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The Sun rises in the east, indicating the birth of a day.

A day full of promises, hopes, aspirations and achievements.

I sit idly in the chair, looking out in the open,

Like an aimless cloud, drifting in the sky, I watch the day progress.

Not knowing what to do, not knowing what to achieve,

A man without an aim in life, a man without a purpose in life.

I allow the day to die, doing nothing, achieving nothing.

The Sun sets in the west, reminding me that one more day is wasted.

For life is too short, with each passing day, I get only closer to death


The days are passing dreadfully slow,

                          Like the burning candle’s painful glow,

                          Shadows lengthen underneath,

                          Choking the candle’s breath.

                          For how long the candle can burn itself to light,

                          When it knows its life has reached a twilight!



There was a pin drop silence everywhere, as everyone held his breath,

The clock struck 12 at midnight, heralding the arrival of the new year!

Crackers burst, lights went up and hell broke loose,

Amidst the deafening noise and din and flow of champagne,

I was born! The New Year was born!


Everyone wished everyone a very happy new year without really meaning it,

Day after day after day, week after week and month after month,

People continued to fight with each other, for their own selfish gains.

As the drew closer to an end, they blamed me for all their misdeeds,

And concluded I was a bad year!


What an irony!


Who would tell these idiots, that every new year is gift of the God,

As a fresh as a blooming flower,

And it’s their own misdeeds which makes the year good or bad!


As the time passed by, I grew older and older,

Finally, I was laid to rest at the dead of the night of the December 31st,

To welcome yet another new year,

To give it a ritual birth death year after year!


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