The Voice of Wisdom

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Characters: Marts: Blue Pen, Miles: Older brother Red pen, Old Man: The Voice Of Wisdom, Tinkles: A successful young boy, Jim: Hardworking, intelligent and honest man

.and he wrote excellent writing pieces: books, essays and articles after reading world of famous and honorable authors. In his room, he wrote a lot of writing pieces and was a genius who knew many formulas of physics, math and wrote many writing pieces to improve his creative writing skills.

While writing his own essays, articles and random writing stuffs after reading eclectic pieces of highly qualified authors, he used his blue pen, Marts. He used his pen, Marts which flowed smoothlyand would not write without using it. After Tinkles had finished writing his assignments, Martscame to his brother Miles and told about the pressure put on the him while writing. He told his older brother, Miles: “Aah, bother, It`s paining a lot. I am exhausted and want to know why Tinkles puts a great deal of pressure on me!” Miles told him a great story with a good moral lesson.“Why don`t you see that he gives you so much importance and uses you a lot?” In addition,  he said,” Yes brother! You are right because he gives me utmost importance and has high value for me. In fact, I feel happy to see his brightly shining face while writing.” Miles replied with joy: “Ok brother, Well done! You now understood your worth. Let me tell you a story of ‘The Voice Of Wisdom’. Marts said:” Please tell brother! I have never heard this story before”. Now, Let`s listen the story that Miles tells his brother.

The story starts with Jim living in village Rampur….Once there was a boy named Jim who was from a poor family in a village named, Rampur. Poverty and Starvation were his soul mates. Once, an inspection officer came to Rampur of the Bidhar district. In Rampur of Bidhar district, neither there was a school nor a hospital. He then informed to his headquarters. Moving through various houses in the village, he came to Jim`s house. Jim was cutting woods. Then, he sold it in the market. Also, he helped  many people in the village. The inspection officer was happy to see itand came to him and said that the government would make a school in the village where children could come and study for free. From now onwards, no child will be left illiterate in this village. Jim was delighted to hear it and went into the house to inform his mother. His mother asked him to invite the officer to their home. But when he came back he saw that he had already gone.

The next day the construction work started and continued for many days. Afterwards, children started coming to that school. As promised by Jim, he went to school to learn. At school, he was an excellent study as he was well up in studies as weel as sports. His teacher was greatly impressed by his dedication, punctuality spirit and hardwork, and he then decided to give him scholarship from school. After he got scholarship, he started studying harder to  lead a settled and luxurious life

He went to Srikhand college and completed his bachelor`s and master’s degree in designing, he started working in a cloth manufacturing unit. Also, he shifted his house to city. His boss, Robinson, gave him many work that seemed endless, tough and hard, but Jim did them all diligently; nonetheless, he was not given promotion inspite of working by releasing sweat like a river and spent many sleepless night for getting promotion . After working for 1 year, he did not see any increment in his salary.

Once his mother fell from the staircase and got many injuries, later on ,Jim took her to the hospital and realized that he had no money to the bill because he had already spent them on house rent, clothing and food items. Then, The doctor adjusted his fees for a week and told to pay by the end of the week .Further, Jim started working for long hours to get the bill paid. Additionally, his boss, Robinson gave him many tasks like shoe designing, but then, he told that he changed his mind. On realizing that his hardwork had become worthless, he threw those documents in garbage bin, but his boss again asked for them. Then, he again worked to make them and was tired after working again for the whole night. He was sure that he would get promotion. But, during the ceremony for promotion,a girl who came around 6 months back got the employee of the year award. Now, he was stunned and looked depressed. He came out of the office and looked futile. In fact, he was crying from inside.

But, fate had something different for him. He kicked a stick lying on the road. A harsh and mysterious voice of an old man came:” Hey! What were you doing? It is my which accidently dropped from my hands” To this, Jim replied: “ I am sorry that I kicked the stick because I thought that it was cheap and was not of much worth.” .The old man replied thatthe stick was valuable for the one who knew its actual worth. Jim was astounded and asked:” Wait! What is special about this stick, sir?” The old man ,who was a clever, experienced and humble man, asked him to ask the value of the stick in a stationery shop. Jim did as he was told. He came back and said that the stationery man was willing to give around 80.90 rupees for the stick so that he could make 12 small wooden scales worth 9 rupees each and the rest he would keep as commission. Secondly, the wise old humble man asked him to ask the value of the stick in carpenter`s shop which was popular for its master pieces and wonderful furnitures. The carpenter told:” Oh! It is a fine wood, and I can make good furniture out of it.” Jim came to know that he was willing to give 500 rupees for that stick. After he informed the old man about that,he told to ask in the museum widely known for its ancient pieces. Then, he went and asked the hugeancient museum`s most experienced man about the actual price of that stick. After the most experienced man of the museum checked the stick, told that the stick was of royal origin and would cost around a jackpot of gold if he gave it to them. Jim was open-mouthed and astonished. He told this to the old man. The old man gave a smile and said: “ The value of this stick in the eyes of the person who examines it and knows its real worth. While Jim was giving a thought to what he meant, the old man disappeared without taking the stick. Jim looked here and there but found him nowhere. Then, he took the stick his home, crouched his bed, and fell asleep. Then next morning came with a twist in his life. Now, he was going to his his fate.

 He went to the office but not to do any work. He told his boss:” I am leaving your company due to your negligence towards me, bye!” He gave his resignation  letter and left while his boss was taken aback. He then went to another big company, showed his skills, and earned huge respect and fame from that company. After seeking a great position in the new company and having respect for him in the eyes of the new cloth owner, he gradually became rich and paid off his house rent, mother`s medicines, and saved the rest of the amount as savings for future needs. The new boss was a gentleman and knew Jim`s worth in his company. He treated him like a friend and gave him respect. And about that stick, it remained with him ever forever as a sign of ‘never underestimate yourself and do work wherever you get a lot of respect, money and fame’.

The old man hid behind the tree and watched. He was the VOICE OF WISDOM.

After the story was over, Marts now clearly understood his worth forTinkles and thanked his older brother, Miles who had nurtured the value of self-esteem in him. From that moment, he realized how prestigious position he was given by Tinkles, the successful young boy who won many awards and was an avid reader of books and would write many writing pieces with the help of Marts.

Miles told his brother, Marts that despite Jim showed for his boss, Robinson did not give him worth because he was oblivious about Jim`s importance for his company. ‘

Hence, the moral of the story is that one should with full concentration and should never underestimate oneself and one`s hard work. No matter how hard you work, it will not be reflected until you work for others who know your importance.

Author Bio

Jagannath Pradhan is a creative writer at the same time he is an avid reader. He likes to note down his thoughts and write continuously on random topics to improve his writing skills. Moreover, fluency and accuracy are his weapons, which he uses while writing that indulges the readers to the fullest.


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