John F. Kennedy Assassination | The World’s Most Diabolical Murder Mystery


The sunlit morning of November 22nd, 1963 claimed to be prepared for everything. It was prepared for an ambuscade of the citizenry at the Dealey Plaza, it was prepared for deranged devotees chasing after the motorcade, and it was prepared for the across-the-board promotion of the victorious Democratic Party in the upcoming 1964 presidential elections. But as the deafening roar of the rifle bombarded the arcade, everyone knew it was not enough. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the revolutionary 35th President of the United States of America fell on his sword, never to rise again. While his ill-fated and inexplicably untimely demise ended an era in the American presidency, the web of conspiracy theories and spine-girdling manslaughter obscurities unfolded another chapter in the book of unnerving murder mysteries. 

Fig 1: John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States of America


John F Kennedy was assassinated on Friday, November 22nd, 1963 on a presidential motorcade at the Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. He was riding an open limousine with the First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, and was accompanied by the Governor of Texas, John Connally Jr, and his spouse, Nellie Connally. As the motorcade turned along with the Texas School Book Depository, three bullets blitzed out at the convoy, one of them hammering the governor in the back, and two of them penetrating the President’s neck and head. The frantic chauffeur raced them to the Parkland Memorial Hospital. Connally recovered but Kennedy succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at 1 pm Central Standard Time, 30 minutes after the firing. Vice President Lyndon Johnson automatically assumed office and was heralded the 37th President of the United States.  After a police investigation, they got hold of a 24-year-old new employee at the Depository, named Lee Harvey Oswald for allegedly assassinating the President and shooting Dallas patrolman JD Tippit to death. On November 24th at 11:21 am, as his handover to the country jail was being broadcasted on LIVE television, Oswald was lethally shot in the basement of the Dallas Police Headquarters by a local nightclub operator, Jack Ruby. Oswald was rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he breathed his last. Ruby was sentenced to death on charges of homicide. Subsequently, his convictions were rescinded and he was granted a new trial. He died on 3rd January 1967 due to a pulmonary embolism in his lung cancer. He passed away before the court-martial

Fig 2: Motorcade in Dallas, Texas. JFK with his wife Jackie; Governor Connally with his wife Nellie. The day of the assassination.


The inscrutable quirks associated with the killing of John F Kennedy prompted President Johnson to develop an independent organization to explore every plausible scenario that could have helped materialize the sin. The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, known predominantly as ‘Warren’s Commission’( after Chief Justice Earl Warren) was established through Executive Order 11130 on November 29, 1963. Examining the intricacies and the sensitivity of the matter, Warren’s Commission presented an 888-paged final report to President Johnson on September 24th, 1964. The crux of the report was:

  1. President Kennedy was purportedly assassinated by ex-Marine Lee Harvey Oswald from the 6th floor of the south-east corner of Texas School Book Depository.
  2. The two bullets hitting President Kennedy and the one hitting Governor Connally were all shot by Oswald. 
  3. There were only 3 bullets shot. 
  4. Oswald’s murderer Jack Ruby died in prison while awaiting his trial due to Lung Cancer.
  5. Oswald and Ruby are known to have acted autonomously and they didn’t have any affiliations with any federal, political, or regional alliances or parties. There was no greater conspiracy involved.

Despite the decisive conclusions crafted by Warren’s Commission, there was undeniable fowl play reeking in JFK’s assassination by 80% of the Americans. A grid of conspiracy theories gradually began weaving into existence. While some of these were baseless yet accusatory; there were some of them which were so concrete in their rationality they left every inference made by Warren’s Commission vile yet defensive of some greater power at play.



The United States House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) discarded the conclusion promulgated by Warren’s Commission. In the report released in December 1978, HSCA cited that there indeed was connivance linked with JFK’s assassination. The report stated that a motorcycle police officer’s radio microphone had recorded evidence of not 3, but 4 bullets shot at 12:30 pm on November 22nd, 1963. Forensic reports stated that there were 2 bullets shot at President Kennedy and only 1 bullet shot at Governor Connally, which penetrated his back and took the route through his right nipple, right wrist and left thigh, HSCA claimed that there are “high probabilities” of 2 gunmen who fired at the motorcade. It also specified that Oswald may not be the only one involved in the assassination and he was linked with some greater conspiracy. However, the lack of scientific evidence shunted this theory and the matter was cast off. Although, there is still no evidence as to what was the source behind the 4th boom that was recorded by the Dictabelt. Was there another gunman? Was JFK killed by this other gunman and not by Lee Oswald? All these questions were laid in lavender in 1978 and never resurfaced again. 


