her, as she was looking at him with her influential eyes and he knows very well she too had seen that romance. “Hey god, you are very cunning.” Thought Vikraman, as Neha raised a step towards him. He now thought of the story the Vedalam said and his misfortune in not knowing already that the girl there had loved him. Neha had stepped even more to him closing the gap between them. Again our hero doesn’t know what to do, he is just stunned at her eyes, and yes now he can look only at her eyes. She came even closer and gave that book in her hand to him asking, “Do you read spiritual philosophies?” He rode that quote on the cover page, “sometimes those people who do magic in our lives were actually gods!” and he replied to her, “from now.”




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