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Some occurrences, mystical places are so preternatural and enigmatic that they come under the speculations of peculiarity and are arduous to elucidate. The lost city of Atlantis can be designated as one such place due to which an arcane aura around was constituted and ergo strenuous to understand. In accordance with Plato an Athenian philosopher who unfolded the narrative about the Lost City of Atlantis, a continent situated somewhere in mid-Atlantis which made progression pertaining to the mechanization in certain provinces.
Plato expounded that it was one of those primordial civilizations eminently sophisticated in the field of medications, solar radiation. The ethnic group residing there was magnificent. Nonetheless, the city was annihilated by a catastrophic event. Due to an unanticipated volcano eruption the entire continent vanished. The fundamental rationale beyond the eradication of the city was that natives became swinish for chattels and possessions due to which the society became more acquisitive and deities found this unscrupulous, this lead to the obliteration of civilization.
The mortals residing in the empire were the possessors of phenomenal powers, were half god and half-human, and hand dexterity in the field of metamorphosis. In compliance with scientific methodology, there was no such evidence to substantiate the existence of the prodigious utopian empire. Shepard’s journal, a mysterious volume from Atlantis incorporating technicalities about the whereabouts of the lost city. However, some researchers like Edgar Caycehad, prognosticated that Atlantis will re-emerge again.
If we deliberately discuss the city before annihilation, it was tremendously prolific and the architecture was splendid. Moreover, it was constructed by the deity of the sea as he was smitten by Clieto a mortal creature without any supernatural power. He made this city to safeguard his lady. He crowned his son Atlatis as successor. The framework of the city was quite laudable.
In our lives, we frequently get enthralled by certain artifacts,ideologies, and unfathomable events. Our mind is allured by mysteries which remain inexplicable. Occult events could be the reason behind formulation and obliteration. Mortals can concoct stories, can idealize the situations, and myths are often procreated from matters which are unsolved, and till now they are obscure, questions that cannot be answered with certitude. We may have assorted opinions, conflicting perspectives but the veracity of the occurrence is confined to the place where it actually occurred, there are certain conjectures, speculations and contradictions in the case of the Lost City of Atlantis. James Romp, a professor of a distinguished college in New York City affirmed that Atlantis is prominently a great myth to daydream about.
Authors ,cinematographers , however got their fictional content which they fabricated as per their druthers. A film named “THE LOST CITY OF ATLANTIS” unveiled some contributive information about the lost empire, but subsequently, it became fictious. In this Milo Thatch, an intrepid explorer and flock of people were engrossed in the discovery of the empire ,they utilized resources at their disposal. With the help of submersible equipment, they were able to make their arduous journey slightly unchallenging and they encountered some natives of Atlantis who were not able to understand their dialect. Once they were capable and had expertise,but after deterioration they became inept. The explorers were astounded by the serenity of the land and found it commendable. The natives supplicated for assistance, guidance in their vernacular language after the state of devastation.
Timaeus, Critias, Lost continents, Meet me in Atlantis and many distinct publications divulged numerous things about the demolished empire, nevertheless some of them were not certain about the articulations and many geographers ,scientists , researchers had contradictory opinions,found them unappealing and were tentative about it.
Exaggeration ,manipulation all are part of human tendency, some people relinquish it and some not. Some scientists like Bruce Blackburn C.E.O of merlin burrows investigated the whole case and added certain elements pertaining to the matter.
Fader an another anthropologist, was disgruntled by the by his researches as he never proposed any substantial evidence and Fader was not confident.
Sometime ago prehistorians vouchsafed an intriguing fact that Atlantis was concealing off the coast of Britain all along .Archaeologists ,prehistorians still possess divergent opinions .
After thousand of years ,the matter pertaining to the part where Atlantis was sunk is still mystified and inconclusive. Some eventualities leave their vestiges beyond, some discover it and some remain clueless, some people quest for it and some abandon it.
If Atlantis ever existed it must have been very toilsome for the natives to encounter such a situation. Many sinless people must have died.
When gluttonous and avaricious people congregate together, materialism overpowers conscience, morality and wisdom become mere words, egregious people possess vigor, consider themselves as omnipotent, ruination starts.




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