Emily: Crime Short Story

By : Iman Al-Qubtan

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Kevin Jonas:

Anne Hawthorn:

Rebecca Halaby:

Nelly Tomas:

Nina Noodles:






Emily was busy with S30, M7, and Slife cases when a mentally ill Kevin Jonas –still on the loose–began to believe that she was about to marry one of the inmates. Kevin Jonas decided to get involved. A few years ago, Emily started getting in touch with real criminals. One had a secret phone just to talk to her, the other waved and called, and the third recently learned that she was in touch with friends. Emily used her checklist to identify the root of the problem. Before, she used to analyze real crime documentaries, but then she got busy with actual cases. Kevin Jonas met Anne Hawthorn, the ex-girlfriend of inmate M7; both suspected a relationship between Emily and inmate M7 and decided to get involved. Anne was a teenager and was unaware that Kevin was a convicted rapist. She tried getting in touch with Emily, telling her that M7 had broken up with her, but then Kevin got involved.  Kevin also tried to get in touch with Emily using the opportunity to create fictional stories. Emily used to work with Nelly Tomas, who was later diagnosed with mental illness in relation to stalking and was fired. Nelly was in a one-sided relationship and continued blaming Emily for her failed relationships and work problems. Emily was busy with the 1-year anniversary of an inmate appeal when Nelly was diagnosed.



During his appeal. The lawyer didn’t know that the inmate was asked to choose between Anne and her. She knew from the eyewitnesses her gang. He chose his lawyer because he loves her. Kevin and Anne tried to plot against M7 and Emily, but they were unable to.

Before the crime

Was about to study business when his high school girlfriend felt insecure about his ex and they were secretly dating from her side. Many messages and talks stating that he was drunk and exchanged messages and pictures with Anne that was afraid her family/friends would know but later told Nina about his lawyer after she broke up. M7 beat up Rebeca male friend to death because his friend a story on Instagram about him. He went to him the night before but he never came out. Rebeca mentioned that she and the victim did indeed go out together but did not hold hands like Anne and M7. Verdict rejection was because of the death and the voice note.


Turning 18 after the crime and before sentencing means you have to wear white.   


The new prison will have facilities that the old prison did not. Before the prisoner has to be transferred to court for the appeal and eyewitness testimony.   

WN prison  

Was transferred before the other three because they were still minors when sentenced.   



Anne Hawthorn:

High school student that dated M7 and later hooked up with Kevin Jonas and many other men immediately after her breakup with M7.

Rebeca Halaby:

A college student that is friends with the victim and his best friend and M7

How the police caught the murderer

Videotaping (camera in the streets)

Prominent outfit


What was the murder weapon?


How the murder was committed.

Bleeding on the left thigh caused the death

What increased suspicion after the murder?

Voice note that contained verbal words that indicated that there was a problem between victim and murderer.

Ran away from the crime scene

Where the killer disposed of the body

Left it on the crime scene

How the body was found.

Eye witnesses reported the crime

M7 relationship with Emily

Emily created the checklist and was part of the victim’s friends’ gang but then became friends his friends it was during the period he broke up. She also received many tips and messages from friends and colleagues.


Committed murder after she no longer wanted to be friends with her childhood best friend that threatened her and her other best friend that they met in high school after she found out about their relationship. S30 along with R15 decided to get rid of the victim after she posted that she will tell everyone in their school and their neighbourhood that she knows their secret. They picked her up late night and video recordings of her leaving home were found. They killed her with many stabs and left her to death.


S30 lost her cousin and best friend. She was not allowed to attend the funeral and she then created an Instagram where she followed her public account to see her and met Emily. She was also cheated on by inmate.

S30 relationship with Emily

S30 had a phone that connected to Instagram where they were in contact although her lawyer advised her not to contact.

How the police caught the murderer

Tracked cell phone for location on night of the murder and it contradicted the location she gave.

What was the murder weapon?


How the murderer tried to cover up the crime?

For a whole year did not speak up and acted like was searching for the victim ( was too cooperative).

How the murder was committed?

The victim was not kidnapped; she left home late at night of her own free will and met with the murderers at a known hang out spot.

What increased suspicion after the murder?

A tweet saying, we did it at 3 and the breakdown of the other and her mother called for help.

Where the killer disposed of the body?

Tried to bury her but was unable so she was left there and they tried to cover it with leaves and dirt.

How the police caught the murderer

After the breakdown one of them confessed.


Led the police to the crime scene as his alibi. He cheated on his deceased pregnant wife before and after marriage. While his wife was pregnant, he met someone through mutual friends. The wife then disappeared a few months before giving birth. The body was recovered in the same area he gave as his alibi.   

How the murderer tried to cover up the crime.  

Used fishing/ golfing alibi   

What increased suspicion after the murder?  

Showed no signs of remorse.  

Told people that his wife was found dead before she was pronounced dead.  

 How the body was found?  

The murderer led the police to the crime scene. It was his alibi   

Slife relationship with Emily:  

Emily knows the lover and his family, and they know her. She sent him many letters updating him about her analysis. 

By: Iman Al-Qubtan

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