4 Best Tent Hybrid Hammock


If you are a camper or an adventurer, a camping hammock is surely one of your equipment on the go. Camping hammocks let you sleep comfortably at night while keeping you away from harm on the ground. It is one of the most convenient equipment and most used by all campers.

For the pro, a camping hammock might not suffice anymore. A hybrid is currently needed to have the combined benefits of a hammock and a tent. While the usual hammock provides the comfort of good rest, the added features of a tent give additional comfort, space, safety from insects, and more.

There are several factors you need to consider before purchasing a good hammock-tent. This includes the (1) comfort it provides (shape, fabric, storage, insulation, size), (2) weight (allows for convenient carrying), (3) use and ease of use (saves you time from installing the hammock-tent at night or whenever you need it), the dimensions (which gives you idea of how many persons it accommodates), durability (allows for longer use), and other unique and stand-out features (like layered flooring, multiple doors, over-all square footage), and the price.

If you are tired of the traditional hammock on a stand, below are the top four best tent hybrid hammock you can choose from:

1.Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge is a hybrid setup of a hammock that provides the usual comfort, and a net that protects from mosquitoes and other insects. This setup can be hung and used as a hammock or can be put on the ground to be utilized as a tent. The netting roof lets anyone inside have a view of the sky at night and the air to get inside the hammock. Despite having a netting roof, it also comes with a waterproof rain fly that is easy to attach,

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge is voted by many online users and buyers as Number 1 Hybrid Hammock, most especially by backpackers and hikers, and it has won Gear of the Year award. It is lightweight and can support up to 275 pounds.

It creates a cocoon-like experience to the campers and allows the cool air inside, because of its netting roof.


It is lightweight but supports heavyweight

It comes with an easy to attach and detach rain fly

Can be put on the ground like a tent

It is relatively cheaper compared to other best quality brands


The straps are not included upon purchase

2.ArcherOG Cloud Hammock Tent

This is commonly known as a Cloud Tree Tent. This product comes from a reliable and legit brand of Archer Outdoor Gear. The user can get in and out of the tent/hammock through its double-sided doors.

The design is simple, minimalist, but classy and sophisticated. The design is structured like an archer; hence its title name “ArcherGo”.

The product comes with a heavy webbing that can hold weight up to 500 pounds without any issue. This weight is equivalent to two persons so it is used for camping with a friend or with a partner/wife.

It allows its user to view the outside scenery without letting the heat inside the hammock/tent go outside through its tight mesh. The mesh also prevents mosquitoes, bugs, and other insects to get inside the tent. This provides more comfort and security.

When it comes to quality, this product has proven itself. it is also one of the most trusted brands by the customers in the market. In fact, it is one of the top five models available in the market.


It has a simple design that is classy for some

It provides an outside view because of its design

It provides protection from insects without sacrificing the outside view

It can accommodate two individuals, perfect for couples


None claimed

3.Tentsile Stingray Hammock/Tent

This product is from the Tentsile company, which is one of the reliable brands by buyers and users online. It is one of the heaviest suspended tents in the list of hammock-tents in this article weighing up to 8620g. It is very spacious that has a floor space of up to 75 square feet. However, even if it is large and heavy, this hammock-tent can accommodate up to three persons inside (although the ideal accommodation is up to two persons) and can lift a weight up to 880 pounds. It comes with two strong and flexible aluminum poles to support the whole hammock/tent.

This hammock/tent has the usual design you expect from a hybrid hammock. It has good features convenient for shelter and sleeping and strong mesh windows on all sides for an outdoor view without compromising anyone’s safety from bugs, mosquitoes and other insects in the forest.

It is ideally hung and comes with a strap and carabiner system to ensure that the trees would get low impact from its weight.

The materials are durable and strong and can survive the sunny and rainy changing weather.

When it comes to design, you can choose from different colors available in the market.


It can carry up to 880 weight

Spacious and can accommodate up to three persons

Lets anyone have an outdoor view

Protects anyone inside the tent from insects’ bite


A bit expensive

Can be used on the ground

It is heavy

4.Sierra Madre Research Nubé

Beneath the actual sleeping space is the integrated gear hammock which is covered in a bug mesh. The combination of Solo or Pares hammock, and Sierra Madre Xplor, the tarp provides a convenient, highly functional structure as well as an eye-catching design.

The tarp is 9 feet wide and 12 feet long and can hold up to 200 pounds.

Another great thing about this product is that for every one product sold, the Sierra Madre will provide clean water for each person in Honduras 12 months long.


It is versatile and can be used in different sizes

It has a double-zip mesh for easy getting in and out

It is spacious

Can be combined with other products

Good quality materials



The nube shelter needs to be bought separately from the hammock or vice versa.

It can be a bit expensive when you buy the added purchases


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