Most viewed and downloaded Non-Blocked Torrent Sites


e act of torrenting is a global network, where you are able to share all kinds of files, including and right from music to documents. Torrent sites are more needed than one can speculate. The sites give you a free pass to download whatever you want, which might be available with great difficulty (or not at all) otherwise. Torrent is technically illegal, not in the literal sense of the word, but there is the issue of piracy which sees the authorities taking down these sites from time to time. There are many alternative sites through which one can download free movies. However, given below are the sites which are still running, that too very popularly.

List of Torrent Sites

The websites given here are some of the best, non-blocked more importantly, and has the ability to provide you with all kind of torrents, and not just movies’ ones, which is what most of the other torrent websites provide. These sites are sure to provide you with a perfect user experience – what more do we want?

  1. The Pirate Bay:

The Pirate Bay is always the first choice of torrent users as, hands down, it is one of the best movie torrenting sites. It might have had a somewhat bad history, but the fact that it is still people’s favorite says a lot about it. It can be said that The Pirate Bay has replaced KickAss Torrents, since it was banned; because the former is still running, and not at all banned. There are plenty of seeds on all of their torrents, which lets you download your content more than just fast.

  • 1337x:

1337x has gained popularity, slowly yet steadily, making torrent users attract towards itself. The interface is hands down the best one, maybe better than The Pirate Bay, and what’s more, it has literally a list of 100 torrents, available in different categories. Right from Movies, to TV Shows and Games, this site is a one stop shop. It is certainly slower than many of the sites out there, but it is just enough for you to download, whatever you want. One of the perfect uTorrent movies download sites, 1337x just requires a nice and strong WiFi connection – and that’s it!

  • Torrentz2:

This website is the second version of Torrentz, launched after it was shut down. It is, however, nothing but a search engine, and displays only the search results for your query. And even then, it is called as one of the best torrent sites, because of its reaching grasp on many torrent databases that are out there. Torrentz2 is skilled in providing the best music, with reliable and genuine tracks floating in the website. The site has a simple and minimalistic user interface, but that is enough for the music-lovers. It boasts of having more than 61 million torrents on more than 70 domains – isn’t that cool?

  • TorLock:

TorLock is the next best choice for uTorrent movies download sites, as it gives the users a real beautiful experience. It specializes in providing you with high-quality animes as well as eBooks. It is one of those few that gives out genuine torrents, something others can’t claim at all. This site is actually a search engine, with content provided mainly in the categories of movies, anime and TV shows, but each and every piece – more often than not –is authentic enough.

  • RARBG:

RARBG is another good one, where it sees crowd of millions per day. It first appeared in the game in the year 2008 and even after being taken down more than you can count, it still caters to your needs, including becoming your one of the best hindi movies torrenting sites. It might have a basic User interface, but it is one of the oldest in the game, and has proved itself to be one of the most reliable, not to forget it’s whooping library like no other torrent sites. It has different sections, so that it will be easy for you to navigate to your desired content.

These sites, and others – such as Zooqle, YTS, EZTV, TorrentDowloads, among others –are some of the best internet has offered to the people. All the buffs – movie, music, books and what not – will forever be grateful for these wonderful torrent sites.


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