Don’t Shout: A Poem

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Don’t Shout

Every time you shout it out, it raises my heart beat

And suddenly stay calm.

They don’t even find a way to hide,

Seeking the place of peace and glam.

Sometime they request you to STOP

Sometimes they burst into TEARS,

Without any meaning, they ask you to only CEASE, don’t hurt


Tears are falling down

You never can see them, but

One day, by all odds, they will travel to you

To justify my words and doubt…

You yelled , maybe because it was my fault,

Sometime yours…

Yes, I Shout-out, to the craziness of

Yours and mine,

To our past,

That doesn’t work and shine.

Shout-out to the frustration

Of a Lover

To the faithlessness

Of a Heart-Breaker…

Again ,I shout-out the Words

I Love You

And You shouted-out the same

As well ,while my hands

Are enwrapped closely around YOU…

So don’t shout , I can hear you , hear your heartbeat too….

I Love You and it hurts 🙂


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