Five Unique Recipes using Dairy Milk


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Diary Milk is one of the tastiest chocolate I have ever tasted. The silky smooth chocolate always tempts me to have more of it.Its a great treat especially for our cravings.

So, I thought of trying some of the Dessert using Diary Milk.Do you want to try along with me ? Yes that’s great. let us get into our  first recipe using Dairy Milk. 



1.Diary Milk-  chopped 

2. Milk – 4 cups 

3. Sugar powder- 1 1/4 cup

4.cocoa powder-1/4 cup 

5.Corn Flour- 1/2 cup 

6.Bru coffee powder – 1 table spoon 

7.Milk – 1 Table spoon

8. Powdered sugar – 1 table spoon 

9. Marie Gold Biscuits – Handful 

Step 1:

Take a Pan, Add Milk ,Sugar powder, cocoa powder and corn flour as per the 

given measurement.Mix everything together and now switch on the stove, stir nicely until the mixture gets thick. When the mixture turns thick ,Add the chopped Dairy Milk and stir nicely.Now turn of the flame.

Step 2 : 

Take another bowl.Add sugar powder, Milk and coffee powder.Stir everything together. 

Step 3: 

Take each of the Marie Gold Biscuit and dip into the coffee and milk mixture.Place the Biscuits at the bottom of your vessel.Now pour the chocolate mixture on the Biscuits.Repeat the same process throughout. Make sure the layers are nearly arranged. 

Step 4: 

After completing, you can add some sprinkles on it, or you can also add chocolate chips. Now take your pudding and refrigerate for six hours to eight hours. Your tasty Biscuit pudding is ready to eat.Enjoy! 

Do you like fried foods? I  really love that. Yummy!!! Have you ever thought of frying chocolates ??? Is that possible? Yes.The Next recipe  we are going to see is

 ”  Toasted Bread Chocolate Recipe


1. Dairy Milk – 5 cubes 

2.Bread Slices – 10 

3. Oil / Butter – 1table spoon

4. Small Bowl- 1 

5. Water – 1tble spoon 

Step 1 : 

Take a slice of Bread .Place the chocolate cube on top of the bread.Close it with another bread.Using the small bowl ,you can cut your bread into round .you can also use a sharp and round glass Tumblr to get a round shape or you can use cookie cutter.

Step 2: 

Inorder to seal the bread,  Apply water on all the sides of the bread.Press all the sides properly.

Step 3 : Take the pan ,Add Oil or Butter.When it gets  heated, place the breads, Keep your flame on medium.Fry your breads until it turns Golden and Crispy.Take the fried breads and add some chocolate syrup on top which is optional. Now our tasty ” Fried Bread Chocolate Recipe ” is ready to taste. 

you scream, I scream, Everyone scream for ice cream”

Everyone Loves ice cream isn’t it ??? Many at times I have felt a great craving for Ice-cream.but  I fail to get one ,because of cold climate.One day I happened to see Dairy Milk Chocolate and Fresh Milk in 

my fridge.I combined it together and made a super good recipe.Can you guess what it is ?? Yes, it’s ” Dairy Milk Ice cream “.let me tell you everything about it.


1.Dairy Milk Chocolate- 2 small packets 

2. Glass Tumblr- 1 

3. Milk – 1 Cup Chilled Milk 

4.Powdered Sugar- 2tblespoon 

5. Chocolate syrup as needed 

6.Popsicles and sticks- 6 

Step 1 : 

Take the glass Tumblr and add Dairy Milk cubes.Dont add any liquid ingredients. Allow it to melt according to the room temperature. 

Step 2: 

Add Powdered sugar to the melted chocolate. And add one cup of Chilled Milk to the melted chocolate. 

Step 3 : 

Mix everything together, Make sure you don’t leave any Lumps. 

Step 4 : 

Add the chocolate mixture into the Popsicles.Insert the Ice-cream sticks into the Popsicles. 

Step 5: Refrigerate for 8 hours. Remove your ice cream gently from the Popsicles. You can add chocolate syrup on top and serve cold.Now our tasty Dairy Milk Ice-cream is ready to serve. 

Yummy ,yummy fill your tummy ” 

Cake is the  most celebrated dessert in and  around  the World.When you do something creative, you stand apart from the Crowd. So let us bake a cake not using the Normal ingredients, but we will do it differently with our special ingredients. 


1. Bread Slices- 12 

2. Dark Fantasy- 1 pack 

3.Dairy Milk- 2 small pack

4. Condensed Milk – 5 tsp

5.Whipping Cream- 1 Cup 

6. Bowl – 1 

7.Warm Milk – 1 cup 

8.Vanilla Essence- 1tsp 

Step 1 : 

Cut the Edges of the Bread and keep it aside.Take your mixer and add the Dark Fantasy Biscuits and grind finely.

Step 2 : 

Now ,take a small bowl ,pour 1/2 cup of the warm Milk.Then Add the Condensed Milk and stir the mixture together. 

Step 3: 

Now take a glass bowl and add the Dairy Milk cubes ,using the boiling method ,allow it to melt properly.

Step 4:

Add 2 tspn of Milk to the  chocolate to get a creamy texture.

Step 5:

Take another bowl ,Whip the whipping  cream until it forms soft peak. Add Vanilla Essence to the whipping cream.

Step 6: 

Add the Biscuit mixture to the needed  whipping cream.Mix it well.

Step 7:

Take a silver Base and apply the whipping cream on top. Place the needed bread Slices on top. Now brush the Milk mixture on top of  the Bread. Apply the whipping cream.Now repeat the same process.

Step 8:

Apply the chocolate mixture on all sides of the Bread.Freeze for 10 Minutes. You can decorate your cake using chocolate chips.Now our Dairy Milk Chocolate cake is ready to bite. Enjoy! 

So finally we have come to our last recipe and that’s Dairy Milk Chocolate sandwich. 


Bread slice – 2 

Chocolate cubes – 5 

Butter-  1 tspn 

Grated Butter- As required 

Step 1 : 

Take a bread ,Place the chocolate cubes.Add some grated butter on top, close it with another bread .

Step 2: 

Take the pan,melt some butter.Place the Sandwich and close it with a lid.Keep your flame on medium. Yummy! Now our Lip smacking Diary Milk Sandwich is ready to taste.Enjoy ! 

These are super  easy recipes ,So no more waste your time and go hit a try.


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