New Moore Island | History & Experience of Visit

Photo:Mandala Projects
Photo:Mandala Projects
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Its a known fact that humans are the most intelligent race on earth. The members of this race share many things in common. Probably, the most common thing among humans is that they dream a lot. From ‘dream’ I mean  that they wish a lot of things to come true, to meet a famous actor etc. Being a human,I also inherit this characteristic of dreaming.  But I don’t dream of being a superhero and fight goons to save a girl or blowing up my school with rocket launchers and those funny and unrealistic dreams that children of my age wish to become true for them .I dream of visiting again the ‘New Moore island‘.

New Moore island was an island that emerged in the Bay of Bengal in the aftermath of Bhola cyclone in 1970 and disappeared at some point of the first decade of the 2000’s. My father is a geologist. When the island was first discovered by the U.S. satellites, both India and Bangladesh wanted to claim it ,but neither of the two countries established any permanent settlement because of the geological instability. It was believed that the island had reserves of coal and oil.This was the reason why both  the countries wanted to claim that island. Chances of war between India and Bangladesh were increasing.

However,Bangladesh gave up its dream of claiming the island when India hosted its flag on the island in 1981 and had established its temporary base of Border Security Forces on the island.

The island was regularly visited by naval forces.Being a geologist, my father was appointed for some research on the island.The year was 2002, when he had to visit the island. I was five years old. Fortunately, I requested him to take me with him and he agreed.The day before our trip,I could not get a wink of sleep.We reached the island by a helicopter. It was a beautiful place.There was also a navy ship.The island was a replica of an Hawaiian beach.I was amazed to look at its beauty. I had an unearthly feeling when I had looked at the beach for the first time. The weather was pleasant when we had reached there but there was a rumours among the people that the storm in that area is unpredictable. So ,we were asked to return to the shore of the  subcontinent before dawn.After 2 days , my father’s work was completed and we left for our hometown.        

Photo: India GK, Current Affairs 2019

       After few years , one day my father told me that the New Moore island was submerged into the water because of rising sea level . I had cried a lot that day. The Moore island had been my favorite place for vacation. Before leaving the island,I had promised to myself that one day , I will again visit the place when I grew older.But unfortunately, I have heard no news about the Moore island, but I have not given up hope and I occasionally search the net for any information about that island .As global warming is increasing, my hope of visiting again to the island is decreasing because sea level are continuously on the rise.The Moore Island is also known as India’s lost island but for me it is a lost dream.


Author Bio :- Yuvraj Singh Bhatia, a 14 years old student from Jamshedpur.he is a participant of Monthly International Essay Competition, March, 2019



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