Shani Shingnapur | The Village with no Locks or Doors


The mystery of a village located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra where people are fearless about their security, because they believe that Lord Shani (god of Saturn) will protect them against all odds. Yes, the village of Shani Shingnapur is an exception to the scenario of crimes and robbery. This village is without doors and locks and people are not at all worried about this. 

Shani Shingnapur is a village of fearless devotees who place their belief on Lord Shani above everything. They believe that the Lord won’t do anything wrong to them and if anyone does wrong to them, he will definitely punish the ones doing so. The village where it is believed that Lord Shani himself resides and protect the people of the village. Lord Shani’s temple is itself free from any shackles where there is no rooftop as the sky is considered as the roof limit for the Lord. 

Story behind the village without locks and doors

There are many stories or view points related with one particular thing because everyone narrates it to their best of knowledge. So, lets talk about the origin of this mystery that why the people in the village do not possess any doors or locks for their security and what makes them have such a firm belief on Lord Shani? 

The story I came to know through the television programs goes in the following manner. It is believed that about 300 years ago, there was a big black stone slab flowing in the village river Panasnala. When the people of the village saw it, they tried to pull it out of the water but it was so heavy that they could not dare to do so. The black stone slab starting to bleed with tears. 

One night someone in the village dreamt of Lord Shani where he told that person that only a pair of uncle and nephew (mama-bhaneva) can pick this slab in which resides Lord Shani himself. They should place that slab in an open area and worship it. Lord Shani also told that person that he will protect the people of the village against any crime or robbery. So, people should be fearless even if there are no doors or locks for their security because the protection from Lord gives them the assurance. 

Justification to this mystery 

This mystery holds a religious justification that means it is the firm belief and faith of people in the village on Lord Shani. The assurance and protection given by Lord Shani makes this belief more solid. For this, we can refer to the various instances that are put forward by the villagers themselves. The people said that once a thief came to loot a house, but to their much surprise, Lord Shani kept his promise and taught a lesson to the thief by making him blind. It is believed that the god punishes the thieves with blindness. So, such instances allow them to be much devoted towards the worship of Lord Shani. 

The village do not have any door or locks, only thin curtains are installed at the entrance of the door. Even the public toilets do not have a door, it also possess a thin curtain at the door space. People keep their jewellery and other valuable stuffs without any locker safety. They even travel to other place without locking their doors. The police station in the village do not possess any criminal or theft records as till now. The bank in the village possess an electromagnetic glass door. They do not want to hurt the sentiments of the villagers, so, no installation of other doors. 

Strange things about the temple 

Shani Shingnapur temple is very famous. The black stone slab of the Lord is worshipped in a temple which is situated in an open area. There is no rooftop above it. The males are allowed to go near the slab and they are to bathe before entering the temple premises. It is believed that males should only wear a lungi to worship the Lord. It was in 2016, the first time when women started to go near the stone of Lord Shani. Only this is a temple of Lord Shani where a black slab of stone is worshipped instead of an idol. 

Importance of belief and faith

The villagers show an immense faith and gratitude towards the god for protecting them against all crimes. The villages live fearlessly and are firm in their belief towards the god. This is a pure example of God and its devotees connected together. The god has given an assurance to its devotees to protect them and the devotees worship the lord with all their devotion. Such instances when other people come across, makes them to think over and feel the power of the one running the universe. 

Though the mysteries are not easy to solve unless you have any scientific justifications for them, otherwise they are considered to be myths. But this village without any doors provides a religious justification and presents an exemplary example of the faith that people possess on god. This village is a source of the devotion and solid belief that people holds upon the Lord. The people are living in such a way from centuries, even if it is hard to believe this but it shows that Lord always protect his children no matter what the situation is. 

By Geetika Kapoor, Amritsar


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