Book Review: Career Mantra

By: Nidhi Lakhani

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One of the most important questions in our mind is about career making. And when we think about career options, lots of options are stuck in our mind such as Engineering, Management, Computer Science, Doctor, Teacher, Army, Police, Bank, Business, Sports, Fashion and many more.

And our mind is stuffed with many questions like what to choose, what to learn, what we are interested in, what to enhance, what is a better option? Etc. And confusion takes place. After all, at the end we want a life of peace, content, prosperous and gorgeous. With a helping hand towards society.

But what if we gain each and every information about our fascinating career? I know it sounds a little bit tricky but CAREER MANTRA  has made it easy. A book with a collection of multifarious and remarkable Career options along with vivid descriptions.

One of the specialties of this book is all writings authored by Professionals in various fields. The writers have contributed from their working experiences and expertise. This book provides a bunch of information associated with Golden career opportunities in different fields. 

The index consists of 58 fabulous career options in very convenient language. I highly recommend this book to all freshers about their career making. It will enhance their knowledge and information in their fascinating field.

Very informative! Read it once.

By: Nidhi Lakhani


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