Interview of Aditi Ostwal (Monomousumi Monthly Essay Writing Contest Achievers)

Monomousumi Monthly Essay Writing Contest Achievers| Aditi Ostwal

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Mononomosumi is an ISO certified  Edutech Platform, that brings together technology to the education sector and providing requisite support to students, writers and school administrations. It is awarded with various accolades such as “Best Education & Technology Platform — India, 2020”, Best creative Website. Shiksha Bharti Award etc. and featured in various reputed media houses. Monomousumi has been successfully conducting international writing contests for several years since May 2018 with thousands of participants nationally and internationally.

Here we are introducing interview series of the winners of different writing contests organized by us.

Please introduce yourself in brief

Born in the ‘ Land of Temples’-Tamil Nadu, Chennai. I am currently studying in 11th grade in Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidhyashram. I belong to a modern thinking family. I am an introverted, optimist, altruistic, spiritual person who constantly believes that there will be a better tomorrow. My riveting nature of writing essays, poems, articles was always a part of me. Growing up made me realise the play of words, how to actually pause and use them and frame sentences. I also write essays for my school magazine-‘Bhavani’. Writing and drawing has never been monotonous to me. My pen, pencils and paper has always been my friend and a companion. I believe in experiencing rather than exploring things. I strongly believe in this famous quote-“ Many people may give up on you, but you may never give up on yourself.”

What are your prominent achievements?

My greatest achievement is that I am creative with an unstoppable mind. Cliche right! My real achievements:

1) I have been winning your essay competitions form last year.

2) I also enrolled in an international drawing competition- KHULA AASMAN. I was shortlisted, got my own page to display my artwork for the next three years, with certificates.

3) I am a part of ART department of my school digitising designs of brochures, invite, banners, etc.

4) Spell bee gold medalist

5) Won various prizes on cooking and rangoli.

6) All rounder in school academics. And the list will go on and on until I have the capability of doing and exhibiting my talents.

When did you participated in the monomousumi writing contest and what was your rank?

I wrote my first essay for this amazing contest in April of last year. I actually won the 2nd place in junior category. It was an achievement enough to acting be selected among so many entries.

What is your weakest point and how do you overcome it?

My weakest point is that I trust people Too easily. Being backstabbed, and getting used is something that I have gone through a lot. I am also very emotional which is actually the cause for trusting too easily.

Who is your idol and why?

My idols are my astonishing parents. My parents are selfless and steadfast, I mean all parents are right? They have taught me how to behave properly, to be able to communicate well, to be selfless, to be empathetic, caring, hardworking and always being there to help others and not to put down an other human being. I grew up seeing their mistakes and learnt thoroughly from it.

Which inspires you the most why you would like to emulate them?

You can get inspired anytime, anywhere. For me it is how a person being in pain too try’s to helps someone else so that the other Person receiving help would do better. A song, a book, a write up, anything can inspire me if it actually shows an attribute or moral to inculcate within myself.

What keeps you motivated in your life?

“Never give up”

“Miles to go before I sleep”by Robert Frost

“Many people may give up on you, but you may never give up on yourself.”

“ If you are thinking positive things during negative times, you’ve already won!”

Where do you see yourself after 5 years from now and what is your ultimate goal?

I see myself opening an NGO for women in the next five years. Becoming a psychologist and still continue to write is what is my ultimate goal.

What is there in your wish list?

My wishlist is to visit all the 51 Shakti peetha of Ma Parvati.

Any memory which you would like to share to the world?

Memory of visiting Kedarnath Dham after 5 years of wait and praying. It was a complicate, exhausting and a really tough visit in the Himalayan region, but it was all worth the wait.

What’s one thing that make you different from your peers?

That I am really caring, understanding and also a bit immature. I try to be friendly and kind to whoever I meet. I never make fun of peoples names, their physique or their style is talking and behaving. I don’t judge easily. I don’t follow a path of assumptions.

What are your hobbies and how do you balance your profession/studies with your hobbies? 

My hobbies are drawing, cooking, writing. As soon as I get home from School I finish my homework and studies. If I have free time I continue what I want to do. Time management is very crucial and important. One should learn how to manage it properly in order to manage and engage themselves in what they like. That’s what I do.

What are your writing tips for your peers? Do you have any advice for aspirants of writing contests?

No tips. Everyone is a writer. Write what you think, what you like and what you feel. Your judgments, understandings about the topic, feelings and SELF RESEARCH is the mark important thing to be followed.Be crisp and blunt. Don’t think what others will think about you or your write up.

What would you like to do your bit for the society?

Spreading awareness and knowledge to the people. Telling them that love(LGBTQ) has no racism, sexism, shape or boundary. Removing the narrow mindedness of people, helping people how much ever I can, etc. Much more…

Do you think participating in Monomousumi contest helped you in anyway?

A lot. It changed my way of thinking and writing. My self esteem went up, and more number of words were added on to my dictionary.

How did you come across Monomousumi and share your experience with this platform?

I was actually bored and looking for some competitions to enrol myself in, then I found this interesting competition through google.

Anything other you wish to share..

I think I have bored you all enough with my detailed answers😅. But I want to thank this department for the opportunities they have given me.

Your thought on “Essay

Is it a write up? Or a plagiarised paragraph? Well it is not both of them. An essay is a detailed or a short version of your thoughts, feelings and judgments. It is a part of your thinking that displays how well you know about a particular topic, what you aspire out of it and also what you think it means to people. It is a collection of many new words and sentences. One who writes an essay has to Know what he or she is writing and doing. Being blunt and words is not wrong, but putting down the feelings of others is not a way of writing an essay. It completely losses it’s meaning. Essay is a form of prose writing that proves something. The definitions of an essay is vague but one should understand and analyse the aspect of writing. Essays are really useful to understand many things. One should not worry about the play of words or the choice of words, one should focus on how far they are able to reach and make homes in the minds of other people. Essays can be taken joyfully by some and some may not think it’s that interesting but it’s main aim should be that someone is actually ready to read your writing.

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