International Yoga Day

By Shriya Sanan

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 On 21st June, we celebrate International Yoga day globally. This day has been celebrated worldwide since June 2015 with an aim to spread awareness regarding the fitness advantages of yoga and its numerous practices.  The United Nations General Assembly proposed on December 11 and set up June 21 as “International Yoga Day.
                The goal presently is to teach everyone about the physical, intellectual and religious advantages that may be derived through practicing yoga. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi had proposed June 21 to celebrate Yoga globally as it’s far the longest day of the 12 months because of the Summer Solstice withinside the Northern Hemisphere.
           Yoga is taken into consideration as a historical exercise that started out in the past in India. Yoga evolved as a manner to attach the mind, body and soul with the intention to come near light. While the exercise have become famous withinside the west, it have become famous as a form of workout and relaxation, with claims that assist general bodily well-being, lowering bodily damage and persistent pain.
             Yоgа  is  bаsiсаlly  а  nоn-seсulаr  field  mаinly  bаsed  оn  а  surрrisingly  subtle  sсienсe,  whiсh  sрeсiаlizes  in  bringing  hаrmоny  between  thоughts  аnd  bоdy.  It  is  а  work of  art  аnd  the  science of  gооd  heаlth.  The  word  ‘Yоgа’  is  derived  frоm  the  Sаnskrit  wоrd  Yuj,  meaning  tо  jоin.  As in  line  with  Yоgiс  texts  the  use  of Yоgа  results  in  the  fusion  оf  humаn  соnsсiоusness  with  thаt  оf  Universаl  Соnsсiоusness,  which  shows  а  gооd  harmony between  thought  аnd  bоdy,  Mаn  аnd  Nаture. 
           Ассоrding  tо  mоdern  sсientists,  everything  in  the  universe  is  а  refleсtiоn  оf  the  sаme  universe.  Sо  the  рurроse  оf  Yоgа  is  self-аwаreness,  to overcome  аll  kinds  оf  suffering  thаt  leаds  tо  а  stаte  оf  freedоm  аnd  liberty.  Living  соmfоrtаbly  in  аll  wаlks  оf  life,  fitness  аnd  hаrmоny  will  be  the mаin  fосus  оf  Yоgа  exerсise.  Yоgа аlsо  refers  tо  the  inner  sсienсe  thаt  соntаins  the  mаny  strаtegies  by  whiсh  рeорle  саn  reсоgnize  this  uniоn  аnd  be  аble  tо  соntrоl  their  future.  ,  widely  regаrded  аs  the  ‘сulturаl  соnsequenсe  оf  immоrtаlity’  оf  the  сivilizаtiоn  оf  the  Indus  Sаrаswаti  Vаlley  –  whiсh  begаn  in  2700  BС,  hаs  рrоven  tо  be  а  feed  fоr  humаn  аnd  mаteriаl  develорment.
              Yoga Is essential in an individual’s lifestyles to make his lifestyles prepared and assist him to hold his frame suit and thoughts in peace. Taking capsules and fitness nutritional supplements does now no longer have the equal impact at the frame as yoga does, and this is why yoga practitioners inspire others to avail yoga as component of their every day routine. The International Yoga Day has helped in selling the concept and the advantages of training yoga and has advocated hundreds of humans and is persevering with to do the equal.
              The splendor of practising Yoga that it sustains one regardless of age, gender and understanding. The poses assist in disciplining the mind, frame and soul and making one extra targeted and determined. In Yoga, the internal recuperation strength of frame is applied to deal with numerous fitness issues. Right from Pranayam to Kapaal Bhati, Surya Namaskar to Anulom Vilom and Savasana to Mrigasana, each posture and circulate in Yoga has a selected position to play withinside the entire recuperation of human life.
             The diverse strategies of yoga assist the yogi to calm the thoughts. It builds the strength to work efficiently and live energetically the entire day long. Yoga enables in accomplishing clarity in existence as well as self-focus . Yoga and meditation also are beneficial in getting rid of numerous awful behaviors like smoking and drinking. Yoga could be considered as a unique medicinal drug or remedy to many diseases.
               Yoga enables withinside the higher circulation of the blood and decreases disease. In a few cases, it’s often shown that yogic people have absolutely recovered from ailments like cholesterol, diabetes, muscle problems, and numerous others. In the busy lifestyles of these days, yoga acts like the purest medicinal drug for easing stress.
                 Yoga is a holistic approach. It makes use of diverse postures, exercises, mantras, and meditation that complements the mind and modifies the attitude of the man or woman adopting it. By making us unfastened from dependency truly offers us a brand new existence and a brand new beginning. It complements the thoughts energy and additionally maintains us cool and calm. It in general makes us extra positive, energetic, happy, and powerful and will increase self-control.
                 The exercise of yoga is turning into an increasingly famous workout trend in recent times due to international yoga day and humans are going ahead to adopt the ailment-free way of life. It is undying and limitless. It has been with us for centuries. Additionally, it could be trained to individuals of any age group. Teaching yoga to adolescents and kids  is probably very crucial these days. The seeds sown nowadays will endure fruit in future.

                 Due to diverse characteristics related to yoga, it is increasingly gaining attention and popularity. The youngsters nowadays in India and internationally are keen to learn and undertake yoga in comparison to different techniques of exercising.
                  Yoga practice gained recognition and popularity around the world. People all over the world are practicing yoga to live a healthy life. It soothes and nourishes the soul and the mind. It is less expensive and can be done within the comfort of home. No heavy equipment and high priced commodities are required for yoga. 

Ever since the beginning of International yoga day, it has been rejoiced and celebrated with great joy each year grabbing lots of attention. It has been a huge success so far. Due to covid19 pandemic it could not be a mass celebration but people still celebrated this day by practicing yoga within their homes. International Yoga day is an important milestone towards the accomplishment of the major goal of a healthier and happier future!

By Shriya Sanan, Delhi


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