What are the Common Types of Zippers?


Zippers, in case you don’t know, come in five common types that you can find on a plethora of products or items you use in your everyday life. Here is quick rundown of these types together with their common uses and applications.

Closed-End Zipper

The zippers found on trousers or leather booths are what you call closed-end zippers. This specific kind of zipper doesn’t separate at the bottom part unless it is broken. A bottom stop is found at the bottom of a closed-end zipper’s teeth. This one part doesn’t allow the separation of two sides of the tape.

Separating Zipper or Open-End

A separating zipper is often found on vests, jackets, and other types of outerwear. It allows the two sides of the tape to completely come apart once the zipper is undone. The end of this zipper comes with a retainer box and an insertion pin. These parts play crucial roles when you zip up a jacket or other outerwear pieces since the zipper won’t operate properly if its pin is not inserted in the retainer box.

Two-Way Separating Zipper

This type of zipper is found on raincoats, winter parkas, and sleeping bags. These zippers allow completely zipping of the item at the top while still allowing it to unzip at the bottom. These zippers are commonly used in winter parkas. These are convenient while you are driving or sitting because you can unzip the bottom zipper to remove restrictions and keep the jacket open to have more space.

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Two-Way Tail-to-Tail Zipper

The teeth of this zipper come with sliders at the opposite ends once the zipper is completely closed. These sliders can glide along same teeth. Since these are back to back, it is not possible to separate them. These zippers can be used to offer ventilation and let the user remove or put footwear with no need to remove their pants.

Two-Way Head-to-Head Zipper

Primarily used on travel bags and backpacks, these zippers feature two sliders face to face in the teeth’s center or on one part of the bag. The two zippers’ ends have two stops that cannot be separated or divided, making the two tape sides stay attached similar to a closed-end zipper.

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