“The Importance and relevance of Festivals”

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The very idea of the existence of FESTIVALS is something vital for the prolonged integrity of different cultures and traditions worldwide. In our strenuous routines , as the years pass by in this busy foregoing world we as humans also need to progress for survival and hence we diversify ourselves-which is  a two-edged approach with its own positives and negatives. We live separated from our families in different corners of this beautiful yet perplexing sphere. As a result we are largely focused only towards work, and having said this we are totally ignoring another important factor which is equally important for the perfect balance of life that is FAMILY. Having a good social life is quite decisive in determining one’s quality of life as it is rightly said– “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

Here is where festivals jump into action in order to maintain that equilibrium amongst the various components of life. A festival can be of any origin such as of religious epicenter or in order to mark some important landmarks in a mythology, to celebrate the folklore of a certain region, or in order to celebrate the infinite joy brought in the lives of our heroes-the farmers during the harvest season. One such festival celebrated by the people of the Hindu community worldwide is the Holi festival also known as the festival of colours which according to Hindu mythology is celebrated to mark the victory of the good over the evil. During Holi millions gather all around the world to celebrate and this provides a perfect opportunity especially for nuclear families to get to be a part of a large-scale social gathering. 

On a collective basis, for being citizens of a multicultural world, it is necessary to understand different cultures worldwide, thus festivals across the world provide us with the platform for being better global citizens. There are millions of festivals , some with large scale audience and some not having that much popularity, but what matters most is the unity and sense of belonging that these festivals bring in our lives. Having taken into to account the collective importance of festivals, they also are of vital importance on a personal level as it is quite conspicuous that we have little or no opportunities to spend with our relatives in our routine life, this is where we are blessed to have  festival. Apart from this, festivals and other occasions can also be more of a stressbuster as during festivals we mingle and share our thoughts with a widespread audience and hence we spill out the stress and anxiety enclosed within us for quite a long time .

There isn’t anything equivalent to that of the first-person experience we gain during festivals. Mingling with our relatives and being in an atmosphere full of positive vibes is truly a heavenly experience. Festive seasons are something that most of us await en route to making unforgettable memories to be cherished for the rest of our lives.

To sum up, the existence of festivals is more like the shining stars in the night sky as they beautify our lives. A life without these occasions would be hard to imagine and definitely wouldn’t be as animated as it with its presence. It is our duty as patrons of the world to understand the importance of festivals in our everyday life and apart from this we should consider the festivals’ positive vibes as an epitome to how one should live his/her  life and learn to celebrate everyday and sketch your own masterpiece out of the blank canvas you are gifted everyday with and in the end  when we reminisce, all we see is a colorful album of our own life courtesy the festivals. As a matter of fact it is none other than you who sculpts your own life!.

Author Bio: Girisankar Solaimalai, 16 years old student from United Arab Emirates,DUBAI. A participant of Monthly International Essay Competition, October.



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