Agriculture: An alternate career options


At this moment in time, I’m going to present about “An alternate career options” in brief. Generally “career” is a mandatory thing for everyone. It is a key to succeed life. “A career without human beings is considered as eyes in the absence of sight”. Moreover it will express our position in the public. Just when we assume about a career in “Agriculture” means, at first glance we visualize a farmer working in grassland or sit on a tractor. However this present day of technology, is not like that. Furthermore Agriculture is a vast industry & holds alternative career options. In addition to farming it includes Agricultural Science/Technology (Food Science, Agronomy/Soil Science), Agricultural Engineering, Animal Husbandry (Dairy, Poultry, Fish, and Bee Farming), Horticulture, Forestry, & Entomology etc are all admit as a section of “Present/Modern Agriculture”.  It will be fruitful to both farmers & end users. As well it plays a key role in “Indian Economy” & roughly providing 15-20% of GDP. Therefore if we have passion in “Present Agriculture” means we have multiple job openings.

Agricultural Science:

A Study affiliated with agriculture is named as “Agricultural Science/Technology”. In this expert’s utmost activities cover upgrade crop yield, Pest Control, enhance quantitative & qualitative of cultivation, Preservation of soil & water etc. It envelops few broad spectrums like Plant Science, Food Science, and Agronomy/Soil Science etc.

  • “Agronomy/Soil Science” is nothing but in what way the crops will grow in distinct type. It is one of the branches of Agricultural Science. It is derived from Greek language “Agros & “Namos”. Hence the literary meaning is “Management of Field”. A Bolognese Jurist named Pietro de Crescenzi is called as “Father of Agronomy”. As stated by BLS, career probabilities are superb for agronomists in numerous fields like Teaching, Agribusiness consulting & too conduct research (Soil Fertility, Irrigation, Crop Rotation), Agricultural Chemistry & Fertility etc.
  • Food Science is vastly broad ranging field in “Agricultural Science”. An intention of Food Science is to grasp the fundamental of food processing & to boost food grade. On the Whole it pact with Manufacturing, Processing, Preservation & Distribution of foods. Anyhow food item (Wrapped Foods, Canned Foods, Carbonated Drinks etc) come to pass in supermarket/Shop/Store have a few contributions from Food Scientists, Food Technologists & Food Engineers.

Agricultural Engineers:

Agricultural Engineers are nothing but experts who amalgamate newfangled techniques with agriculture. Futuristic forms of biofuels from non food sources like “Farming Waste” & “Algae” are enrooted by “Agricultural Engineers”. They work in the areas like “Bio–Energy Production & Conservation”, “Farm Automation, and “Water & Soil Maintenance” etc. One who has finished his/her degree in B.Tech/B.Sc (“Agricultural Engineering”) means they come to become an “Farm Managers” (Working in Machinery, Farm Administration, Business & Staff Management), “Freelancers” (Agricultural Firms), Agricultural Loan Officer (In Banks), as well “Working in “Private & Government sectors” like (Agricultural Journalism, Agribusiness, Agricultural Research, Agricultural Management, Operational Manager) etc.


If anyone has a fantasy to make their own garden with “Trees & Flowers” means “Horticulture” is the top choice for them. Presently it is considered as one of the finest & fast rising sectors in Agriculture & predominantly deals with Fruits, Vegetables, Decorative Flowers and Herbs etc. The Focal point of “Horticulturists” is to enhance Quality, Growth, Nutritional value & Preserve (Greenhouses, Nurseries, Orchards) etc. Additionally rise in the demand of “Organic Food” this sector is briskly developed. By completing degree in this sector means, we come to be an Floriculturist (Planting Flowers), Olericulturist (Cultivating Vegetables), Viticulturist (Growing Grapes), & Pomologist (Rearing Fruits), as well we set foot in the research fields like “Horticulture Scientist” (Blossoming of new ways for farming), Technical Advisors, Landscape Designers (Create Gardens), Plant Pathologist (Conduct Lab Experiments) & In addition we begin our own “Horticulture Business” (like growing Flowers, Fruits & Vegetables).  Especially in “India” Horticulturists are high rise in demand in distinct industries. Up-to-date India is very close to China in the mass production of fruits (10%) & Vegetables (14%) in all over the world.

Animal Husbandry/Animal Science:

Animal Husbandry/Animal Science is one of the branches in agriculture. It refers to livestock upgrade. Additionally Caring, Breeding, & Managing of animals are all controlled under this sector. It is a far-reaching line of business. Generally there are four types Dairy Farming/Technology, Poultry Farming, Fish Farming (Pisciculture/Aquaculture), and Bee Farming (Apiculture).

