The Convergence

By: M Siva Aravindan

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She felt the warmth in her hands as we was being cradled. There was chaos all around. The clouds that turned dark casting silhouettes everywhere. The smoke from the explosions that completely hid the vicinity to safety. She felt sloppy as she slept resting on the shoulders of her mother. Those flashes in the sky was blinding the people. The drones that marched the streets exploding everything under them. There was this shower of bullets covering them. It all took less than a minute, that she stood there helpless with her world stripped apart. Amidst the debris she heard her mother’s voice” I need you to do something for me”. She nodded her head slowly with tears rolling down her cheeks. Her mother handed her a piece of paper and told that a time would come when a boy would reach out to you for the paper. She further told to hand it over to him.

He stumbled down the stairs in a hurry breathing in how much air as he could. It was dark all around. Though darkness was not new to him as he spent most of his life in darkness. The ray of hope on his freedom that lead his path to light made him get afraid of the darkness.

Shining Bright Full Moon

The full moon was shining bright as she was walking towards the opera. She was freaking out and the cold outside got to her bones. She made her way ahead to hold onto her promise. She saw them approaching towards her. One of them tried to take a swing at her head with the wooden bat. She avoided it by bending her head in a swift move. She brought her hands infront of her face and extending her left hand rotating the forearm in the process landed a heavy punch onto the man’s nose. With her left hand extending down with the palm facing the floor, she repeated the punch with her right hand on his jaw.

The second person was about to hold her from the side. She bent her forearm towards her bicep and delivered an elbow strike on the person’s right temple. She took down both of them to the ground and delivered few punches on their faces.She hurried to the opera and sat on one of the seats.

Roads on a Mission

He stepped out from the four walls onto the streets on his long sought freedom. He was on the roads on a mission. The paper that his father had asked to collect from a woman that had the key to stop the invasion of the earth from the outlanders.

He took up the bloodstained stick and held it infront of him as the attackers approached him. He held the stick in his right hand with around two inches extending down below his little finger. As the person approached, he used his speed and power to strike on his head leaving him off the balance crashing to the ground to his side. His rear hand was close that he changed the weapon’s position to deliver another blow to the second person. Moving the whole body forward he delivered an attack on the third person.

He reached the opera and based on the description he has heard he called out to her,”Anna”. She felt that strange sense that she experienced twenty three years ago, the day when she departed from her mother. Her vision began to shift as she saw the lights flickering and certain forms fading in.

She whispered,”John”. He felt weightless and hollow at the sight of her. After exchanging what they had they parted ways half-heartedly.

By: M Siva Aravindan

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