5 Smart Ways To Keep Frogs Out Of Your Swimming Pool


A dip in a swimming pool is the best way to rejuvenate yourself during the summer season. But do you know your pool can become a lavish source of living and food(bugs)for little frogs?

It is no secret that frogs can be an annoyance during hot summer days.

Not only do these tiny vertebrates hang around your pool area, but you might wake up to find them swimming around every morning.

So, how to keep your pool frog-free?

Herein, we are suggesting the 5 ways to keep those nasty amphibians out of your pool:

1.   Cover your pool

Cover your pool with a pool cover or pool enclosure, whenever it is not in use. This will create a barrier against frogs and will keep poor little fellas out of your pool.

Most safety barriers can easily support a few pounds of weight, so these unwanted invaders won’t have any chance of sliding in through the gaps.

As a bonus, pool covers also protect your pool from harmful sun rays, safeguards your children, controls evaporation rate, etc.

2.   Keep your pool warm

Frogs love to hang out in cold water because cold water has more oxygen than warm water and frogs use this oxygen into their blood.

Colder the water, the more oxygen it has, and the better habitat it is for frogs. To keep frogs completely out of your pool, heat the pool water.

Some of the ways to heat your pool are:

  • Invest in a solar pool cover;
  • Use solar rings;
  • Run pool heater or heat pump:
  • Use a windproof pool enclosure.

3.   Maintain your landscape

A dense deck of a bush or overgrown weeds is quite inviting to a frog, so make sure to keep your landscape well-maintained.

Some of the landscape maintaining tips to reduce the frog population are:

  • Remove plants surrounding your pool;
  • Sprinkle ammonia-based fertilizer in your yard;
  • Trim overgrown lawn, shrubs and ferns;
  • Throw away the dead leaves;
  • Keep an eye to all the hiding spots;
  • Get rid of stacked wood and large rocks.


4.   Switch off the pool lights at night

Pool lights boost the appearance of your pool and also enable you to use your pool safely at night.

Frogs have nothing to do with lights in your pool. However, lights are inviting to bugs, and water-loving bugs are the perfect buffet to a frog.

When you’re not using the pool, switch off the lights every night to get rid of bugs.

No bugs, no frogs.

5.   Use a frog log

You may want frogs in your backyard because they eat buzzing flies or insects.

However, once they jump into the pool, there’s no way that they can get out of the pool themselves as the pool’s edge is too high.

Want to help frogs jump out of your swimming pool?

Create a little ramp or use a frog log closer to the pool edge so that innumerable froggy friends can get out of the pool more easily.

Investing in a frog log is a much more affordable alternative to a fence or a heater.

        In the end…

The Swimming pool is one of the biggest investments. It’s important to keep your pool clean and clear.

By following any of these tips you can easily keep the frog population down around your pool.

Above all, shock and vacuum your pool on daily basis for effective results.

Author: Ailsa Martin


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