10 Reasons You Need a Domain Name


A domain name is a substitution for your website’s physical address. Without it, people would have to type a long, complicated string of numbers that are difficult to remember – it’s IP address. A domain name simplifies the process of visiting a website.

However, aside from technical reasons, a domain name has several ways that it can benefit you or your business. In this article, we will list ten reasons why a domain name is important.

1. It Gives Professional Credibility

Having a domain name emphasizes professionalism to the audience. For individuals, a domain name lets job recruiters and work clients know that you are serious about building your profile.

For businesses, it helps customers establish trust, hence making it easy to trust the business as a solution to their needs.

Choosing a strong domain name that represents you or your business the best is essential. It helps the audience identify you and creates something for them to remember. You can check this tool that will help you find the perfect domain name.

2. You Control Your Domain Name

Using free blog or website platforms are great, but it comes with very little control. For instance, you might risk losing your original content. Some free hosting providers may even claim ownership of your content, which hinders you from moving it to other platforms.

Another downside is how moving a site can be a big hassle. Any SEO efforts put in for the site will be immediately wasted, and you will be starting again from scratch. This will be a loss if you have a site that already ranks in the search engine.

With a domain name, you can move hosting providers or web builders, and you will not lose any effort you have made. You can keep your Google ranking and traffic won’t be affected, as you will remain on the same website.

3. A Domain Name Has Authority

A domain name is especially beneficial for a business, as it gives a sense of authority. Placing your content on third-party platforms or free hosting providers may give off the impression of informal sharing, and it does not help with building audience trust.

Having a domain name will make it easier for the audience to identify you as a trustworthy source of your specific niche. The effort you make by registering a domain name will let them know that the business is in for the long run with bigger plans ahead.

4. A Domain Name Connects You to the Internet

Being available on the internet brings you one step closer to finding people who need you. Google organizes search results by keyword relevance in a URL (is a factor), so if your domain name is even remotely related to your niche, there’s a chance that you would pop up in the search results.

I recommend posting quality content that is SEO optimized on your website. That way, the website will have a bigger chance to rank in search results, which can get you or your business more potential customers.

5. It Provides Brand Visibility

Now that everyone can find you over the internet, it’s only natural that people will be more aware of your brand. There’s a chance that you will be seen by people who search for keywords related to your niche, regardless of your site rank in the search engines.

That’s why it’s crucial to choose a memorable domain name. Not only that it helps reinforce brand awareness in potential customers’ minds, but it can also make them return to your business. If you’re lucky, they might also pass along your brand name to their friends.

6. Modern Marketing

Advertising in traditional media such as newspapers and TV are great, but the stream of customers would eventually stop when you stop paying for the advert.

What’s great about having a domain name, you’re already promoting yourself by being present online, and it does not cost as much as traditional marketing. In fact, 55% of people on the internet find businesses through search engines, and 47% of them visit the website to learn more about what it offers.

7. Get Ahead of The Competition

Do take note that 46% of small businesses do not have a domain name or a website. That fact alone can give new or small businesses a competitive edge against other businesses with the same niche.

Having your own domain is beneficial especially when it comes to competitors. Not only that a domain name makes you look more trustworthy, but it also implies that you’re updated with recent technology.

8. Get a Matching Email Address

Free email platforms such as Gmail or Yahoo! Are great, but they might make your business seem less serious. A personalized email address solves that problem, as it implies to recipients that the business is legitimate and it plans for the long run.

A domain name allows you to have a personalized email address. You will be emailing customers from [name]@[businessname].com, like a proper professional.

9. Cost Reduction

Running a business is a lot of hard work and it comes with plenty of costs. You have to run advertisements, print flyers, make a catalog, and set up a store. It consumes a lot of energy that you could have directed on strategizing a better business plan.

Having a website and a domain name helps you with that. A website space costs significantly less than printed catalogs, and revisions come at no cost. You can also do a lot with one site, such as placing business descriptions, opening an online store, or running marketing campaigns.

10. Make it Easy for Everybody

For both individuals and businesses, having a domain name makes it easy for people to find out about you. You can place necessary information that people need to know on the website, so they don’t have to ask to know more. There’s also a chance that you might pop up in their search results.

This is especially beneficial to designers with a heavy portfolio. You can make an online portfolio, which will make it easier for recruiters and potential clients to examine your work. Placing it on a website also enables you to make it interesting and highlight the quality of your work.


All in all, getting a domain name is very beneficial as you will be present online, and everybody searches on the internet. Making a good impression can bring you plenty of opportunities.

Make sure to pick the best domain name for you and your business. It will be the name that people remember you by, and changing names midway will make it harder for people to recognize you.

Now that you know the advantages of having a domain name, what’s left to do is brainstorm the perfect one for you or your brand and register it right away. I hope this article helps, if there are any questions, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section.


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