Countries Where One Can Go to Study Abroad


There are so many advantages of studying abroad besides having an experience of the new culture, new language. When one learns a new language, it is a skill that will help him in the future. And when you travel, you get new perspectives of life, and your mindset changes. You become someone who thinks out of the box. 

In addition to traveling having personal benefits to your life and growth, it makes your CV look great. Most people employ workers who have traveled to other countries. They know that the people who have traveled have developed some life skills they will use at work. 

Without wasting time, here is a list of countries that one can select from if he wants to go abroad and study. Don’t hesitate to click here to learn more about studying abroad.


If you are s citizen of the European Union. You have a strong reason to go and study in Sweden. You will not pay any tuition. The costs that should worry you are the costs of living. 

Unlike in different countries, the number of hours that one works in Sweden is not limited. It means that international students can work for as long as they want to work. If you are s student in Sweden and can work while studying, that is much better.


Italy has a rich cultural and historical tradition. It is a place that is so splendid to visit and a place where you can also go and study. They have a vibrant social life, the food is good, and they speak an easy language. Italy also has a great history of art. 

The United Kingdom.

Most universities around the world have expensive tuition, and it is so frustrating. So, if you can access a grant or complete your tuition easily, Britain is a place that you will want to go and study.

The United Kingdom has various old and good quality universities that students can go to if they want to study in the United Kingdom. The cost of living in the United Kingdom is affordable in the city’s outskirts (London). But if you can polish up your English-speaking skills, then jobs are readily available for you.


This country has a good reputation for science and engineering. And it is rich with educational history. If you want to study abroad and the previous countries do not favor you can also consider Germany. The standard of academics is high. 

The cost of living in most of the cities in Germany are relatively affordable. One can easily connect from Germany to other countries because the transport connections are good. Most of the citizens in Germany speak English.


Suppose you are that student who is used to the cold weather and low population of an area. Finland is the best choice that they have if you want to study abroad.

They have an excellent education system. There are beautiful landscapes in Finland, and life quality is high. The language is spoken in Finland which Finnish is not a simple language to grasp. English is now becoming common in Finland, so one can easily interact with its citizens.

The USA.


has a high number of highly recommended and respected universities in the world. Most researches and discoveries are mostly from the U.S.


These are just a few choices when selecting a country that he wants to go and study. If your country of choice is not on this list, do not worry, you can still research other countries.


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