How Pootna’s Hut became Jai Shri Krishna Dham?

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An auto rickshaw stopped outside the house of Shyam Lal Yadav. A lady wearing a doctor’s coat came out of that auto rickshaw and hurriedly entered in the house of Shyam Lal Yadav. People living nearby gathered outside his house to know the matter. An old lady came out of the house and told others that Pavitra, the wife of Shyam Lal Yadav was having labor pain and her condition was critical. All the people started praying for the well being of Pavitra. After sometime news came that Pavitra gave birth to a girl child and died after that. People became sad to know the bad news of Pavitra’s demise. They entered in the house of Shyam Lal to console him. Subhadra, the cousin sister of Shyam Lal was also present there. In this most difficult time of Shyam Lal, people started cursing the baby girl for what had happened to Pavitra. Shyam Lal became more upset to listen all this from people. By misfortune the baby was born with a dark complexion, big eyes and some scary features. Subhadra started calling her as Kaali. Subhadra used to lookafter the baby girl. She said to Shyam Lal, “Brother, you need not to care for the people and should accept your daughter. She asked Shyam Lal not to blame the girl child for what had happened to Pavitra.” Shyam Lal kept quiet that time.

In absence of Subhadra, whenever the baby cried, Shyam Lal used to go to the baby to calm her and played with her. This way day by day Shyam Lal developed a very good bond with the baby and the baby became the most precious thing in the world for him.

People in the neighbourhood started calling Kaali with a name Pootna (name of a devil) because of her looks. She felt very bad for this everytime and ran crying to Subhadra and Shyam Lal.

People also started torturing Subhadra and Shyam Lal for the same. People asked Subhadra and Shyam Lal not to send Kaali outside because their children get afraid of her looks.  They did not allow their children to play with Kaali. They started making concocted stories to prove Kaali as an incarnation of devil soul. Because of the tortures by the people in village, one day Shyam Lal left his house with Subhadra and Kaali. They started living in a hut at the border of their village. People used to go there and threw stones on them in night. They also threw waste materials on the main door of their hut. They were living the life full of miseries. Pandit Nand Kishore was the head of their village and also the childhood friend of Shyam Lal Yadav. He was the only person in the village who helped Shyam Lal and his family.

After few years Shyam Lal and Subhadra died and Kaali was left alone in the world. Whenever she came in the village, people threw stones on her and she ran back to her hut. It was very difficult for her to survive. Pandit  Nand Kishore considered Kaali as his daughter and continued helping her.

The people in the village had a deep faith in Lord Shri Krishna and worshipped cows. They considered cows as one of the symbols  of Lord Shri Krishna and used to worship them. People used to offer grass, rotis and other eatables to the cows. Everyday they put Red Chandan Tilak on the foreheads of cows and garlands of Red Rose flowers in their necks. They also thanked the God for the eviction of devil Pootna (Kaali) from their village.

One day morning, people of the village came out of their houses to give grass and food to the cows. But there was no cow in their street. They looked for the cows in other streets and then the whole village but they could not find even a single cow. Everyone was surprised for the missing of cows from the village.

Some said that their cows had been stolen by the thieves. Some said that their cows had been eaten by the devil Pootna (Kaali). Some said that their cows had gone to Vrindavan Festival at their own to celebrate Shri Krishna’s birthday on Krishna Jayanti. In absence of cows the lives of the villagers got disturbed totally as they started their work only after they worshipped the cows.

After three days, it was raining in the village, a group of twenty monks (sadhus) visited their village. One of the monk was an old person. His name was Shri Shri 1008 Sudarshan ji Maharaj. All the monks were dancing, playing music and singing Lord Shri Krishna’s songs (bhajans). After they completed, they sat under the Balram Tree in the main market of village. It was a very big and old tree of village which was considered as more than 1000 years old. People started gathering there after the news of monks reached in the village. People offered water and food to the monks. But Sudarshan Maharaj refused to take anything from the villagers. He said, “We will accept food and water from only those people who have not hurted anyone and committed any sin in their lives.” People  called Pandit  Nand Kishore to see the matter. Pandit Nand Kishore  requested them, “Respected monks, we all are human beings and we all have done small or big sins in our lives, intentionally or unintentionally. Kindly forgive all of us. You all are very tired. Please come to my home for food and rest. Our village is full of devotees of Lord Shri Krishna.” At this statement Sudarshan Maharaj agreed and went to Pandit Nand Kishore’s house with all other monks.

