Restaurant Gas Bottle Delivery


Restaurants, hotels, and food businesses need cooking gas and some other types of gases for running their day to day operations. It is not only the LPG or natural gas that businesses need for cooking, but they also need carbon dioxide for the preparation of carbonated drinks. Some restaurants and hotels have an area for kids’ activities where they use helium for the inflation of balloons.

The delivery of gas bottles is important for any business. They need the delivery at the right time to keep the business running and serving their customers. Let us check the types of gases used by restaurants and how the gas is delivered to them at their doorstep.

Types of gases used in Restaurants and their uses.


LPG is the most common fuel used by the food business. The gas is liquified under pressure, which turns into gas when released out of pressure and used for cooking. The LPG is supplied by distributors or so-called gas agencies to the restaurants and hotels for cooking and heating purposes only.


CNG stands for compressed natural gas that is gaining popularity due to its high efficiency and environment-friendly properties. Some restaurants and food businesses are using CNG as fuel to enhance their efficiency and reduce energy consumption. It is used in various equipment like gas ranges, ovens, etc.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is used in restaurants and other food businesses, but not as a fuel. It is used for the preparation of carbonated drinks and beverages. Most carbonated drinks available in the market contain a large amount of sugar that is unhealthy. Restaurants can prepare carbonated drinks as per the demand and requirement of customers.

Whether it is LPG or CNG, restaurants need to get the gas delivered by an authorized dealership or agency. Here are the things that restaurants or food businesses need to consider to choose a gas delivery company.

The time required for delivery

Some gas companies deliver the gas bottles on the same day or next day when you make a booking for the gas bottle, while others take more time. Some companies may take 2 to 3 days while some deliver within 4 to 5 days after booking. For restaurants and food businesses, time matters a lot as they need gas bottles every day. So, considering the time of delivery, you should choose a company that offers the same day delivery.

24 hours service

Some restaurants operate only in the daytime, while some run for 24 hours and serve their customers. If you are a restaurant owner operating 24 hours, you need a company that can deliver the gas bottles any time of the day or night.

Affordable service

Although every business wants high-quality gas services, it never means that the services need to be expensive. You should always look for a company that offers 24 hours services at affordable pricing.

There are many things that a person taking the delivery of a gas-bottle should check at the time of delivery. Here are the things that you must check during the gas delivery at your doorstep.

Check the seal of the bottle.

Some delivery boys or gas handling persons steal the gas from gas bottles to fill an empty bottle and make money by selling it. Therefore, you should always check the seal of the gas bottle while taking the delivery.

Check the weight

Every commercial gas bottle has a specific amount of gas in it. If the people working in gas agencies steal the gas, the amount gets reduced and also the weight of the bottle. Therefore, the person taking the delivery of gas should always check the weight of the gas bottle while taking the delivery. You can have a heavy-duty weighing machine to check the weight. Some delivery people have the weighing machine with them. In such cases, you should always ask them to check the weight before receiving the bottle from them.

Check the leakage of gas.

Sometimes if the seal is broken or the gas washer is faulty, there may be leakage of gas from the bottle. Therefore, the person taking the delivery should open the seal and check the leakage before taking the delivery. You can also ask the delivery boy to open the seal and get the bottle checked for leakage. A simple method to check the leakage is to put soap water on the mouth of the bottle. If the air bubbles rise in the water, it means there is leakage.

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Final Words

Restaurant gas bottle delivery is a tough responsibility for gas companies. Restaurant and hotel owners should subscribe to the gas services of a reputed company like Plug Gas so that they get affordable and timely services. Serving your customers with high-quality food in time is the key to success in the food business.


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