“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

-Harriet Tubman

In our quest for a balanced life, we take up hobbies like dancing, singing, learning a new language or collecting things. But as we keep growing, the pressure of the monotonous mundane world burdens us with more career affairs. We forget to spend time in nurturing and polishing ourselves and their hobbies or doing the things that make them happy and relaxed are usually get forgotten. 

  Some people take their passion or hobbies to another level. They find time in nurturing their abilities and keep practising and working on it out of love. Out of these people, there are a few who look forward to making their hobby into a profession- a dream job- a career which they love.

Singing not only it serves as a passion but it also uplifts a person’s physical, emotional and mental health. Many people just sing for fun and happiness but some decide to take it up a notch. A career in singing is a path filled with hardships and turmoil. But breaking it down to some steps makes it look a lot easier and approachable.

    Are you ready?

Are you ready to take up the challenge of letting yourself follow your passion- the challenge to achieve anything and everything on the path. Are you confident that even if you won’t earn much in it, you’ll be happy? Are you ready to face rejections? Do you really want to take up singing as a career and devote yourself fully to it?

These are the questions which one consistently keeps asking oneself. Find the answer within yourself. Ask yourself if you’re ready. 

Professional singers aren’t formed in a day. It takes a lot of personal grooming and self-confidence to achieve one’s dream. But if you are ready, then there is no one stopping you.


Do a research on it. 

Search for vocal coaches and trainers nearby you who can help you achieve vocal techniques and skills. If you do not know any such person, search for vocal workouts and singing lessons given online on YouTube.

There is a channel on YouTube called the Jacob vocal academy.

They have various vocal exercises which focus on improving the quality of singing. Starting from exercises for vibratos to rifts and exercises to increase the vocal range, they offer a vast course which is easy to understand and implement for beginners and intermediates alike.

The course is free and available in various other platforms like Spotify – Apple Music – Deezer – Amazon – TIDAL – Google Play Music – Napster

If you a looking for a personalized course for improving your vocal range and abilities you should look up the internet for online vocal coaches and trainers who would attentively help you achieve a good trained voice.

Cheryl Porter is a YouTube star and a classically trained opera singer.

 In her official site: https://cherylportermethod.com/ she takes up students and trains them personally, helping them achieve confidence and self-faith along with a dreamy voice. She has over 125 million views on YouTube. With her motivational coaching videos and inspirational approach to teaching, she is considered the top vocal coach and vocal education influencer in the world.

There are various vocal coaches who offer courses with their uniquely designed exercises and vocal workouts. You need to search them up and select the most suitable ones for yourself. Keep practising!


The voice is a singer’s main weapon, the most important instrument. With regular practices and care the power of singing could be increased. There are a lot of books on singing.

Most of the books teach:

1) Voice Training and Singing

2) Ear Training or Aural Awareness

3) Rhythm Training or Beat Sense

4) Harmony Singing

5) Musical Knowledge and Scales 

Search books which teach you the tricks and procedures. These books work as a medium of inspiration and knowledge if you’re looking for a career in singing. 


Getting into a college or any institution will get you a degree in singing. This will enable you to stay a step above amateurs. Institutions such as:

1. KM Music conservatory

2. Shankar Mahadevan Academy

3. Prayag Sangeet Samiti

There are also some smaller music institutions which provide profound education in vocal training.

     It’s not that hard.

If you’re ready, keep the confidences in yourself glowing. The path is going to be hard nevertheless. The only thing which will keep you going is the trust in yourself and self-confidence. Devote as much time as you can in practising and nurturing your vocal skills. Remember that there were a lot of people who decided to go down the same path as you, but you’re different. You’re you and you can make a difference. 


Last but not least keep faith in yourself.

People tend to put pressure on learning from a famous institution or from a famous vocal coach. However, it all depends on you. It all depends on how bad you want to achieve your dream and are ready to walk down the path of obstacles. You have to have the confidence that you can achieve what you want. Many people walk down the same path but they do not succeed. Learn from their paths, take lessons from their mistakes and improve yourself. In this world there is nothing unachievable if someone else can, you can as well. Keep trying and never give up on yourself.

Singers aren’t created in a day, but it takes a day one to start. You’ll feel like giving up but keep moving. Keep thinking that you can do it. Keep challenging yourself and polish your skills. If you love to do something and you let that passion in you reflect, people will love it in you too.

“Keep pushing, forget the fear, forget the doubt, keep investing and keep betting on yourself”

-Beyoncé, 2020

By Sucheta Halder, Kolkata


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