What Type of Training & Skills Are Needed to Become a Mobile App Developer

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The mobile app development industry is escalating into a big business. More importantly, the app development industry has generated $570 billion in 2020 itself and is expected further to generate a whopping $935 billion in 2023. 

And as the mobile app development industry continues to grow, there’s one job with a high pay scale and always in demand. It’s a mobile app developer!

 This article will cover the following points:

  • Fresher’s guide on what is mobile application development.
  • Daily tasks a developer needs to accomplish.
  • Training/education required to become a mobile app developer.
  • Skills needed to become a mobile app developer.

Read on to determine if becoming a mobile app developer is the right thing for you. 

What is mobile application development? 

Start with recalling all the apps that have amazed you throughout the years! 

Remember your once upon a time favorite game Candy Crush or Angry Birds, which took you one step ahead from the Nokia’s Snakes game and increased your expectation as a smartphone user!

One thing common in the apps that have amazed you is it any game app or take our Whatsapp! The unique app idea! But there’s one more thing along with it, that is – the expertise behind those apps!

 And what does the expertise include? The process of developing a mobile app is carried out by a Mobile App Developer.

Mobile application development involves programming and building a mobile app for a specific platform (that can be either Android or Apple operating system).  

Therefore, a mobile app developer needs to specialize in either the Android or iOS platforms. 

Furthermore, you may be required to specialize in a particular app category like social, gaming, business, or lifestyle apps. 

Tasks will you need to accomplish as a developer.

When you become a developer, your daily tasks may include:

  • Understanding the client’s idea.
  • Discussing the technicalities of the app with the client.
  • Implementing the client’s specifications in the app.
  • App wireframing
  • Coding or programming
  • Developing APIs
  • Collaborating with the development team for other functionalities
  • Unit testing the apps
  • Reviewing the requirements 
  • Showing the project progress to the client
  • Running a beta test
  • Documenting the mobile app
  •  Updating existing apps with new features 
  • Fixing bugs and crashes
  • Learning a new programming language

The work of an app developer incorporates many responsibilities. It may come as a challenge, but in the end, when you see your technical expertise as a successful app, reaping benefits for the clients, it becomes worth the hard work.

Training & skills required for being a mobile app developer

Now that we have seen what duties you will have to execute after becoming a developer. Let’s see what training and skills are called for.

Essential education/training requirements

It is rightly said, “If you want to be a programmer then you will need to sign up for a life of constant learning – learning new features, new tools, new languages, new frameworks, and what not! But all in all, what it takes to become a mobile app developer is a DRIVE. Drive to break into this field and come up with an ever-evolving solution (app)! 

Moreover, there is no formalized way to become an app developer. You can learn almost everything from the available courses online or from boot camps! At that point, you pretty much have the training to become a mobile developer and can even launch apps or games! 

But, certainly getting the right foundation is a good start! A degree in computer science or software engineering-related field is an excellent kick-off if you want to pursue becoming a mobile app developer.

There’s a catch here if you have a degree. Suppose there are one job posting and five shortlisted candidates. In that case, the employer will especially lookout for the one who has a degree in the computer field and training in related courses. 

Suppose it’s not feasible for you to pursue a bachelor’s degree. In that case, you always have the option of taking classes, enrolling in certified courses offered by many known colleges/universities, or learning through trial and error. 

There will never be a lack of available courses for every platform, every programming language, every framework, but you can’t master everything. At this point, decide the platform (Android or iOS) you want to aspire for your long-term goals. Prioritize everything from that particular platform and anticipate at least two programming languages (based on their popularity and future usage) to become proficient in. 

Grasp in whatever you can and keep that drive high, always!

Because in the end, your main aim should be to learn because ultimately a developer having a high level of skill sets is everything an employer yearns for!

Key skills to become an app developer.

A breakthrough happens when you are unbreakable to leave your goal and when you place your very best! Not just any computer savvy can do that, but preferably someone who is determined and has specific skill sets as a mobile app developer! 

  1. Mobile app User Interface (UI) skills

UI is considered one of the most crucial aspects of mobile app development. A high-quality user interface is what engages the user to use the app. 

And for a developer, it is necessary to hone creating a brilliant, intuitive user interface because no matter how well the app is developed, the app will not attract the user if the user interface is not adequate. 

Elements of User Interface:

  • Buttons at a place that makes the user interact
  • Attractive layouts and colours
  • Easy to use features
  • Basic tips
  • Indicators & notifications

2. Cross-platform app development

Having knowledge of other than your platform is vital in the tech industry. A highly skilled developer is expected to be versatile enough to code for multiple platforms. Possessing that mastery leads to a broader range of possibilities and gives your resume a skill to feel proud of.

3. Backend computing

You have a specialization in developing an app. But if you are one of the app developers that can handle backend issues, you should know that you would be well in demand.  

Backend computing involves taking cybersecurity measures, database management, or scripting.

4. Popular programming languages

The Tech industry is one such industry that is ever-evolving. For that, you need to pace up with the current trends and keep yourself updated. Have knowledge of multiple programming languages and the trending ones. For android app development learn Java, Python, PHP, C#, JavaScript, and Objective C, Swift for iOS development.

Even acquaint yourself with developing APIs for all the platforms.

5. Business skills

Your app’s business needs strategies to be successful and what’s better than a developer having those capabilities. Developers tend to overlook the marketing part of the app. Still, you should know how to optimize the app to be visible to the users. If you possess that quality, your app can turn heads right from the start as the development and the marketing of an app can do wonders. 

To conclude

By this time, you may have figured out what’s essential for being a mobile app developer. We even hope that you may have known if it is right for you to become a mobile app developer or not! 

Let us tell you that the tech industry is growing at a very fast pace, smartphone users are increasing day by day, and at the same time, the demand for mobile app developers also. 

It’s high time for you to take the plunge and dive into this promising industry – especially if you are the one who loves to learn. Ample opportunities are on your way, start!

All the best 😉


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