The World Today

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The whole world is what I see,
Or just a part of my fantasy.
In this cruel world, it’s hard to breathe,
Humans are burning totally with heat.

I,Me,Myself , nothing else is left ,
Familiar with these words they’ve forgotten the rest.

Humans today are just for names,
Forgotten humanity don’t you shame!
Believe me still their is time,
Control your tongue ,stop becoming a slime.

Think of God , have some fear of him,
Don’t be a monger, have some love within.
Donot sound like an empty tin,
Love others or just be a waste bin.

Believe in yourself, kill the beast in you,
People will love you, more or few.
Become a person not by words,
But from soul, which never hurts.

By: Sujan Roy


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