Encounter with the Silences – A Poem


To all the silences
I have kept my sync with,
to the tears I have stopped falling,
to the struggle I wish lasts sooner,
to the hasty silly decisions,
to lifeless laughs and fake smiles,
to all the greys that I’m turning white.
I kneel down to everything I’m becoming,
I bow down to the dreams I wish come true.
after all I have done to the world and my own self,
I scream to the silences that I can hear you.
I can hear you calling my name,
screaming to me
that you’re within me.
no matter what
you are with me
even if no one else is.
I can hear you,
laughing with me
and smiling at the world with me.
I can hear you, loud and clear.

By Asmita Jindal


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