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This day, in the 21st century, a lot of changes have taken place in this world we call earth, as compared to, let’s say twenty years back. These changes have both tribulations and improvement. Mobile games have replaced bicycles for us children. The time saved everyday for the evening gossip with their old friends munching puffed rice, has been conveniently replaced by watching Bengali serials on the new smart televisions without a trace of conversation, for our grandparents. Our older siblings and cousins are now busier posting their solo pictures on various social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, rather than eating their food or sleeping. Now, if I don’t mention the progress these changes have caused, it would be definitely unfair of me. Due to these very changes, if our parents have forgotten to buy something from some place and need it truly urgently, they can easily order it through some reliable app or website such as Grofers, Big Basket etc. If we are absent at school one day, we can simply get all the missing work without any particular trouble, by asking our friends to send it to us through WhatsApp. If we want to book tickets to a movie or for a flight, we can do it online with a click of a button. So, now it is proved that all the changes that have occurred in this world the last twenty years, have been both absolutely useful and yet hugely harmful too. Thus, it is up to us whether we want to use them in a good way or a bad way. But in all this jungle of technology created so proudly by us humans, which is the app or gadget that I find the definite best?  The answer is a plain one. The name is Amazon.

I surely agree that each and every single app and gadget have something very special in them and all of them are very useful to us but I also believe that Amazon is a kind of an app that has something extra-special and extra-useful in it. Call it favoritism but on my defense, I believe very strongly that through the Amazon app, the world can be a much better place. If I have to introduce Amazon, I would say that it is a sort of app through which you can buy literally anything in this world. Well…not anything but mostly everything. And to add to that, it is the most reliable shopping app in the world, with the best delivery service in the world, according to me. There are many other shopping apps in India too such as Myntra, Flipkart, E-bay etc but trust me, none of those strike as well with me as Amazon does. It has the best product facility and return service, and I barely see any complaints about it in the review section. I am a girl who literally adores shopping, and Amazon provides me with the best experience. Let me explain how it so effortlessly does that.

One day, my younger sister had forgotten to buy a gift for our mother’s birthday which was the very next day. So, she came crying to me with all her monthly allowance and told me to go out and buy something from her side. It was really late and our parents were already asleep, so I, very dutifully, decided to be a good girl and to not sneak outside at any rate. So I answered my sister in the negative, and she began weeping even more sorrowfully, and seeing that, my heart somewhat melted. I tried to console her but she would not listen to anything I cooed. So then I thought about what I could do, and suddenly the best app came to my head. Yes! Amazon to the rescue! So then, my sister and I found a very beautiful and reasonably priced flower vase for our mother and only Rs. 80/- was extra charged for getting the vase in the fastest delivery and hey presto- the next day by the time our mother woke up at around nine o’ clock at the sound of the doorbell…it was the delivery guy and he gave the first gift of the day to my mother before I could give mine and mine was right inside the house since a week! How ironic, indeed!

Another time, our school was collecting donations from all of us to donate to the poor and unprivileged girls of the society, and I very nobly decided to gift the girls some packets of sanitary pads; an essential present that very few people give them. So I went to the store and saw that with my weekly allowance, I could only manage to fish out two sanitary packets for them. Later, when I checked for the prices at Amazon, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was around a sixty percent discount at Amazon which helped me buy five sanitary-pad packets to the young girls, when I could have given only two. Thus, Amazon did a small thing unknowingly, which…could be a big help to the girls and made the world a better place.

Apart from all these small signs, Amazon has an excellent customer service, and whenever anything bothers me in this app, I always find a great solution at the Amazon Customer Service. Another good thing about Amazon is the Amazon Prime factor in it. It is reasonably priced and it allows me to watch all my favorite shows and movies, such as The Middle. If we join Prime, we would never have to pay the delivery price and we can listen to music and read books at Prime too! Reading books and watching educational movies on this app absolutely provides us with some useful education. Amazon is available in many languages and guess what? We can even sell on Amazon and get awesome benefits in return. This is exactly what makes Amazon my very favorite and also differentiates it from the other shopping apps! Amazon Pay is also very useful and we can use that account to pay for anything like recharging our phone or television or paying the electricity bill with no problems on transactions! Well, if this doesn’t prove for betterment of education, lifestyle, entertainment and ease of transaction…then what does?

So, while I now conclude this essay, I would like to say that while no app or gadget can up till now do all the things a human is capable of doing, will a day comes when this shall change? But for now, my most preferred app is Amazon, and I definitely recommend you to try it out too, if you haven’t already!

Writer Bio : Shreeja Mukherjee, Lucknow



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