Yashoda, the wife of Pandit Nand Kishore washed their feet and prepared food for all the monks. All the monks were happy to have the food.

After the lunch Pandit Nand Kishore requested monks to have some rest. He asked Sudarshan Maharaj, “Respected Maharaj ji, if you don’t mind, please tell me, where are you all going?”

He said, “We all are the devotees of Lord Shri Krishna and going to Vrindavan to celebrate birthday of Lord Shri Krishna on Krishna Jayanti.”

Sudarshan Maharaj said to Pandit  Nand Kishore, “I am happy with your hospitality. Now you can ask for anything from me. I will bless you and your wishes will get fulfilled.”

Pandit  Nand Kishore said, “Maharaj ji, I don’t want anything from you as I have everything in my life. But there is a problem in our village. Three days back in morning we found that all of our cows were missing from the village. It is said that cows also visit to Vrindavan to celebrate the birthday of Lord Shri Krishna on Krishna Jayanti. As you are going to Vrindavan so please let us know if you find our cows on the way. All the cows of our village have Red Chandan Tilaks on their foreheads, garlands of red roses in their necks and musical beads in their legs.

Sudarshan Maharaj said, “I will ask my monks to find about your cows.” Sudarshan Maharaj called all the monks, told them about the cows and asked them to play some beautiful songs of Lord Shri Krishna in their house. The house of Pandit Nand Kishore  was full of villagers when the songs of Lord Shri Krishna were sung by the monks. The monks presented a beautiful feast of entertainment for all the villagers. Sudarshan Maharaj gave one peacock feather as his blessings to Pandit  Nand Kishore which he kept at his worship place of house. All the monks blessed the villagers and left from there after some rest.

After two days people heard a very melodious sound of flute in their village. They came out to see the person who was playing the flute. A man who was wearing a white kurta, pazama and a pink turban with white feather sat under the Balram Tree in the main market of their village. He was playing flute and his eyes were closed. Near him was a beautiful cow who was dancing with joy on the music of flute played by her master. When he opened his eyes, he found people gathered around him. He pointed  them to sit nearby and then started singing melodious songs of Lord Shri Krishna. After he completed people clapped for him.

Pandit  Nand Kishore asked him, “Gentleman, who are you? You have presented a very good show.”

He said, “My name is Gopal and she is my cow Sundari. I am going to Vrindavan to celebrate birthday of Lord Shri Krishna on Krishna Jayanti. I was tired, so sat under this tree and started playing flute to relax myself.”

People were very happy to see his smiling face and charming personality. They appreciated Gopal for his talent of playing flute and melodious singing.

Pandit Nand Kishore requested him to visit his home for food and rest. Gopal said, “I am ready to accept your offer if you are ready to feed my cow Sundari also.” Pandit  Nand Kishore happily said, “Gopal ji, it would be our pleasure to serve you and your cow. All the villagers are the devotees of Lord Shri Krishna and always love to feed cows.”

People brought grass and many eatables to feed Sundari (cow of Gopal). People threw water on body of Sundari and gave a bath to her after she finished her eatables.

Pandit  Nand Kishore took Gopal to his home. His wife, Yashoda made food for Gopal. He was happy to have food. He said, “Yashoda Maa, it was really very delicious food. I will come again to have food made by you.”

Yashoda smiled and said, “Anytime Gopal. I would be happy to prepare food for the great musician and singer like you.”

People tied Sundari outside the house of Pandit  Nand Kishore. Gopal requested Yashoda to take out the milk from his cow. Yashoda took out the milk of cow and kept in her kitchen.

Gopal said to Pandit  Nand Kishore, “Pandit ji, I want to give my flute to you.”

Pandit  Nand Kishore said, “Gopal ji, I don’t want anything from you. Please do a favour for us. We have lost  all of our cows few days back. It is said that cows also visit to Vrindavan to celebrate the birthday of Lord Shri Krishna on Krishna Jayanti. You are going to Vrindavan for Krishna Jayanti celebration, if you find our cows there then please let us know. All the cows of our village have Red Chandan Tilaks on their foreheads,  garlands of Red Roses in their necks and musical beads in their legs.”

Gopal said, “I will do it for you but kindly do not refuse to take my flute and accept it.”

Pandit Nand Kishore took the flute from him and kept in the worship place of his house. Gopal waved a good bye to all and left with his cow Sundari.