John F Kennedy’s autopsy was conducted at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. Dr. Perry, the personnel responsible for Kennedy’s tracheotomy described the bullet shot penetrating his neck as an “oval entry wound 1.5-5 mm in size”. Autopsy photographer John Stringer said that a flexible probe was placed at the exit point of the bullet in the throat. Although, no medical staff ever attested to the presence of any bullet shrapnel recovered from inside his throat. While the bullet in the head exploded into smithereens and fragments were recuperated, there was no evidence of any bullet recovered from the crime scene or from inside the probe. The mystery of the ‘magic bullet’ brewed a cauldron of unanswerable questions. Speculations arose about a pathologist who would have adeptly retrieved the bullet from Kennedy’s trachea the moment he was enlisted for post mortem. Was this pathologist part of a network of diabolical assassins? Where did the bullet just disappear? This conspiracy theory truly sends shivers down spines.

Fig 3: Sketch of JFK’s tracheotomy reports, trajectory of bullet denoted by the arrow

The reports compiled by Warren’s Commission coherently elaborate that the bullets shot at John F Kennedy were shot from the Depository at Dealey Plaza and barraged the rear halves of the head and neck. Although premortem reports and eyewitnesses suggested that Kennedy’s head lolled backward upon the assassination. This is a tangible indication that the bullet was shot from the front of the motorcade and not from behind, as the Warren’s Commission had adamantly inferred. Intel from surveillance bodies has confirmed the presence of a stalk of grass or a “grassy knoll” in the course of the President’s procession. Logicians conjecture that HSCA’s assertions of a 2nd shooter could have been true and the grassy knoll could have been a perfect hiding spot for him/her to carry out the offense.

Fig 4: Grassy Knoll viewed aerially

Biographer Philip Shenon told NBC News about John F Kennedy’s brother Bobby and his sensible qualms about the CIA. ‘Bobby Kennedy’s first suspicion was that it was some rogue element in the CIA.’ Speaking at the JFK symposium, CIA spokesperson Edward Price argued in defense. “While CIA conspiracies theories make good fodder for movies, they are pure fiction,” he said. 

 The Central Intelligence Agency aggressively declines to have played a role in this heinous crime, but the odds are incredibly high. President Kennedy had repeated clashes with CIA’s director Allan Dulles. There was a pulsating disagreement between these dignitaries about issues of Guatemala and Iran. However, the most bellicose spat that inflicted this covetous relationship was Kennedy’s insensitivity towards the CIA during the failed Bay of Pigs invasion to oust Cuban ruler Fidel Castro. This cataclysmic contrariety not only lost Dulles his job but also rendered the formidable American forces pregnable. LA-based author Lisa Pease stated, ‘It would be odd if they(the CIA) didn’t go after Kennedy. He was one of the few leftists standing.’ Besides opinionated deductions, perhaps the most solid evidence against the CIA was published by former US Army Intelligence Officer John Newman. Newman accused both the CIA and the FBI for ‘tampering with the original files of Lee Harvey Oswald’. What these secretive agencies were trying to hide remains a mystery.


A newer conspiracy theory which did the rounds in 2016 after US Presidential candidate Donald Trump allegedly smacked an interview with Fox News that his fellow Republican candidate Ted Cruz’s father Rafael Cruz was a notable accomplice of accused murderer Lee Oswald. He claimed that the cover page of the National Enquirer had a picture of the duo having breakfast together. This is a minute detail that many would choose to overlook, but only die-hard JFK assassination buffs would agree that Lee Harvey Oswald had links with the conservative parties working against Kennedy in the USA. Did Lee Harvey act on his own or not is still a mystery, but it is an undeniable fact that he had several ties with notable antagonistic people across the United States.