  1. Dairy Farming/Technology:

Dairy Farming/Technology is a field predominantly concerned with the producing & processing of Milk. Masters in “Dairy Field” deals with producing, packing, storing, transporting & distributing milk. And too check the nutritional & quality level to make it secure for utilization. In India “Dairy Industries” are growing at apace. It is the tiptop milk producer in the whole bloody world & come up with approximately 1,15,970 crores to the nationwide economy. Almost 400 dairy industries are planted in India with huge career opportunities in order to formulate the appropriate milk & its products consumption. Those who have completed the B.Tech degree in this field will become Dairy Engineers (Employ in dairy firms like Verka, Amul, Paras, Mother Dairy, HUL & Nestle), Dairy Supervisor (Plant Design & Project Execution), Teaching (Dairy Technology Courses), Dairy Scientist (Researcher at IARI), Freelancers (Form their own Milk Plants & their Products such as butter, cheese, yogurt). According to IMARC group “Dairy Market” is forecast to extend a value of INR 25,491 Billion in 2025. During 2020-2025 it exhibits 16% of CAGR.

  1. Poultry Farming:

It is concerned with spawning birds like chicks, turkeys, pigeons, ducks etc. It is Paramount to beware of animals & keep in germ free environs to obtain organic food. The excrement of birds might be used as fertilizer to enhance soil fertility rate. It gives job options to numerous people & revamps the economy of the farmhand.

  1. Fish Farming/Pisciculture:

Fish Farming/Pisciculture is the process of uplift fish in Tanks or Ponds for economic sense. More than 50% of the fish consumed is raised up worldwide through Pisciculture/Fish Farming. It consists of Salmon, Tuna, Trout, Cod and Halibut etc. Approximately it provides 1.4% GDP in Fishery. Hence there is a mass career opportunities for those who were completed (Fishery/Pisciculture) have come to become Fishing Inspector, Fisheries Development officer, Field officer (In National Banks), and Researchers (In institutions like RGCA, CMRI, CIBA, CIFT, NIO) etc. Also there is large number of vacancies in Private & Government Sector. Apart from this Pisciculture graduates doing import & export business in foreign countries.

  1. Bee Farming (Apiculture):

Bee Farming/Apiculture is the field of preserving bee colonies by human made hives. Bees/Honey bees are bringing up on nationwide. They are subjugated for wax, pollen & honey. The areas where bees are kept are called as “Bee Yard/Apiary”. Beekeepers/Apiarists ( are work in areas like Crop Pollination, Honey Production, Cultivate Bees, and Construct/Maintain Beehives etc. The medium pay of Honey farmers/beekeeper in the US is $13.86 per hour approximately. In India beginning level salary is Rs 3,06,991 Per Annum.


Study which is affiliated to insects is called as “Entomology”. Students those who have graduated with a degree in entomology can glance onward to wide range of career options. It encompasses Pest Management, Grain Storage, Military Entomologists (Supervise pest control in abroad), Classification of Insects, Physiology, Beekeeper, Beneficial Insects (Like Honeybees, Silkworms, Beetles etc) ecology, “Farming Entomologists” (How to protect valuable crops from insect pests), “Veterinary Entomologists” (Work on zoo animals & their diseases). “Medical Entomologists” (Research to prevent spread of diseases like Nile Virus), “Forensic Entomologists” (Determine timeline & location of crime), “Forests Entomologists” (To protect wild plants & forests), “Structural Entomologists” (Insects found in buildings), & “Taxonomic Entomologists” (Discover new species) etc. Nearly 8,000 men & women are work as Entomologists experts in the United States.


Silviculture/Forestry is the study related to managing plants & forests. A specialist of forestry is named as “Forester”. It is one of the Specific field which offers large scope of career opportunities in places like Wildlife Preservation, Environmental Science, Government Agencies, Private Landowners, Urban Park Boards, and Conservations Groups, Industries, Forest Officer, Field Investigator, Lecturers, Forestry Technicians etc.


“Modern/Present Agriculture” is the manifestation of each & every nation’s wealth. Besides it is the “Cornerstone” of entire economic upswing. It is still centrepiece of livelihood in almost all of the developing nations. In India more or less 70% of people are active in Agriculture. In the absence of Agriculture every single person meets up with “Food Scarcity/Poverty”. “Thani Oru Manithanukku Unavu Illai Eanil Ithh Jagathinai Azhithiduvom” said by the peculiar man “Subramania Bharathiyar”. Statisticians pinpoint that “Agriculture” is four times worthwhile than other fields in “Minimizing Poverty”. It is a “Treasure Trove” for teen magnate. Hence “Agriculture not just avoids “Food Scarcity/Poverty” but also present with multifarious “Career Options” together with fundamental needs. Finally all of us give our hands to our “Farmer & Agriculture” to raise “Far & Wide”.

Author: J.Vaisali from  Sivakasi


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