Next day Pandit Nand Kishore was coming to his village after completing the ritual ceremonies in other village. On the way before his village he found a cow who was fallen unconscious on the road. Pandit Nand Kishore sprinkled some water on cow’s face and poured water of his bottle in the cow’s mouth. The cow became conscious after that. Pandit Nand Kishore looked all around for the owner of that cow. He made some loud calls for the owner of that cow but no one came there. At last he decided not to leave the cow in trouble and took the cow with him. He brought the cow and tied it inside his house. He gave some grass and food to the cow. He found some scratches on the body of cow. He thought that the cow might have got those scratches because of bushes in that area. He called his wife Yashoda to apply paste of ointments on those scratches. Gauri, six years old daughter of Pandit Nand Kishore also reached there and helped her mother. The cow started licking Gauri with her tongue. Gauri started fanning the cow to give her some relief.  When Gauri was playing with the cow in evening then someone knocked at the door. Pandit Nand Kishore heard someone calling him outside in loud voices. Pandit Nand Kishore, where are you hidden? Come out side ……

Pandit Nand Kishore opened the door and looked around but he could not find anyone outside. A small five years old boy was standing hidden under the big belly of Pandit Nand Kishore. The boy said, “I am here. Where are you looking at?”

Pandit Nand Kishore asked him, “Who are you, my dear? I don’t know you. What do you want from me?”

He said, “I am Murali. Are you Pandit ji?”

Pandit Nand Kishore said, “Yes, but what has happened, my dear? Tell me clearly.”

Murali said, “You have stolen my Bansuri.”

Pandit Nand Kishore said, “No, I have not stolen your Bansuri. You have a wrong information.”

Murali said, “You are telling a lie. My Vasundhra Maa told me that you have taken my Bansuri at your home.”

Before Pandit Nand Kishore could reply, Murali entered in the house. Gauri was standing in front of the door. Murali gave a smile to Gauri and ran inside calling for Bansuri, “Bansuri, Bansuri……. Where are you? Now no need to get afraid of anyone. I have come. I will take you with me. Vasundhra Maa is also concerned for you.”

Yashoda also came outside. She was very happy to see a small kid, talking like a chatter box in her house. Yashoda said to Murali, “Who are you my son? What do you want ?”

He said, “I am Murali. Your husband has stolen my Bansuri. Ask him to return my Bansuri to me.”

Then Murali himself started searching for Bansuri everywhere in the house.

Pandit Nand Kishore said, “Listen my dear. You are very cute boy. Don’t get angry. I will give you a Bansuri. But that Bansuri is  not stolen by me from anywhere. That was given to me by Gopal.”

Pandit Nand Kishore went inside and brought the flute which was given to him by Gopal. He gave that Bansuri to Murali saying, “Here is the Bansuri for you. Are you happy now?”

Murali said, “This is not my Bansuri. Bansuri is the name of my cow. Tell me, where have you kept my cow?”

Instead of getting angry with Murali, Pandit Nand Kishore, Yashoda and Gauri all laughed. They were enjoying the sweet talks by Murali.

Pandit Nand Kishore said, “Ok! Bansuri is the name of your cow. But that also I have not stolen. I found your cow unconscious on the way when I was coming to my village. We are not thieves. We are the devotees of Lord Shri Krishna and also worship cows. We don’t steal cows.”

Murali said, “But I could not see any cow in your village. Again you are telling a lie.”

Pandit Nand Kishore told him, “My dear Murali, all the cows of our village are missing from last few days. Do not worry. Your cow, means your Bansuri, is with me.”

Pandit Nand Kishore took him to the cow and said, “We have taken the best care of your cow. You can take it with you.”

Murali was happy to see his cow and embraced her saying, “My dear Bansuri. Yeah! I have found you. We will go back to home. Vasundhra Maa is waiting for us.”

Yashoda said to Murali, “My dear son, I think you are hungry. What would you like to eat?”

Murali said, I like to eat fresh Makhan, Mishri and Roti. But this I eat from my Vasundhra Maa.”

Yashoda said, “I am also like your mother. Today I will make food for you. Till then you can play with Gauri.”

Murali smiled and gave a nod.

Gauri said, “Murali come with me. I will show you how have we decorated our house?” She took Murali to the swing which was decorated by Yashoda with yellow flowers. She took Murali in the room which was very beautifully decorated with  the childhood pictures of Lord Shri Krishna.

Murali asked Gauri, “Gauri, who is the small kid in these pictures? You have decorated your whole room with his beautiful pictures.”

Gauri said, “His name is also Murali. People call him Muraliwala. He is the owner of whole universe. He is our Lord Shri Krishna.”

Murali said, “Gauri, can I take one picture of Lord Shri Krishna at my home?”

