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Health is wealth .It is an old proverb which has a ‘fruitful ‘meaning. If we desire to enjoy the sweetness of life, we should do our best to preserve our health at every cost. So here are the A-Z   typical ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Accept yourself as the way you are .Be yourself first and then think that it is time to begin living a healthy lifestyle.


Avoid over eating, smoking, drinking, addiction to drugs, and social media. The cause of bad health is anger, worry, jealousy or greed. If we are subject to these we can never be healthy. If we want to be healthy we should have good ideas and loving thoughts and avoid the above feelings.

Balanced mind:-

A sound mind can never dwell in an unsound body. An unhealthy man cannot keep the balance of his mind. An unkind word is enough to provoke him and a slightest joke is enough to insult him. He feels lonely and become unsocial. It is important that you focus on strengthening your mind as well, not only you body as Mental and physical health goes hand in hand.


Practice normal hygiene and Cleanliness especially in food preparation. Try to maintain a sterile environment.


It is said that a Human Being should maintain 20% exercise and 80% diet. Prefer vegetarian diet more. Make sure your diet contains more of green leafy veggies, lean protein, less carbohydrates and a certain amount of fat. You cannot eat less to lose weight and ‘look thin’. Starving, minimal eating and even craving don’t help you to maintain a long term healthy lifestyle. Your diet must be full of rich foods.

Eating smart:-

This seems hard when life is full of joy but it’s surprisingly easy to balance indulgences with a healthy lifestyle. Instead of overloading your system, take care by yourself by eating home most of the week, and practising portion control when you are out. Nourish yourself with good quality crabs (including vegetables and fruit), protein (lean meats, quinoa, dal, eggs and seafood) and unsaturated fats so that you get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. From carbs to protein to minerals, each and every nutrient is essential for maintaining a healthy diet as well as to perform normal bodily functions and avoid things that come in boxes, packets or tins.


If you want to keep your body well, then you must use it! The more you use it(in a prescribed manner), the better it gets. Health is not an invention or an idea it is a discovery. – If the body, mind, soul and life energies are well exercised, then health will naturally come. No matter how much you eat right, how many hours of sleep you get and whether or not you count calories, until and unless your exercise daily you’ll never be able to have a totally healthy lifestyle.  Exercise is one of the best ways to show yourself you best care with best results. Try exercising for an hour a day like walking, jogging or even aerobic dance, coupled with light weight training. You could break up the hour into 20 or 30 minutes blocks in the day.

 Frequent eater:-

Better metabolism comes by eating every two hours. Along with walking, jogging or even breathing, digestion is a calorie-burning activity .By breaking up four main meals (breakfast, lunch, teatime snack, dinner) into eight small meals (two hours apart), your body burns some calories as you eat them, putting your body constantly in the ‘gym’.

Getting your daily dose of Antioxidants:-

Drinking a glass of vegetable juice every day is a great way to start. Blend three different raw vegetables in a mixie (not a juicer), add half the pulp to a glass, top with water and drink season. Drink immediately to get enough wonderful antioxidants that flush out your system of toxins. You would be doing your body and your life a great service.

Green tea:-

Tea, particularly green tea, has many health benefits. Green tea can lower the chance of heart attack and cancer, increase your energy and metabolic weight, which aids in weight loss and it, has a high amount of antioxidants.


Keeping the body hydrated helps the heart more easily pump blood .It helps the muscles work efficiently. Hydrate your life by drinking water because it helps in daily functioning of your body, which helps in maintaining its equilibrium.


You need inspiration to maintain long term success. It could be from apparent weight loss, from reading a book about healthy living or watching a motivational video. When you look up to someone for their clean eating habits or perfect body, you will probably want to achieve that yourself – which will be your biggest motivator for long term success.


Go out for a Jog every day morning in the fresh air at least for 30 minutes.

Know your interests:-

Indulge yourself in hobbies such as gardening, reading, writing, dancing, music or anything of your choice which helps in keeping stress at bay.

Learn to say NO:

Hanging out with friends is a good way to reduce stress but when friends offer you the junk foods it is good to say NO. Instead offer them fruits, juices and fresh water. Take them to your weight loss journey and try to keep a healthy relationship to whomever you meet.


Meditate every day. Start small. Five to ten minutes a day both morning and evening is a great start.


Nuts make you anything but nuts. They boost brain power and keep you satisfied, Walnuts; chia and hemp seeds supply a perfect ratio of Omega 3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants. Almonds, pecans and Walnuts are some of the nuts. They contain calcium, which can help offset hormonal imbalances in women.


Observe what changes you are making throughout your journey, divide them into healthy and unhealthy changes and then continue with only the healthy changes.


Connect yourself with the people who bring positivity in your life and also socialize yourself. Stay away from negative people or negative talks.

Question Yourself:-

Every day question yourself ‘Am I going to stick to this unhealthy lifestyle throughout my whole life?’ Look into the mirror for the answer and the result is endless.


In the age of technology and busy, machine like lifestyles do not forget give your body and mind a much needed rest.


With exercise and good eating, good sleeping pattern is very necessary for any person. We need to maintain a discipline in our daily routine and focus on good sleeping pattern which much start and end at right time. Taking quality sleep of 6-8 hours each night boosts our immune system as well as improves mood. It’s the time your body needs to recuperate, repair your muscles and even improves your mood.


Take tips from well known fitness freaks by watching their video online or by reading their interview or by trying to follow their diet.


You need to understand what your body needs, how much weight you need to gain or lose to be “fit”. Understand the metabolism of your body and work according to it.


Yes lean protein and meats are important, BUT if you have a balanced diet with full of veggies then trust me you are the fittest person on the earth.


Your focus on ‘How can I lose weight’ can continue with your healthy lifestyle. In your mind you must have a certain goal which you want to attain like in this month my target is to reduce 5 kgs in a right and a proper way.

Water Intake:-

Keeping the body hydrated is very important it helps the heart more easily pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles and it helps the muscles work efficiently. Hydrate your life by drinking water because it helps in daily functioning of your body, which helps in maintaining its equilibrium

Wake up early:-

There is a great proverb which says “Early to bed, Early to rise makes man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”. It is a good habit to wake up early each morning so that you can have enough time to accommodate your entire task till you go to your bed at night.

Xtreme activities:-

Go for extreme activities  like zumba, cross fit, army circuit training, power yoga etc which is different from regular activities. Go for a fruit diet once in a week.


Yoga is the oldest and a very easy, safe secure form which with regular practice in right way of body movements and breathing, it regularizes the connection between three components of our body which are body, mind and soul.


Have a Zeal and passion to stick to the above regime to lead a healthy life style.

Always remember if wealth is lost something is lost, but if health is lost everything is lost.

Author Bio:  Sai Priya Kulkarni, 21  years old girl from Hyderabad,Telang. A participant of International Essay Competition,February,2019




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