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Molten lava cake, one of the most trending and selling item in every restaurant has been the world’s most famous dessert for quite a long time. Its mouthwatering aurora and explicit taste has made many people fall in love with it. The United States chef Jean Georges Vongerichten claims to have invented this cake in 1987, but also the French chef Jacques Torres argues that it had already been existed in France. Although regardless of who made it first Vongerichten is credited for popularizing it. 

Most of the flavor components of chocolate are trapped in the cocoa butter, and its only delighting when the chocolate melts with that they are realized the luscious taste of it. 

There are many types of chocolate eg; milk chocolate, white chocolate, caramel chocolate, doubled coated chocolate. Today people are using these lush varieties more thoughtfully to get more out of it. Our civilization has created some handsome desserts out of these scrumptious varieties, which are delectable eg; chocolate cake, brownies, mouse, cookies. 

Out of all these precious dishes one of the most famous one is the chocolate lava cake. It has brown and dark color with a dent in the middle where it is collapsed. It is soft and fluffy where the ‘chocolate lava’ is in the middle. Dry on the outside but moist in inside, has a distinctive taste. It is chocolaty and sweet, which dissolves in our saliva as we eat it, and the tempting taste of the hot chocolate filled in the middle of the cake makes it more succulent, and as the ice cream served when combines with the hot chocolate makes it more delightful and fascinating.  

Chocolate lava cake also known as ‘Molten lava’ cake is now introduced to almost every country on our map. It is one of the most common dessert on the menu of any restaurant. Today there are many types of molten lava cakes eg; Bittersweet molten lava cake, vegan beet-powdered chocolate lava cake, white chocolate lava cake, whole wheat raspberry molten lava cake etc. Not only this but they are also delivered to restaurants in the frozen form, quick zap in the microwave but it made them more ooze. Everyone has its own choices and tastes but the collection of these new dishes has totally changed people’s point of view and likings and brought more progress in this field. 

These cakes are made with a simple batter which is baked with the center uncooked. Center can be made by using truffles. It is made by mixing eggs, and egg yolk, and by mixing sugar, butter milk, etc. and then bake it enough to form the outer layer. 

Mostly it needs 4 square baking chocolate, to melt it in the middle (chocolate must be rich), stick of butter, sugar, and two eggs are essential. Whipping cream is also needed in the end for adornment. After putting the chocolate and the butter to be heated you have to mix it (mixture should be thick). Dump in the powdered sugar and the eggs and stir it gently, until it is combined. Then add flour, milk and oil. Soon after the mixture is combined and soothed you have to bake it to a certain temperature. Thick decadent molten lava is made with silky chocolate filling inside, and as you will cut it the tempting aroma of chocolate will make it even more intriguing, and the hot chocolate surely makes it even more appealing. 

By Hooria Amin, Lahore


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