The Dream Keeper

The_Dream_Keeper_Mousumi_Kundu Paul

The Dream Keeper

Do you really know
How you touched my life,
And accomplish my Dreams!

You are my dream Keeper,
Hold my dreams more than yours
Sometime I feel, You fulfilled my wish
May be I have not dreamt before.

Standing with me,never shall I be afraid.
You’ve eased my ethos,
My saneness you’ve  saved.

I always told you,
How truly special you are,
That even at somber ebony night
You are my sparkling star.

I will be the toughest, in all my future of need,
If you commit me clout and courage,
Anyway I will take the Lead.

You are the one I adore and love,
The best gift ever, A blessing
Sent from the Heaven above.

Note :
“I speak a lot,
Annoy you Handsome.
The only real gift, I can give,
It’s my stupid Poem”…

Dedicated to you , The Best Man in World, Happy Birthday..



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