Happy Anniversary My LOVE : A Poem


While walking through Twenty Three

I got a shiny Red Rose.

I was going wild and heedless,

It altered my living I suppose.

When you got into my life and

My heart hopped a beat

I knew in that moment

We were intended to meet.

Keeps the romance going on…

Since that day our journeying began

As so it was enunciated and

So was our plan.

My Boyfriend is now my hubby,

It happened five years ago and changed my

Life story.

You are my Sunshine, reason to believe…

From that day, you held my hand and

Gave me the intensity to stand.

You realize every word that echoes’ with my pain.

You are the feelings feel in my heart

You, the only one, walking with me in my


You are my Life, reason to breathe…

Do not know what is that you discovered in me,

What I assured in your was the extreme happiness

That can e’er be,

Ne’er In my life will I find out another man,

Who could accomplish me the means you can.

I will love you forever in every way

And that will stay constant till my dying day.

Keeps the romance going on…

Happy Anniversary my LOVE,

For you, dear, I thank the GOD above.

Keeps the romance going on and on…




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