Most Controversial Tamil Movie Songs In 2020 – You Will Love To Listen


There are many kinds of the song we have already listen from the Tamil industry, and the Tamil industry pieces are the excellent tune songs. If you want fresh by the side of the mind, you have to listen to songs. There is no criticism to hear the different types of songs in whatever industries. In case of listening to the piece, you will satisfy your mind.

Finally, we are coming with a couple of songs that will create controversy in the Tamil industry in 2020. There are a few controversial songs. Here we give you the most controversial pieces that, if you listen, you love the most. So go to masstamilan and check out the best controversial songs.


The song is collect from the best motivational Tamil movie of the year name is SooraraiPottru. The song was released in 2020, and the song crossed 16 million views on Youtube. For the first time, the song was one of the controversial pieces in 2020 now. Dhee sang the music, and Snehan was the songwriter of the song. Suriya and AparnaBalamurali cast the songs.

The movie of the controversial songs was a hit movie at present, and the music is the controversial song in Tamil cinema now. Many days later, Suriya came back with a substantial successful piece.

Marana Matta

90ml movie released the song on Youtube, and the music has crossed 2.5 million views. There is no doubt that the song has been selected as the best controversial song in 2020. The Oviya sang the song with a Harish Kalyan and STR. That’s why the song has been marked as the first viewed song on Youtube in the Tamil industry.

STR was the music director of the song, and Mirchi Vijay was the lyricist of the song. Anita Udeep, also the music composer, was the song which has released on the MIG Series Youtube channel. However, the song was released in 20129 but the song also famous in 2020 now.

Kaadhal Theevey

This song DharalaPrabhu is not only a romantic song, but also it is a controversial Tamil movie song that creates much more hype on the industry of Tamil. The piece has cast by the famous young actor and actress Harish Kalyan and PadmashriVivek. Sean Roldan was the music composer of the songs.

Sid Sriram, the best heart touchy singer, sang the song, which has crossed 1.6 million views. Nixy was the lyricist of the songs. Krishna Marimuthu was the music director of the songs. It is also mark able that this song is from the movie, which is one of the hit movies at the box office.


The songs, as mentioned earlier, is the most controversial in the Tamil industry. Most of the visitors mark the pieces as one of the best songs at present now. So the listed songs have enormously caught the attention of the visitors. So if you have not yet listened to the songs, then listen to these now to certify your mind.


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