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                                 The world’s best entrepreneur and my role model Elon Musk ! Word’s are not enough to describe Elon Musk . It is very difficult to study about their brain memory of processing . Yet they have achieved lot of things that are very hard or impossible some year ago . Ranging from space exploration , electric cars to neuralink and hyperloop , they have their own companies in all sectors . Their companies are futuristic . They are the innovator of future . 

           Elon Musk was born in middle – last 20th century , in 1971 in South Africa . And they learned programming in small age . They had made a game , when they was 12 years old . 

Later they moved to Canada . Years later they moved to U.S.

And studied in university of Pennsylvania . They have  studied in Physics . Starting to their career , first in 1995 they established Zip.2 a software company . Near 1997 they sold Zip.2 and earned a great profit from shares of that company . Later in 1999 they founded which is now turned to Pay Pal . That was the time when Elon Musk moved to became billionaire . They have such a curious mind , that they don’t think like many of us , nothing is impossible for Elon Musk . 

                               Later in 2001 and 2002 they had took lot of risks in that period , and founded a revolutionary space research and exploration company that changed our and space exploration’s future , SpaceX ! My favourite and world’s most advanced private space agency . SpaceX is very amazing space agency that have concentrated on making reusable rockets and launching rockets in low cost. SpaceX changed our point of view to space exploration . Their rockets like Falcon 9, Falcon heavy are reusable like they can be used several times , with dragon capsule , in which SpaceX sends astronaut . And SpaceX becamed the first private space agency to send crew to International Space Station . Through SpaceX , Elon Musk started new project named Starlink . The aim of Starlink is to provide internet worldwide in low cost .  But , SpaceX’s most amazing spacecraft is The Starship . Yet we can’t say it spacecraft , because it is going to use also on earth for fast travel . 

                      They have planned to send first human on Mars in 2022 or later . But , it is very hard to send human on Mars , Because there are may be lot of disturbances on the path to Mars . But this is the need of future to make humans  extraplanetary . These are some reasons that makes Elon Musk most amazing entrepreneur and person in world . Why best entrepreneur ? answer is they have took very big risk to found SpaceX , but After some failures SpaceX become very successful company. That Elon Musk don’t care about their failures or think about their failures , they only try to avoid that mistake again.  Sometimes me or may be you thinks that how can they think of that forward range . They have such long vision that they can see the future . 

                   Yet , we have read about their space missions and more in this esaay that you may conclude Elon Musk think to make humans extraplanetary but they also thinks for our Earth to make more sustainable than now . A year later of SpaceX , in 2003 they founded new company named Tesla ! The future of electric cars and cells. Tesla also is unbelievable company that is making luxury electric cars in low cost with high mileageable cars . They have their extraordinary cars like tesla model S , model 3 , model X , model Y , cybertruck and trucks . IU Tesla will acquire their factory in India soon . We are waiting for that moment . This Tesla electric cars will helpful to reduce pollution in air , which is being vey big problem in future . That is why , Elon Musk thinks lot about our earth , therefore Elon Musk are not world’s best entrepreneur also they are earth lover and ecologist . Even we love to say them super human .

          Not only Tesla and SpaceX , they have founded companies like Hyperloop which is working on making transportation more fast  , Neuralink which is developing a chip that can be set in our brain through which it’s possible to control  AI by our neurons in brain . OpenAI which is developing such AI that will make AI less harmful to humans  , The Boring Company is infrastructure company famous for making underground tunnels and Solarcity which is providing solar panels in low cost and making solar based sustainable houses .

              Even a person get depressed only by handling one company , we cannot think how Elon Musk can Handle more than ten companies . That is why we prefer to say them Super Human and real life Iron Man . And yes we know know our future is bright because we have some Super Humans to make future better . They are such an inspiration for Youth. They are such a human that cannot be forgettable for ages .

     They are the most revolutionary person of this century, Elon Musk

By Shivraje Pandurang Gaikwad, Palam, Maharastra


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