Gauri happily gave one picture frame of Lord Shri Krishna to Murali. Murali was very happy to get the picture frame of Lord Shri Krishna from Gauri. He thanked Gauri. Gauri smiled and said “Your Welcome Murali.”

Then Murali and Gauri came outside the room. Both sat on the swing and started singing, “Hathi Ghora Palki Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki.”

Pandit Nand Kishore started pushing the swing from back side. Yashoda and Pandit Nand Kishore both were enjoying the sweet talks of Murali and Gauri. They were very happy to see both kids enjoying. Gauri asked Murali about his class and school.

Murali said, “I don’t go in any school. My Vasundhra Maa teaches me at home.”

Gauri asked him, “You are a small kid. How did you come to our home alone? Are you not afraid of anything?”

Murali said, “I am not afraid of anything. My Vasundhra Maa says that we must be afraid of doing wrong things and hurting others.”

Gauri said, “Could you see Pootna, a devil who is living near our village?”

Murali said, “No, my mother told me that no devil exists in the world. Our bad habits and sins are our devils. So we must get rid off these devils.”

Yashoda made fresh Makhan from the milk given by Gopal. Yashoda made a call to all, “Food is ready. Come fast.”

Murali and Gauri both ran to Yashoda. Murali sat in the lap of Yashoda. She fed him with Makhan, Mishri and Roti. He ate some  portion of the food and left the rest of food saying, “Yashoda Maa, now my stomach is full. I am a small kid, I can not eat all. I want to go my home. My Vasundhra Maa will be waiting for me. Tomorrow is my birthday. You all come to my home on my birthday. My Vasundhra Maa would be happy to see you there.”

Murali was very cute kid. They promised him to go on his birthday.

Pandit Nand Kishore asked, “Where is your home? How would you go alone?”

Murali said, “I live in Vrindavan. Don’t worry. My Vasundhra Maa says me ‘Murli you are very brave.’ So I will go alone. Moreover Bansuri will be with me.”

Pandit Nand Kishore said, “Ok! you are also going to Vrindavan. I know that you are very intelligent boy. Will you do a favour for me? As I told you that from last few days our cows are missing from our village. I think they might have gone to Vrindavan. If you find them on the way kindly send them back to our village. All the cows of our village have Red Chandan Tilaks on their foreheads, garlands of Red Roses in their necks and musical beads in their legs.”

Now you can have rest and go in evening. They all went in the room with Murali and slept for the rest.

At four o’clock in evening, Gauri woke up. She found that Murali was not in the room. She went outside to  see for Murali but  could not find him anywhere. Then she informed to her parent. They also searched for Murali. They found that Murali’s cow Bansuri was also not there. They became very sad for sometime because they spent a quality time with Murali and he left from there without informing them.

Pandit Nand Kishore said, “Murali was really a cute kid. He filled our life with a lot of joy in a very small time. We will miss him a lot.”

Next day Pandit Nand Kishore asked Yashoda and Gauri to be ready to go to Vrindavan on the birthday of Murali. Yashoda and Gauri were very eager to meet Murali again.

When they reached Vrindavan, they found the group of monks (sadhus) who visited their village. Pandit Nand Kishore asked the monks about the cows of their village. They said, “Don’t worry Pandit ji, your cows are on the way back to your village. Soon they will reach in your village.” They also met Gopal who was playing flute. People gathered around him and were enjoying his melodious music.

Pandit Nand Kishore asked Gopal if he knew the address of Murali. Gopal said, “I know Murali. He is a very cute boy. Today is his birthday also. He showed them the way to Murali’s home.”

They thanked Gopal and moved on the way to Murali’s home. Murali met them at some distance on the way. He came running to them. He was very energetic and had a smile on his face.

Murali called their names one by one, “Welcome Gauri, Welcome Yashoda Maa, Welcome Pandit Nand Kishore ji. I am very happy that you all have come on my birthday. Let us come to my home. He asked them all to follow him to his home. Hurriedly he entered in a temple. Pandit Nand Kishore, Yashoda and Gauri also entered in that temple. They could not find Murali inside the temple. They asked from the people inside the temple if they had seen a small kid Murali who just entered in the temple and told them that the day was Murali’s birthday.”

People said, “We do not know your Murali. We know only one Murali who is our Lord Shri Krishna. Today is Krishna Jayanti and we are celebrating the birthday of Lord Shri Krishna.”

