India : A Dream Place to Visit


“I want to visit each corner of world with my two little”

                           Everybody have a dream, to visit a wonderful place, which we have wished for once in his or her life today or tomorrow. We wish that one day in ours everyone life we will be there which we have wish for. Travelling is a mixture of studies, joy and fun. It gives us a bed of roses times.

                             I have visit a thousand and millions of places in my life. This is because I read.  Through reading books, I have visit magical world, New York, London, Africa etc. these places I travel through books but I want to visit this life once. These all is my second choice.

                              I am Indian, the place I dream for is my colorful country each part completely. People like to visit foreign countries but there and millions of wonderful places in India. India after the time of independence the states were commonly foam linguistic basis. These 29 states have everything different their eating style, dressing style, houses, their mother tongue, dances etc. All in all this country is perfect for travelling and studying. We Indians have everything different.  Our culture is world best and liked by the people. In this country, there are so many temples, sanctuary, different culture, hill station etc.

                                In ancient time many kings rule over India they has build temples and forts showing their culture. The capital of India country Delhi contains marvelous building like Qutb Minar, Red Fort and Rumanyan Tomb.  In Agra the one of the part of Seven Wonders of World, the Taj Mahal build by Shahjahan for his wife, other than that there is Fatehphur Sikri, and Agar fort. The tallest statue in the world statue of unity. In the south India Pattadakal, Hampi, Western Ghats, Shore temple and Nilgri railway. India has heaven Jammu and Kashmir.

Photo:M K Paul
Photo: M K Paul

                                Not only there is temple and fort but also every state of India has different arts and craft. Japi of Assam, Bamboo cane craft of Arunachal Pradesh, tribal handicraft of Tripura, Dhokra art of Chhattisgarh, embroidery of J & K, handicraft of Mizoram, Embroidery and weaving of Rajasthan.  India has so many traditional festivals like Lohri of Chandigarh, Diwali the main festival of India, Masi magma of Puducherry, Uttaryan and Navratri of Gujarat, Ganesh Utsav, Kumbh of Maharashtra, Pongal, Onam and Ugadi of south India. The world famous Dugra Puja of West Bengal, Chhath of Bihar etc,

                                 There are our festivals but every state have different dance form. Garba of Gujarat, Manipuri of Manipur, Bharatnatyam of Tamil Nadu, Kuchipudi of Andhra Pradesh, Kathak of Uttar Pradesh,  Bhangra of Punjab etc.  There are many endangered species found in India lion of Gir, Desert cat of Gujarat. Siberian cane of Rajasthan, Royal Bengal Tiger of West Bengal, Asian elephant of Maharashtra, Nilgri Tahr, Rhinoceros, red panda, snow leopard, great Indian bustard.    

                                  India have something special than other country of world. Its culture is best. More than other country, this country has so many cultural places to visit. To tour India is my dream place that I will visit once in my life.                                                

                                       “My little eyes will visit;

                                              The corner and corner of India.

                                         The wonderful Taj mahal

                                                The marvelous Qutb minar

                                          Little eyes and little dream

                                                To visit my country India.”

Photo M K Paul



Author Bio: Ayushi J. Rohit, 14 years old student of Amity school Bharuch from Bharuch of Gujarat.She is the WINNER of International Essay Competition (below 18 category), March, 2019



  1. Wow buddy
    I m also An Indian
    But never knew that My India contains this much beauty
    And Miss Rohit you are also an Amazing personality
    I really like the way u decoded the beauty of India

  2. It’s great thoughts. The thoughts of Ms.
    Kinjal visualize me a new incredible India. Definitely there is no other way without India. We are proud to be an Indian.


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