3 Simple Ways to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

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The economic development of a country is now being dependent upon HDI that is human development index. It comprises of life expectancy, birth rate, death rate, level of education achieved, etc. The ideal state of healthy life can be achieved only through proper exercise, diet, sleep.

A person should know how to divide his time in equal intervals so that each aspect gets equal attention. Therefore, a person must have his priorities sorted. I believe in the saying -a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. I believe in exercising regularly to tone up body. In the modern world of gadgets, the people have forgotten to exercise regularly, which is required for this efficient working of their bodies. Exercise not only helps in building a fit body but also maintaining a healthy body for a long duration. A person who exercises regularly is able to fight any disease as he is able to build strong Immunity. Exercise helps to freshen up from the much monotonous routine. It helps a person to connect back with nature as one goes for exercise in the parks.The break helps the person in maintaining healthy lifestyle.Every person irrespective of the age must indulge in some kind of physical activity for the well-being of the body as well as the mind.Exercise leaves an unmatched effect on our bodies: we become fit with healthier skin, straight posture, active lifestyle, etc. The doctor or the physicians always advise the patience to exercise regularly to enable the injured organ return to the normal working state. Example, a person with a foot sprain is told to move his foot in circles which would help in his speedy recovery.Children must exercise so that they are able to build a healthy body at a tender age and when they grow their work gets easier as they become habitual of daily exercise.

I also believe in nutritious diet full of proteins and less of carbohydrates. Diet plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body the way fuel is required for every machine to work efficiently.A balanced diet includes reduced intake of sugar and increased intake of natural fruits and vegetables which leads to a healthy body with glowing skin. A person who does not take balanced diet is more prone to diseases in comparison to the one who takes timely as well as nutritious diet. I strongly disagree on the point that leaving food altogether leads to reduction in weight, according to me a balanced diet would help in a better body without the person starving.The concept of home made fresh meals is now almost over as the instant or the packed food is in demand because of the busy schedule of the people.As the consumption of junk food increases and that of fresh food decreases, the people are becoming obese.The schools nowadays have started making their students eat healthier food as they promote ‘no junk food ‘Policy.

The third and one of the most important point in maintaining a healthy body is a good sleep. A person cannot work without proper rest. Therefore, it is always necessary to take a good sleep every night so that when you wake up the next morning you look as fresh as ever. The ability to complete a task increases as one takes a proper nap before doing it while a person who is sleepy will have lesser ability.In case of illness the doctors also advise to take proper rest.As a person sleeps as a person sleeps his muscles, mind and other organs are also in a state of rest.For a student proper sleep is must before his exam. A person should sleep at least for 7-8 hours.

In the modern day everyone strives to lead a healthy lifestyle but the gifts of technology stand as big obstacle in between. Thus, the modern man must face this obstacle with determination to eat healthy, exercise daily and sleep properly. It is only through the person’s effort in maintaining a healthy body; a healthy lifestyle will be achieved. Every person is respective of the age must indulge himself in giving priority to his health rather than his work. A healthy person can achieve his goals in an easier way than the one who gets ill frequently. Therefore, every person must promise to lead a healthy life and follow a healthy lifestyle so that the whole world moves together towards achieving happiness.


Author Bio : Arshia Sood, 12th grade student from Ludhiana, Punjab. A participant of International Essay Competition, February, 2019








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