Why is it necessary to Spend Holiday with Family?

By: Laban Singh

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We know that a family vacation is the only solution to find weakness and heal the causes of stress, tension, mental strength, improve physical health and strengthen relationship. Research results and proven scientific facts have shown exactly why family vacation should be prioritized twice a year, which strengthen the relationship and understanding between family fragile.

Life Companion

Women have an important role in the family. Spouse always have a hand in the success of the family. A woman is the one who deals with family matters day by day, taking care of the needs of the family, and that comes with stress, mental strength, can’t express emotion and relationship. To love and take care of the family is in the hand s of the woman. We must understand that spouse does not have a holiday unlike breadwinner and children who have at least two days off a week.

The stress, mental strength and health problem that effect a spouse which we don’t realize it is a problem for the whole family in the end. It is also a time to take time away from the stress of daily household concerns and work responsibilities, so that you can find out what is on your wife heart in your free time, which you do not know all the time. In this way it events out differences and improve understanding between partners.

Understanding Your Children’s Interest

Taking a step away from your established family routine while on vacation can help you discover what your children are missing. Are the usual patterns of studying and other small activities boring and stressful. A holiday trip is a great opportunity to break this conversational cycle and have more interesting conversation with children.

This give more time to get to know their personalities, learn about their interest and notice how they grow, change and develop as people. This will help you better plan for future vacation that are more fun for the kids and the family. This refreshing idea can have a really positive impact on how your family communicate and interacts during the holidays, and when you’re home. You can plan to adapt to changing needs.

Organising Games for Fun

A survey of article in the Telegraph found that around 65% of parents don’t play with their children and say they only play occasional. We should use this opportunity during the holidays to play lots of games that help children learn patience, solve problem and be creative. Playing and having fun shows them that their parents care, are loved and appreciated. Playing is also important for parents because it is a huge stress and physical strength and give them a chance to get closer to their children because you don’t have enough time at home due to work.

Creating Great Memories

How do you create memories? Whether travelling, playing and vacation with the family. These memories last a long time because they are positive memories and as a scientifically proven study presented by BBC. These memories tend to last longer than the bad ones. Research by the fFamily Holiday Association showed that around 50% of Britons made their memories while on holidays with their family, and almost a quarter of these surveyed said that when the weather turn’s bad, they fail back on those happy memories. So it time to start having a lot more fun during the holidays.

Fix Verification

People say that technology makes us more connected than ever but they are very wrong, because nothing beats physical time together. Whatsapp, Telegram and Skype are not the solution to create a closer bond by spending closer time with family members which gives the opportunity to express a much closer understanding of each other through body language, gestures and expressiveness, which is not possible through texting.. In fact children talk less to their parents because of devices like internet and Cell phone that control them , rather they controlling the device. Research has shown that every fourth child communicate with their parents once a week.

Health Promotion

Health is the most important factor of a family and it became a fore front of the mind of the family. Family holiday has a massive impact on our physical health. The spouse, children and the bread owner have to be physical strong, mentally fit and confidence which would produce good immune body system which will protect from diseases. Being by the water, exercising and Greenie outside probably showed mental and physical well-being. The best time to spend with your family on vacation, as research has shown, is to simply enjoy each other’s company and be ready for a change with the new discovers of a family vacation.


It’s a learning experiences and holiday is the best to teach the kids and perhaps yourself about other cultures, learn about the geography, history of the place, learn the local cuisine and come back a more learned being.

By: Laban Singh

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