Fig 5: Copy of the National Enquirer showing Rafael Cruz and Lee Harvey Oswald as companions

A sure question that would have crept into the minds of aficionados of JFK’s assassination was Oswald’s objective behind shooting the President. Interviews with Lee Oswald’s wife Marina Oswald suggested that Lee Harvey had a troubled past and a tumultuous relationship with his family. The series of misfortunes he was compelled to brave left him victimized by psychosis and explicit introversion. He served as a Marine officer during the Cold War, after which he renounced his desire for an American lifestyle and settled in the Soviet Union. However, he soon jaded and shifted back to the States. Oswald owned a mail-ordered rifle he hid in the garage of his leaseholder’s flat. He lived quite an ordinary life and had no connections with the affluent life of the President. He might not have liked the President’s liberal policies, but that is the spirit of democracy; minor sects of people are bereft of their desired representation at power. A bewitching detail to be noted is that it was almost impossible to commit the killing while evading the eyes of the alert authorities.. Connecting the dots of this scenario, Oswald wasn’t somebody imprudent enough to jog into a suicide mission. He operated as a puppet being manipulated by some greater conspirators working behind the curtains. 

Fig 6: Mug shots of Lee Harvey Oswald 

Besides being known for his amicable and convivial nature, John F Kennedy was widely known for his aversion towards secret societies. In the wake of his diplomatic decisions, he believed that concealment of pertinent particulars from the public was criminal and unprecedentedly unsolicited. Shrouding matters of national security from civic eyes not only provoked widespread rebellion but also intimidated comprehensive brotherhood. In his own words, ‘The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society.’

JFK may have been a people’s President, but not every organization admired him equally. Clandestine operations of the Illuminati and the so-called ‘Reptilian Society’ which have covert practicalities despised him for his candid nature. Therefore, they could have elected to eliminate this renowned figure to infringe leftist upheaval. Also, a key point is that the Secret Service designated to guard the President was ‘deficient in the performance of its duties.’ Quoting the report of the HSCA, 

“No actions were taken by the agent in the right front seat of the presidential limousine to cover the President with his body, although it would have been consistent with the Secret Service procedure for him to have done so. The primary function of the agent was to remain at all times close to the President in the event of such emergencies.”

Why the Secret Service was unsuccessful in its prime mission is still unfathomable. It seems as though the assassination was an intricately plotted plan which would take ages to resolve.


The theories are innumerable but the reality is just one. Various other theories slewed about JFK’s assassinations. These include the Cuban exiles theory, Lyndon Johnson conspiracy, George HW Bush conspiracy, Soviet Government conspiracy theory, Umbrella Man theory, and many others. Where few believe JFK’s files were closed the minute the sound of the rifle reverberated through the Plaza, many know that his magnanimity could not be suppressed even by death. We can only hope and implore that those accountable for committing the assassination and playing a vital role in it pay for their iniquities and get the punishment that they deserve. Even today, 57 years after his assassination, his death is still regarded as one of the most mystifying murder mysteries of all time. Unlike gothic and supernatural tales, this is a reiteration based on factual data and testified evidence. John F Kennedy may have physically left us on November 22nd, 1963, but he still lives amongst us in his ideologies and his principles. His assassins might have killed him, but they would never slay the legacy he left behind for his country and his people. Concluding this report by great words spoken by this great man, “A man may die, nations may rise and fall. But an idea lives on.”

DISCLAIMER :This report is purely based on information uploaded on the internet. The author has no relation whatsoever with the proceedings of confidential agencies including the CIA, the FBI, the Illuminati, or the Reptilian Society. The author shall NOT be held responsible for any aberrational data provided in the essay for the facts that have been collated and assembled from files uploaded by the HSCA on the Internet. The author is NOT propagating any defamatory or deprecating agendas against the aforementioned agencies, peoples, or networks. This report shall NOT be taken as an official source of information about the JFK Assassination and the author is NOT answerable to any heterogeneous individual and/or committee/agency for the validity of the theories enlisted below. This report is a mere collection of numerous conspiracy theories that evolved over the decades and encompasses analytical and logical vistas associated with the conjectures. The report is NOT liable to ANY prosecution issued by ANY agency/individual as it is an informative wraparound for entertainment purposes only. Unsolicited complaints pertaining to an objective consensus mentioned in the report are unwelcome. The author is NOT accusing any discrete organization and/or individual for the crimes enumerated in the report and she is NOT to be held accountable. The author deeply regrets any inconsistency that would have crept into the report and apologizes to any agencies/committees/ individuals who feel defiled or violated by the rationalities elaborated by it. The objective is NOT to indict the innocent.

By SANYA SINHA, Patna, Bihar, India

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