Diapering Baby -Instructions for mother


Motherhood brings with it immense joy and ample challenges. The drill starts with pregnancy where the soon to be mother goes through hormonal changes and post delivery the challenges of her as well as her child’s health. Diapering is one such activity that has brought tremendous ease as far as upbringing of a newborn is concerned.

The traditional diapers were largely made of cloth and are still used in many countries. The paper diapers are now being manufactured also as paper pants enabling the mother and the child to be at ease especially during travelling. However, considering the global situation of the diapers the do’s and Don’ts for this process follows too.

Usually most baby diapers need to be changed in two hours. The new-born’s skin is very sensitive so one actually needs to ensure that right diapers are used. The net is an excellent medium to find more details. Most of the time in some supermart or the other one will find a discount for these accessories.

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One of the modern plagues that worries a mother using diapers for her child is diaper rash. To avoid this use baby talcum powder, mild cream before actually tying the diaper. Try to avoid the  diaper pants as they might end up leaving a rash, especially between the thighs, which are vulnerable areas for newborns. One can search for diapers with covered elastics and try to use something like petroleum jelly or mild cream. One needs to ensure that the child’s skin is not exposed to the excreta or urine, by changing the diaper timely.

A common way of preventing diaper rash is making use of simple techniques such as wiping baby’s bottom with baby soap and lukewarm water, drying it completely with a cloth and then tying the diaper again. In a typical day, changing diapers at least eight times helps.

I would recommend using cloth diapers for moms at home as these can be changed quickly and generally do not cause diaper rash as they are loose. It is also easier for a mother to diaper a baby if she creates a set routine for the child, whereby the child has fixed times of feeding, bathing and thus it settles into a comfortable routine making diapering a lot easier.

Using baby wipes that are alcohol free would also help a mother get the best for the child. She has to ensure that all the baby articles, especially cloth diapers are washed separately, using chemical free detergents / washing materials as they cover the most vulnerable area of the child’ s anatomy.

The nightmare of diapering is fast disappearing as couples take the efforts these days to enroll in pre- natal courses and counseling during pregnancy which are offered by most of the healthcare centers, sometimes by the local church too. The art of diapering can thus be mastered very comfortably in 1-2 weeks. One can see parents becoming pros at it if they research the topic a bit. The web is one of the fastest medium to learn from when used effectively as quite a number of sites give tips on the same. All one needs is to be aware and ask for help if one is not.


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