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As they say, there is a time and a place for everything, so there is a time and place to register the birth certificate of a child. Concerned authorities should register the birth of a child within 21 days of its occurrence. They usually get this done by filling the form prescribed by the Registrar of Births, and by submitting the form, with the required documents and letters from the hospital. The Birth Certificate is then issued after being verified with the actual records at the concerned hospital.

If an individual missed the deadline to register the birth, they can still get it done but have to explain to the authorities how it happened. They can only issue the birth certificate after due police verification ordered by the revenue authorities. If the applicant does not complete the Birth Registration within the specified period, they have to finish it in a year by paying a nominal late fee.

If the Registration is not done in a year either; candidates can do it anytime by submitting the affidavit before a first-class magistrate or executive magistrate. The magistrate verifies the details of the affidavit and if they are all satisfactory, issues the order to the Registrar of Births to enter the entries of the birth in the birth register book. The format of the affidavit is available at the Registrar office and also with a notary.

What is the delayed registration process, and how is it handled?

Going through this process, the Registrar will ask the applicant to deposit the late fee amount in his office. A self-attested copy of Matriculation certificate, Aadhar card, PAN card if attached with the affidavit will help in the fast completion of the process.

What is the process of getting a birth certificate for Indians who are living abroad?

Indians who live abroad can contact the Indian missions abroad to register the birth of their children whenever they want to.

The Home Ministry issued an order delegating powers to the heads of Indian missions abroad for registering the birth of children even after the one-year expiry under Section 4 of the Citizenship Act, 1955.

To make the system simpler, anywhere around the world, people can apply for a birth certificate through the online platform. All they have to do is create an account, fill in the correct application forms, upload their documents, and they would have to travel to the registrar’s office. While the process is mainly handled, it only coordinates with the registrar and does not handle it independently.

At the office, which is done through the office of the Registrar of births in India or the Indian Mission, abroad, they have to submit the printed application form and all the supporting documentation in hard copy. These documents take about a week to a month to be processed, and birth certificates will be delivered by post after the entire process.

4 Reasons why people should get a death certificate

Death certificates are a necessity when someone passes away from a family. It is something that has to be handled by the family of the person. There are multiple reasons why death certificates are important, but the challenge is getting one while having to coordinate the last rites, which can sometimes be a little challenging. To create a simpler process, the Government allows people to handle the entire process online, which saves them the time that they would spend going to the office and handling all the paperwork.

Multiple websites are authorised to process and upload information relating to death certificates. When working on getting one for a family member, make sure the site is genuine. After uploading all the required details, the website will process the information by coordinating with the municipality for births deaths and provide one in about a week.

Here are some reasons why getting a death certificate is an important task.

Official Government document

Random strangers cannot issue death certificates which have to be done by someone from the Government. Since it is an official document, all the details mentioned on it are assumed to be correct and verified by the respective authorities. Furthermore, it has facts on it, like the time that a person passed away, the date, the cause of death and other personal information as well. There have been instances where this information might be needed to verify the cause of death or to make sure there was no foul play involved.

Helps with the statistics bureau

For the correct numbers of births and deaths in a State or Country, the bureau needs to know the exact number of people, living and the number of people who passed away. The only way they can receive this information is through the birth certificates and death certificates. Simply put, this information is only gathered through the registered database that the Government has. This information is also needed when gathering the most common causes of death or coming up with health plans for a state.

Processing paperwork

Death certificates are also used by the rest of the family when they are processing information about the person who passed away. These tasks might be to get in touch with the bank and make a withdrawal from their bank account or processing other documents like loans or insurance. However, the family would also have to provide documentation to prove their connection to the deceased individual. A marriage certificate to prove that you are married assists with this process.

Needed for some last rites

If there were speculations around the cause of death, the family cannot move forward with the last rites. The family can only move forward after the officials permit them to do so. Furthermore, there are some instances where the last rites were delayed since the authorities have not released the body. Most funeral homes or cremation centers ask for the death certificate if they are going to go ahead the last rites.

Passport renewal :SVP and passport reminder seva

Passports in India are issued by the Passport Seva Kendra. They are official documents required for the purpose of travelling outside India. The exception being Nepal and Bhutan that requires no passport. Passport renewal services are provided in the case of expiration of the prior issued passport. In India, the passports are of simple design with a booklet of 30 or 60 pages, prices depending on the same. Passports are also essential identification documents and must be kept in a valid state by everyone.

The online portal for passport renewal has been introduced to make the whole process easier and more accessible. It has mostly helped the older section and disabled people in society.

Short Validity Passport renewal ( SVP)

Short Validity Passport as the name suggests is the passport issued for a very short duration of time. They are mostly issued during some emergency.

The situation in which short Validity Passport is used are:

  • Forgiving exams like SAT, TOFEL, etc out of India
  • A short visit to India by non-residential Indians.
  • For any individual having a criminal record, only a short validity passport can be issued, in cases of urgency.
  • Sometimes the passport might not be delivered on time due to some issues in transit, in which case Short Validity Passport is issued.

The passport renewal process for SVP

The renewal process of short validity passport is the same as normal passport renewal.The process has to be completed by applying at the passport SevaKendra. All the steps have to be thoroughly completed. The individual might need to go for a visit to passport sevakendra. Document verification is done during physical visit, after which the passports are renewed.

Passport reminder services by passport SevaKendra:

A user-friendly service has been initiated by passport SevaKendra. This reminder service was initiated in 2019 to help passport holder in India and outside India. The ministry of external affairs actively took charge of this initiative. An SMS is sent to the passport holders before the expiry date. There is a link of online application for passport renewal attached with the reminder. This SMS initiative has been proved very helpful. Two SMS in total are sent. One prior 9 months of the expiration date and other 7 months prior. The message also contains passport number and date of expiration.

Some facts related to passport renewal in India:

  • The expiry date of passport validity in India is 10 years. After renewal, another 10 years are added.
  • The minor passport validity is for 5 years. It can only be approved after the consent of both the parents.
  • With a valid passport, most countries allow 6 months validity of an active passport.
  • The reminder SMS service by external affairs ministry was initiated in September of the year 2019.
  • For a minor passport application, the passports of both parents must be taken to the passport SevaKendra. All the original documents and self-attested copies must also be taken for verification.
  • It is acceptable for minors to get their documents attested by their parents.


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