They could not find Murali there. Then they visited the temples of  Vrindavan which were decorated very beautifully on the occasion of Krishna Jayanti. They enjoyed their visit in Vrindavan on the occasion of Krishna Jayanti. Yashoda purchased one New Photo Frame of Lord Krishna’s picture for their home. They also had their dinner in Vrindavan. After dinner, they left from Vrindavan for their village.

When they reached at the border of their village, they found that the hut where Krishna (Pootna) lived was not there. At the place of hut, there was a beautiful temple of Lord Shri Krishna. When they entered inside the temple, they saw a beautiful girl inside. The girl touched the feet of Pandit Nand Kishore and Yashoda. She said, “Pandit ji, I am Kaali, daughter of your friend, Shyam Lal Yadav ji.”

They all were surprised to know that the girl in temple was Kaali. Pandit Nand Kishore said, “Kaali! But you were………..”

Kaali said, “I also don’t know how this miracle happened. I tell you the whole story. Few days back at night, some people from local administration were taking away a herd of cows with them and those cows broke my hut. I sat outside my broken hut and was crying. Then a group of monks came there. They told me that they were going to Vrindavan to celebrate Krishna Jayanti. They asked me not to cry and constructed this beautiful temple.

After some days, a young charming man came with a cow. He was playing flute. His music was very sweet and melodious. He gave me some milk of his cow and asked me to take a bath by mixing that milk with water. After that bath, I got this beauty. Yesterday a small cute kid came to me. He asked about his lost cow. I did not know anything about his cow. Then he moved to our village. Today evening, he again came to me with a cow. Murali? Yes! his name was Murali and Bansuri was the name of his cow. He was having Makhan on his face and hands. He said that he lived in Vrindavan and today it is his birthday. He wanted to have some rest. Now he is sleeping inside.”

After Kaali completed, the whole story of group of monks, Gopal and Murali revolved in the minds of Pandit Nand Kishore, Yashoda and Gauri. They all rushed inside the temple to meet Murali. When they entered in the temple, Murli was not there. There was an idol of baby Lord Krishna with a cow near him who were the symbols of Murali and his cow Bansuri. Near to the idol of Lord Shri Krishna was kept a framed picture of Lord Shri Krishna and that was the same picture which was given by Gauri to Murali.

Gauri said, “This is the same picture which I gave to Murali. Means……”

Pandit Nand Kishore shouted loudly, “Krishna! My dear Kanha, Murali Manohar, Bansiwale,  come to us again. I am very sorry. I am a fool and could not identify you. Please come again. Come again. Come again.” After this Pandit Nand Kishore fell before the idol of Krishna.

Yashoda, Gauri and Kaali all ran to hold Pandit Nand Kishore. But Pandit Nand Kishore was only crying for Lord Shri Krishna. Yashoda brought a glass of water for Pandit Nand Kishore. He drank some water and became calm after sometime.

Pandit Nand Kishore told to all, that The old monk, Sudarshan Maharaj Ji who gave him a peacock feather was  Lord Shri Krishna and all other monks were his friends, Gwalas. Gopal who gave him his flute and the small cute kid Murali who played in their house and ate Makhan and  Mishri from Yashoda, were also not the different people, they were also our Lord Shri Krishna.

Yashoda happily said, “We all are very lucky. Lord Shri Krishna himself came and met us. “They all had tears of happiness in their eyes.

They all said Thanks to Lord Shri Krishna by the slogans Jai Shri Krishna, Jai Murali Manohar, Jai Banke Bihari Lal, Jai Girdhar Gopal and Jai Govinda.

The whole night they sang songs (bhajans) of Lord Shri Krishna and came back home with Kaali (daughter of Shyam Lal Yadav) in morning. All the villagers gathered near the house of Pandit Nand Kishore with a concern as whole night his family was not at home. Pandit Nand Kishore told the whole story  to all of them. All the villagers were happy to know that they all met Lord Shri Krishna as Sudarshan Ji Maharaj, Gopal and Murali. They also requested Kaali to forgive them for the sufferings they all gave to her. Kaali forgave them all. Pandit Nand Kishore, Yashoda and Gauri asked Kaali to live with them in their house. She also gave her nod. Pandit Nand Kishore and his whole family visited that temple everyday and started serving there. After the story of Sudarshan Maharaj, Gopal and Murali, that temple became very famous with the name Jai Shri Krishna Dham. People started coming there from distant places to get their wishes fulfilled especially on Krishna Jayanti and to listen the real story from Pandit Nand Kishore and family.

Jai Shri Krishna

Author: Dr. Vikas Kumar Sharma


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