Ashtavinayaka- 8 Ganesh Temples of Maharashtra


The eight Ganeshas or Ashtavinayak is situated in the Maharashtra state, India, Ashtavinayak pilgrimage or yatra envelopes 8 divine temples of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is having various names for different places.

Taking the best Ashtavinayak tour packages from Mumbai, hit the sacred travel button. All 8 Ashtavinayak Temples are self-originated (Swayambhu) and the Jagrut ones. There are diverse names of Lord Ganesha namely, Ballaleshwar, Chintamani, Mahaganpati, Moreshwar, Girijatmak, Varad Vinayak, Vighneshwar, and Siddhivinayak.

The locations of these holy temples are located at in Ranjangaon, Lenyadri, Morgaon, Ojhar, Mahad, Pali, Theur, and Siddhatek. These locations are in districts of Pune which are Raigad and Ahmednagar, and some of them are around other Pune district areas. Out of the eight temples, two are in Raigad district and six are in Pune district region but nevertheless, they are relatively closer to Pune regions.

Moreshwar Temple, Morgaon

The renoned Shri Mayureshwar Temple is positioned in Mora Gaon, approximately 80 km from the city of Pune. The shrine is the beginning and the last point of the pilgrimage to eight revered temples of Lord Ganesha named Ashtavinayaka.

The temple has its location on the banks of River Karha in Morgaon village in Baramati Taluka of the district in Pune, Maharashtra. Also, this region is acknowledged as Bhuswananda. Actually, Moregoan signifies ‘Village of Peacocks’ plus it’s a mixture of 2 words (More symbolizes Peacock and the goan depicts village).

It’s the very first temple, visited in  the pligrimage of Ashtavinayak Temple.

Siddhivinayak Temple, Siddhatek

Siddhatek’s Siddhivinayak Temple accounts as one of the Ashtavinayak and is the only Ashtavinayaka Temple in Pune’s Ahmednagar district. The temple is situated on the Northside of Bhima river atop a small hill. This hillock is fenced by thick layer of vegetation consisting of Babul trees.

This temple is one of the famous Ashtavinayaka temples located in Maharashtra and it’s situated on highway of Pune-Solapur at 200 km approximate distance from Pune’s east. As per a legend, it’s known to be believed that it existed on Siddhtek Cliff which Lord Vishnu Ji invoked Shri Ganesha at the time of his fight against demons named Kaitabha and Madhu and got Siddhi from him. This is even known to the holy place where Dev Rishi Vyas ji and Sage Bhrushandi performed their atonement and hence attained Siddhi.

Ballaleshwar Temple, Pali

Ballaleshwar Shrine is one of the 8 shrines belonging to Lord Ganesha plus the solo Ganesha’s incarnation which is popularly known by the name of his devotee. Ballaleshwar Temple in Pali is located as a sadwich between Amba River and Sarasgad Fort, at 30 kilomtres away from Karjat in Pune’s Raigad district.

The speciality of this shrine is that at the time of Sunrise, the sunrays directly falls on the Idol of Shri Ganesha.

Varadavinayak Temple, Mahad

Varadvinayak House of Worship is at the location of Mahad village positioned in Khalapur taluka adjacent Karjat. The temple‘s idol is called Varada Vinayak. The premises of temple are present on one of amazing pond’s side.

The temple has a co-relation with legend of Prince Indra, Rukmangada, and the Sage Grutsamad.

Chintamani Temple, Theur

Chintamani temple of Lord Ganesha in Theur is a big and well-known temple among the Ashtavinayak temples of Shri Ganesha. Like the other Ashtavinayak idol, the Ganesh’ central icon is said to be self-manifested, which is situated near the confluence of the Bhima River and the combined Mutha-Mula River.

As per a legend, this temple of Ganesh Ji is known for restoring precious jewel of Chintamani from a greedy Guna Prince, who had stoeln it from Dev Rishi or Sage Kapila. Although, the safe deied taking back the gem and started calling Lord Ganesha as the “Chintaamani Vinayaka”.  Since that very incident which occured, beneath the Kadamba tree, this place is even named as “Kadambanagar”.

Girijatmaj Temple, Lenyadri

Girijatmaja Ashtavinayak Temple situated at Lenyadri is situated on the hills of Lekhan, approximately 160 km away from Pune. The Lenyadri cave seven is devoted to Lord Ganesha, and it’s one of the famous Ashtavinayak temples of Maharashtra.

Vighnahar Temple, Ozar

The Vighnahar Temple of Lord Ganesha is situated at a approximate distance of 85 km from Pune on the banks of River Kukadi. Vigneshwara Shrine, where Lord Ganesha is worshipped is named as Vigneshwara, and it’s said to be one of 8 revered temples of Lord Ganesh in the state of Maharashtra.

Mahaganapati Temple, Ranjangaon

Celebrating the eight occasions of legends in relation to Lord Ganesha, Mahaganapati Temple in Ranjangaon is that temple. The icon of these Shri Ganesha is even named – Mahakot, which is situated at Rajangaon, about 50 km from Pune and 21 km from Shirur.

Like the Ballaleshwar Temple, this temple is also built in a special manner so that the Sunrays directly falls on Shri Ganesha’s Idol.

So, via Mumbai to Pune cab, head toward these 8 awesome temples of Shri Ganesha.



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