How to Get Your Home Set Up for Professional Painters


Painting a house is an important step to enhance its value as well as visual appeal. It makes a home more refreshing and cleaner as homeowners remove the clutter before painting a house. Also, you need to make many preparations to set up the house before painting with a fresh coat of paint.

The preparations you make depend on the size of your project, whether you want to paint a part of the entire home. Also, it depends on whether you are going to paint the interior or exterior or both. Let us explore some tips to set up your home before the professionals can paint it with the color of your choice.

Remove the pictures and artwork.

By removing all the pictures on your walls, you let your paint crew do the work minimally when you show up to paint. It is a good idea to store your pictures and artwork in a storage box or rental space. Keeping your artwork and pictures at a place away from paint protects your items and helps the painters work fast. You may do this a week before beginning your paint project.

Store the ornaments

The same goes for any jewelry or standalone accent pieces you may have in your home. While there is always an option to cover them, and in fact, your paint kit will likely bring back protective sheeting. Even if it seems difficult about moving them to another room in time, you can do anything to reduce the chance of causing harm to them, which is good.

Interior or Exterior

It goes without saying that an exterior paint job gets more complex. Inside the house, you will not be bothered by weather conditions. However, while painting the exterior of a house, you need to think hard to get to the locations and the unpredictability of the weather. In contrast, a complete external makeover requires professional help. However, for interior painting you can do the preparations yourself.

Linens, rugs, and fabrics

What other ways can you make things easier for your interior painter? A day or two before you plan to prepare the area for the paint equipment, remove the curtains, and remove the fabric items from the space. When you roll up your rugs, you can secure the rug with a fabric tie such as burlap strips. Cover the valuable items to protect them from paint spills while the crew is working. You and your guests will never want to walk into a newly painted room to find expensive rugs and blankets with paint splatters and splatter marks.

Plan the right time

As you can imagine, there are good and bad times of the year to paint the exterior of a home. Any expert would agree that chaotic or extreme weather is not ideal for painting at home. This includes wind, rain, and scorching heat, just to name a few.

The best time of year to paint your home is when the temperature is between 40 ° and 90 ° F if you are using oil-based paint. If your home’s exterior paint is latex, the temperature should be between 50 ° and 85 ° F. For the best drying results, the relative humidity should be between 40% and 70%.

Vacate the rooms

Families should also be sure to plan ahead for professional painters and ensure that kids, pets, and family members, in general, are kept as far away from the workspace as possible. House painters Alexandria don’t want to put them in danger, and it’s all about reducing the chances of complicated accidents! You can also arrange to live in a friend’s home!

Have a plan for kids

If you have children at home, plan for them to stay at the home of a friend or relative, and protect them from being exposed to paints, thinners and other chemicals being used by painters. By keeping your kids and family away from your workplace, you can help the crew get the job done faster.

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Final words

These were some things you can use to set up your home for professional painters. Setting up and planning in advance saves you from the unnecessary stress that others feel without a plan. All you need is to have some time and prepare your home before calling the painters for the project. Following the things in this post can help you to prepare your home for a new coat of paint and help the project go smoothly without hassles.


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