Poem: In Search of Love

By: Ambika Sharma

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Have you ever wondered? 

A person who makes you is the one who breaks you too. 

In a world full of variations, 

what makes it common to everyone? 


Yes, it is the most clichéd topic again, 

It’s love, a box full of joys and pain. 

Trust, care, jealousy and doubt, 

Are the branches of this paradoxical tree. 


It is considered either blessed or cursed. 

Still it brings the best at the times of worst. 

What’s life if you don’t have love? 

What’s love if you don’t have hurts? 


It never failed to confuse me. 

What’s love? Is it something from the fairy land? 

And then I searched everywhere in quench of it. 


I saw a mother cradling her six month old son. 

I saw a son feeding his sixty year old mother. 

A little girl crying on her dad’s shoulder for a toy, 

And a bride crying on her dad’s shoulder for staying a little longer.

A sister who secretly prayed for her brother

And a teacher who waited for the win of his students. 

A young lady, whom I met, 

Who said her only love was that pet. 


Oh! This is love, I got my answer. 

Until I heard a pathetic news. 

My neighbor died of cancer. 

Her son and daughter-in- law

Wept bitterly, lying over her body. 


Oh no, Maybe their love came to an end. 

Does love end with a person? 

If so, why did God create love? 

How can He be so unjust? 


People leave us, love does not. 

People die, feelings do not. 

The reason why love is love

Is that people leave behind memories to cherish. 


Love makes you blind, but it is harmless. 

For love itself does not get blinded. 

It is indeed confusing, as everyone says. 

But it is love alone which makes a life a “happy life”, a house a “home”,  and a mere acquaintance, a “love-filled bond”.

By: Ambika Sharma

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