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By: Aabruti Chakraborty

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An essay is a short presentation which includes argumentative sub topics and mainly focuses on a writer’s point of view. Essay is classified into two categories : Formal and Informal essays. Essay has always played a major role in education system. And, research paper is a new invention of a specific topic and exploring the topic by covering all the details from its depth.

Research is done by gathering information from different sources, websites, books, articles and collecting reviews of the research paper. These two papers can be written in two different ways. Essay paper is written for assignment purpose, publication purposes but research paper is mainly written for academic purposes.

Types of essay paper

Essays are classified into four major categories-

Informative essays

This kind of essay is mainly given in school or in college assignments, to test the ability of sharing information in a unique way. Example of some informative essays includes –
Why smoking is injurious to health.
Importance of water in our daily lives.
Life of stray dogs.
The new education policy is an advantage or a disadvantage.
Argumentative essays-This type of essay mainly focuses on some serious conceptual based topics which need strong points or arguments to explore.
Example of some argumentative essays are – 
Law is same for every individual.
Should men and women get the equal rights.
Is political parties effecting the society.
Online gaming or social media platforms are harmful or not.

Chronological essays

This essays shows the personal experience with imaginative mixtures, it’s a sort of narration, but it is not divided into categories like introduction, sub parts of the given topic. This explores a story which is narrated by the author.
Example of some chronological essays:-
Story of your struggle period.
An experience of a crowded place.
A moment of getting a gold medal.
Story of helping the stray animals.

Expressive essays

This essays explores detailed information about a topic. It mainly focuses on strong specific object rather than narrating a story. Strong words should be used to express the strength of the given topic.
Example of expressive essays are:-
Description of a haunted place.
Express a long journey with a stranger.
Describe a phase of standing alone.
Describe of being an introvert student.

Editorial study essays

This kind of essays shows the present concept of a topic and it justifies the ability of an author by judging the capability to construct a topic and evaluate it by putting effective details.
Example of editorial study based essays:-
Analyze the basic change of the genders.
What makes teenage girls to feel depressed.
Analyze the reason behind drinking alcohol.
Why do people have different view points.

Types of research papers

Research papers are divided into- 

Investigative research paper

In this research paper, a researcher had to take many view points of other researchers and lastly had to conclude a neutral decision on the given topic. It is also known as analytical research paper.

Controversial research paper

In this kind of research papers, the researcher had to present the argumentative side of the topic. Emotional thoughts are mostly avoided, but showing other researchers point of view about the controversial part of the topic and then comparing it with personal view point, completes the research work.

Illustrative research paper

It is also known as definition paper, which illustrates the facts without using any personal view point. Facts are taken by different sources but the arguments are not analyzed, it only focuses on sharing proper and exact information.

Collate and compare paper

This kind of research paper differentiate between two opinions and then contrasts the negative and the positive facts, so that the research paper fulfills all the criteria. This paper is also known as contrast and compare research paper.

Reason and result paper

In this research papers, researcher points out the thinking part which questions – Why?, the reason behind a situation is justified and then the result is shown. Students are confronted with this cause and effect research paper in high school and in college. This helps them to upgrade their ability.
Demonstrative research paper:- This kind of research paper tests the knowledge of a researcher and focuses on a published research work and the redesigned work has to be presented with the mixture of new inventory points.

Conjectural research paper

It is also known as experimental research paper which shows experimental outcomes. This paper is used in some common fields like chemistry, physics and biology. Experimental result aims to be the main subject of this study.

Inquiry research paper

This paper includes huge information about a specific topic by the process of survey. The researcher had to focus on the information mainly collected from the survey. Database and proper study of report is the main focus of the inquiry research paper.


Essay and research paper, both are equally important from their own perspective. Essay is short, simplified and descriptive paper which focuses on personal opinions whereas research paper are a bit complicated which need a greater concentration of mind and a deep study is required.

Essay has been written by school students, college students, authors but research paper is written by the scientist and the students those who pursues higher studies. A research study helps the readers to understand why the invention is necessary. From both the papers, the readers would get appropriate information and it will help every reader from gaining knowledge to exploring the concepts.

By: Aabruti Chakraborty

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