Luna the Princess

By: Shuvendu Das

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Luna woke up from her dream sweating. She reached over to her bedside table to check the clock.

“7:02 am”, it reads in big red letters. She was breathing heavily and was tempestuous as usual, “Why do I always end up having such dreams?” She thinks back to her dream in which she was sleepy and was sleeping everything she was about to do something meaningful.

Luna was a Princess. Her mother came into her room to wake her up as everyone was waiting for her at the breakfast table. She got up; got ready by wearing an elegant long gown with a crown on her head. She then rushes to go for breakfast. “I am sorry, I am a bit late today,” says Luna to everyone.

“My dear daughter, you are a Princess. You should follow the rules. If you will not follow,” says her Father. “Okay, Father, I will be on time from next time,” says Luna. Her Father gives her a smile. They enjoy breakfast together, and then Luna goes to walk in the meadows.

An area of heaven seemed to her. The grass was emerald green and thigh-high, smelling of Eden. Mountains in the distance had peaks that resembled a hag’s teeth. It was the only part of the meadow that seemed out of place. The rest was in paradise.

But it wasn’t just about the vistas. It had alien-like sounds, smells, and tastes. Beautiful clouds hung above the grass, a visual feast. Luna could see for miles in a cocktail-blue sky with fluffy clouds. It was stunning. Swallows chased spinning dragonflies with their wings extended in a life-and-death ballet.

A neon-blue river ribbon cut through the grassland. Scurrying out from under Luna’s feet, a swarm of yolk-yellow ducklings slid into the water. The river’s sound was sweet and comforting as it tinkled and plinked on the gravel bank.

She could hear the dawn chorus, midge buzzing, and the wind whispering above the river. Luna could smell the sweet cherry blossom scent and the warm caramel scent of flowers in the air.

“AHHHH, how peaceful this place is. I wish I could stay here forever,” says Luna to herself. She was enjoying the beauty of the meadows. Luna plucked some flowers. Suddenly, she saw something behind the bushes. She went near to see, and a fairy came flying outside. “Who are you?” Luna asks.

“I am a fairy, and I stay in these meadows. This is my place. How dare you step in these meadows and pluck the flowers?” says the fairy harshly. “I am a Princess, and I can go anywhere and do anything. How can you question me? Just go away from here,” says Luna.

“You don’t know how powerful I am. Now you have to pay for this thing,” says the evil fairy and then she flies away. Luna stays there for some time and then goes back to her Palace.

Long shadows were formed on the earth by the setting sun. The sky was tinted a warm orange by the setting sun’s slanting beams.The setting sun’s fire was burning in the sky.Luna was looking at the sky and was standing on the balcony of her room. Dressed elegantly, she was enjoying the setting sun. She was a princess.

While she enjoyed the setting sun, the evil fairy came back there. “What are you doing here again? You followed me and came here? Just go away,” asks Luna.“HAHA, I am here to give you a present,” answers the evil fairy. “You never can do any good deed. You are an evil fairy,” answers Luna.“You are right. Now watch what I’ll do with you,” says the evil fairy. She moves her magical wand and says, “Make her sleepy every time she needs to do something important.”

“NOOOOO,” shouts Luna. But the spell of the evil fairy worked on Luna, and she was now lost in the spell.The evil fairy went away. Luna became very sad. She was helpless.

She was in big trouble now. Each time she has to do something meaningful, the spell of the evil fairy makes her sleep. Her life became so messed up.”I have to go to school,” says Luna and the next moment, she falls asleep. Similarly, she says, “I have to do my homework,” and she falls asleep. This happened with her in every situation, which was vital for her. She was never on time for anything important.

Prince invited her to a party. She was thrilled because she loved that Prince, but she knew she would be sleeping there because of the bad fairy’s enchantment. She was upset. She was anxious to go there. “I need to find a way out of this mess. I should find a way to avoid falling asleep owing to the spell,” she thinks. She looked for a solution. She made a clock. The clocks will ring and shower frigid water on her head. “YAYY, I finally found a solution. I sincerely hope this will make my day at the party,” she thinks happily.

She donned a lovely crimson long gown and a nice bun to the celebration. She hoped the clock would help her stay awake. She tried hard to stay awake, but she fell asleep again, this time on the Prince’s foot. The Prince sent her to her home. She slept well.

The Prince proposed to Luna the following day. He was fascinated by her go-better spirit. “I want to marry you, Luna,” says the Prince. “But I am always sleepy. How did you love me?” asked Luna. “The way you handled it was just wonderful. You tried your best to get out of it, and I really loved it,” answers the Prince. Luna smiled and was so happy. Luna’s life got better, and she was delighted with the Prince.

By: Shuvendu Das


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