What is Essay Bot?

By: Julia Barrera de Campos Morais

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With the advances in science and technology related fields, our world has been constantly changing with the increment of Artificial Intelligence into everyday lives. Ranging from Machine Learning softwares able to analyze data in multiple industries to personal assistants that can be employed into everyday life, this technology enables humans to improve actions they would do themselves. However, would it be possible for machines and softwares to write essays, an activity so common in our lives?

Derived from the French word ‘essayer’ – whose meaning is “to attempt” or “to try” -, essays can be considered one of the most broad academic writing formats, ranging from argumentative to narrative. Nonetheless, as this type is often defined as a literary composition that details a subject from a personal point of view, it would be correct to conclude that this is an aspect they all share in common. That said, it is essential that an essay, in order to maintain the characteristic that enables it to be defined as one, must present a personal feature in its essence. 

In Machine Learning softwares, data frames are employed into models, allowing systems to learn from substantial amounts of data. As a consequence, these softwares become capable of making decisions that would, otherwise, only be able to be executed by humans, making everyday lives easier for the latter. 

It is a part of history the tradition of substituting human labor for machines, especially since the Industrial Revolution. However, even though machines were only able to substitute repetitive, physical tasks and activities, they have now evolved. Capable of performing complex cognitive work, these softwares are now substituting humans in fields we never thought possible. In fact, intelligent systems have become so powerful that they are already substituting human work-force in areas such as literature. That’s what Essay Bot shows us.

Essay Bot is a group of platforms whose goal is to make essay writing easier. Some, such as EssayAiBot, are able to analyze a written text and make suggestions related to grammar and plagiarism. However, others such as EssaysBot, are able to write full essays after the user makes suggestions about key words and ideas. With this, essay writing can be done quickier, an advantage for many when it comes to meeting deadlines. 

However, this type of use assumes that humans and machines have the same attributes – when, in fact, they do not. Artificial Intelligence-based machines are fast, rational and precise. They are excellent at analyzing data from past situations and predicting what will happen in the future. Having this in mind, these types of systems are substantially helpful at identifying informational patterns that humans may miss. In addition, machines don’t get physically tired such as humans, enabling them to operate at a greater level of efficiency. 

With such amazing abilities, machines often mistake others as if they were able to substitute humans completely. Nonetheless, as human abilities are more expansive, that is not really the case. Humans are capable of sharing emotions and making decisions during changing situations, characteristics unique to them and that do not require a continuous flow of data to keep on happening. And that’s what makes humans unique and irreplaceable by machines. 

An essay, as pointed out by the definition, requires subjectivity in order to maintain its essence. It is essential that an essay shows its author’s style, opinion, feelings, ideas and point of view about what is being written. Computers, however, do not have this ability. An essay’s essence is intrinsically related to the abilities only humans share. Therefore, the ability to write a powerful and truly personal work cannot be performed by Artificial Intelligence systems. 

However, this shouldn’t lessen the wonderfulness of having a system like this. Nowadays, time goes by faster than it has ever before and, with the accumulation of tasks and deadlines, it can often feel as if one was drowning. Essay Bot is crucially important in situations like this. When stuck at writing an essay whose deadline is near, employing such a technology assists the author by presenting different ways the text can be written. Without it, the person might have taken a long time to do it. 

Artificial Intelligence has assisted humans in the most various industries by performing tasks in a much quicker and efficient way. Being able to think rationally and to predict future events by analyzing data from the past, these systems have revolutionized day-to-day life. However, they are unable to develop intrinsic human abilities such as showing emotions and thinking about changing situations. Therefore, systems like EssayBot, which write essays related to a theme and perspective defined, cannot completely substitute humans. Essay writing, as mentioned by its definition, requires a personal perspective from events. Having this in mind, essay writing is an ability that can only be performed at its greatest potential if done by humans, who are able to share personal opinions and emotions.  Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean such technology isn’t important and helpful when not even humans can access what they would wish to write.

By: Julia Barrera de Campos Morais

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